10 Awesome Things Siri Can Do For You

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Siri plays an important office in the Apple ecosystem.Over the years, the visitor improved Siri functions with smart integration with the default and other third-party apps. While rivals similar Google Banana focus on the accurateness of results, Siri sounds more accurate with a human and, sometimes, a sarcastic touch. If you have recently boarded the Apple train, we recommend you get familiar with Siri and larn some of the cool Siri tips and tricks from the list below.

Crawly Things Siri Tin can Practice For Yous

The tricks in the listing showcase Siri’s wit and Apple’south shut attending to playfulness while assisting you or getting things washed for yous on your behalf. Let’s start learning some fun Siri tricks that you can employ on all your Apple device.

1. Use Siri to Transport WhatsApp Bulletin

Since iOS 10.3 update in 2022, Apple has introduced Siri integration with 3rd-political party apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. Those with iOS 10.three or above tin respond to WhatsApp messages or place WhatsApp calls with few vox commands using Siri.

Launch Siri, and say,

“Send a message to <contact_name> with WhatsApp.”

Siri volition ask you to tape the message and ostend earlier sending information technology to the contact.

send whatsapp using siri

Siri can also brand WhatsApp voice or video calls for you. Just ask Siri to

“Call <contact name> on WhatsApp”


“Video call <contact proper noun> on WhatsApp,”

and it volition connect the sound or video telephone call immediately. If y’all take multiple contacts with the same name, Siri will get-go ask yous to confirm the relevant contact from the list.

two. Read Messages from People

Siri can read messages for you as well. For case, you tin ask Siri,

“Read the last message from <contact proper noun>”

and information technology will open upward the conversation and read out the message. After reading out the message, Siri will also ask y’all to reply to the person. The trick also works with third-party apps like WhatsApp.

send message using siri

3. Assign Human relationship to Contacts

This one is mighty useful if you are having problems with dialing important contact names using Siri. In such cases, yous can assign relationships to contacts using Siri. For example, you tin can ask Siri

“<Contact name> is my brother>”

and Siri will retrieve the contact as your blood brother.

assign relationship with siri

The next fourth dimension, yous can ask Siri to

“Call my brother,”

and it will dial up the relevant contact from the list.

four. Play Piffling Games with Siri

Running out of dice for the next lath game? Or lost a coin right before the game? Siri is here to rescue. You can inquire Siri to curlicue dice for you, and it volition generate a random number for yous. Similarly, you can inquire Siri to flip a coin for you. My friends use this Siri flim-flam all the time.

flip coin with siri

Google Assistant makes a realistic flipping audio while flipping a coin. I hope Apple tree adds such touch in the future.

5. Use Siri every bit Calculator

Who needs a calculator when Siri tin do all the math for you. Simply fire upwards Siri and ask circuitous equations like

“Multiply 75 into 36 and then dissever by 42 and and then multiply by five,”

and Siri will immediately give back the right answer.

use siri as calculator

6. Employ Siri to Recognize Vocal

Back in late 2022, Apple acquired Shazam, offering more ways to discover and bask music. The company later integrated Shazam capabilities into iOS and Siri. When an interesting song is playing around, you can inquire Siri,

“What song is playing”

and Siri will recognize the song and open it up in the Apple Music app.

You can also ask Siri to play songs from third-political party music apps such as Spotify or Amazon Music. Y’all tin can inquire
“Play Story of my life from Spotify,”
and Siri will get-go playing the said vocal from the app.

play spotify using Siri

7. Tough Questions? Sarcastic Answers

Want to check Siri’s patience with tough questions? Fire them up, and y’all volition be left amazed with witty answers. Here are some of the questions that I tried with Siri and came dorsum impressed.

funny siri
  • What is nil divided by zero?
  • Exercise you have a young man?
  • What practise you lot remember of Google Banana?
  • When is the earth going to stop?
  • Siri, I’thou your male parent.
  • How much do y’all earn?
  • How exercise I look?
  • Do you believe in God?
  • Where does Santa alive?
  • Who is the best Assistant?

Burn down away some of the questions, and I’g sure you volition smile similar a Cheshire cat.

eight. Call Uber

Uber is some other 3rd-party app that quickly enabled Siri support in its iOS app, making information technology easier than ever to call an Uber to your location. Launch Siri, and say,

“Call an Uber.”

Siri will ask you the type of Uber that you lot want to call. Simply speak the ane you’d like, or tap the name in the list.

Ostend the number of passengers and then open the Uber app to finalize the booking.

ix. Modify Your Proper name

This is one of my favorite Siri tricks out there. By default, Siri knows you lot by your first, and last proper name saved on your iPhone. However, you tin can change that. For example, you can try

“Call me Batman”


“Call me Tony Stark,”
 ostend your determination, and from the next time, Siri will refer y’all by that name.

change name with siri

x. Find My Photos

This is another neat Siri trick for those invested in the Apple ecosystem. When yous upload all your photos to the iCloud platform, the service learns the type of content yous upload. Using Siri, you can search through them or filter them.

For instance, you can try

“Hey Siri, discover my photos from Paris”


“Observe my screenshots,”

and Siri volition open the Photos app and showcase the relevant results.

find photos using siri
Have Some Fun with Siri

Apart from these tricks, the usual functions remain the same with Siri. You tin set reminders, alarms, dial calls on speakers, schedule events, search through files, and more than.

Go through the Siri tips above and tell us which ane you lot ended upward using the most in the comments department below.

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