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As LINE grows in popularity, it is not uncommon to detect some people needing more than than ane account on the same device. Perhaps yous want to accept a personal business relationship for your friends and family and a business account to utilise for your business purpose. And then yous can imagine that the biggest question we get from users is “Is it possible to use two unlike LINE accounts on the same device?”

The simple answer is yes, in that location are ways you can easily have ii LINE accounts on the same device. Just if yous take tried, you already know that it is not possible to sign in to ii LINE accounts on the aforementioned device. In this commodity, we accept a look at how y’all can have and employ 2 LINE accounts on the aforementioned device.

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Part 1. Using LINE 2 App on iPhone – No Demand to Jailbreak

To use two LINE accounts on the same iPhone, you can apply the LINE two app. This is simply a replica of the original LINE app that you tin can install on the device as a separate app and sign in to your 2d LINE account. Follow these elementary steps to utilise it;

Footstep 1:
Begin by installing the LINE app on your device if you lot haven’t already and get through the steps to actuate your business relationship.

Step ii:
Now open “Safari” on your device and go to Othman.

Footstep 3:
Scroll downwardly on that webpage and then tap on “Line 2”. Tap on “Download” and then “Install and allow for the tertiary-party app to be installed on your device.

use two line on iphone 1

Pace four:
Every bit soon as the app is installed, become to “Settings > General > Profile” and enable “Trust VNE Software”. Doing this volition allow the iPhone to detect and accept the app.

use two line on iphone 2

Step five:
Now open the LINE app and so sign in to the application with your second account to continue using it.

Function 2. Using Clone App on Android Phone – No Need to Root

For Android device users, the best way to utilize ii LINE accounts on the same device is to use a clone app. One of the best clone apps to use for this purpose is Parallel Space. It is available on the Google Play Store and comes highly recommended past previous users because it is very piece of cake to use and highly reliable. Hither’s how to use Parallel Infinite to have more than 1 LINE business relationship on the same device;

Stride i:
Go to the Play Store to install the app on your device. To install Parallel Space, you must meet the following requirements;

  • • Your device must be running Android version 4.0.three or subsequently
  • • You must take at least 1GB RAM to on the device
  • • The device must too take at to the lowest degree 15MB of available storage space

Pace 2:
Launch Parallel Space after successful installation and in the chief interface select the app you desire to run multiple accounts on (in this case LINE) and then tap “Add to Parallel Space” to begin the process.

use two line on android

Step three:
The LINE app will be cloned and yous can see the cloned version. Merely click on the cloned version of the LINE app and sign in with your 2nd account to begin using two LINE accounts on the same device.

Do you want to create your ain LINE account but don’t want to use your mobile number? Fret not, nosotros have all the steps that you tin can follow on how to make a LINE account without a telephone number.

Function iii. Bonus Tip: Using LINE Accounts on Multiple Devices

You may already know that y’all can’t use a single LINE business relationship on multiple devices. If you try to admission the aforementioned account from another device, using the same log in information, the LINE app account on the previous device volition be automatically deleted.

Only with the LINE Lite app, it is actually possible to activate the same LINE account on another device. The LINE Lite app is a lighter version of the LINE app available on the Play Store. It is adult to assistance users in areas where the network infrastructure is not as defined and lower-end smartphones are often used. Here’s how to do use the LINE Lite app to activate the same account on 2 devices;

Footstep ane:
Install the LINE app on the first device if you oasis’t already and sign in. Then install the LINE Lite app on the second device.

Pace 2:
Open the LINE Light app on the 2nd device and tap on the login button. When asked if y’all are already using LINE on a mobile telephone, tap “Yes” and tap “Next” to continue.

use two line on multiple devices 1

Footstep iii:
When asked if you would similar to use your existing LINE account on multiple devices, tap “Yep, I would like to use this business relationship on other devices”. Tap “Next” to proceed.

use two line on multiple devices 2

Step 4:
You will exist logged out of the LINE app on the commencement device as you are signed in to the device with the LINE calorie-free app. A verification lawmaking will appear as soon as y’all sign in to the LINE calorie-free app.

use two line on multiple devices 3

Footstep five:
Open up the LINE app on the main device and then enter the verification code. Both devices will now show the aforementioned LINE business relationship on the two devices.

With the LINE calorie-free app you can easily access the same LINE account on two devices. For Android device users, using a clone app means that yous can use two different accounts on the same device without having to root the device. For iPhone users, the Line 2 app is the nearly ideal solution to use since information technology allows you lot to use two accounts on the aforementioned device without having to jailbreak the device.


As usual, let us know in the comments department below if the solutions above worked for you. Any questions near the LINE app or any other bug y’all may be facing are also welcome and we’ll do our best to find you the best solutions.

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