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Whether you lot need a truck for piece of work or for home life, the Ram 1500 volition practise the job. It’due south a workhorse with mode that’south got pedigree. Dorsum in 1993, a Ram truck was named the very first N American Truck of the Year and then 20 years afterward information technology won the award once again showing that America might have inverse over the last 2 decades just the Ram truck remains as dependable as ever. The 2017 model was named Best Family Pickup Truck by the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association so this isn’t only a great truck for work.

Ram 1500 Tradesmen

Although the Ram has been in production since 1981, the current car is but the 4th generation. The current model has been available since 2010 and so there are lots of examples of used Ram trucks if you’re looking for a pre-owned pickup. If you’re buying new, you’ll have just as much selection considering there are several cab options and various trim levels. The basic model is the Ram 1500 Tradesmen simply in that location’s nothing basic about the specs. It’s got a 3.half dozen liter Pentastar V6 engine with 305 horsepower and 269 pound-anxiety of torque. The standard TorqueFlite 8 eight-speed automatic transmission has a thermal management system that optimizes the temperature of the automatic transmission fluid to aid efficiency and immovability. Although it simply has a regular cab, you can opt for a half-dozen feet 4 inch bed or an eight feet bed length.

Equally y’all’d expect, there’s a choice of cabs including the regular cab, crew cab and the quad cab. The regular cab seats three and is available in both the six anxiety four inch bed and the viii feet bed length. The quad cab tin can seat upwards to six passengers and offers a 6 anxiety 4 inch bed. There’s good interior space and enough of legroom for most people merely y’all’ll need to opt for the crew cab if yous want fifty-fifty more condolement for your passengers. This truck cuts vii inches off the bed length unless you opt for the longer model that increases the bed length to the standard half-dozen feet 4 inches establish in other Ram 1500s.

Ram 1500 Hemi

The Ram 1500 model range adds premium features equally you spend more like chrome wheels and parking sensors, but the simply extra near drivers will discover is the five.7 liter Hemi V8 if they opt for a model that comes with that motor rather than the standard V6. There’s aught wrong with the V6. Information technology’southward a capable engine that has enough torque to push your truck up steep inclines and enough ability to cruise at loftier speed but there’s nothing like a V8 for a truck like this. Each generation of the Ram 1500 has offered V6 engines but the Hemi V8 has heritage because Chrysler has been making them since 1951.

Ram Laramie Longhorn Southfork Edition

The Ram 1500 Hemi is a special truck but it’south not part of the company’south range of Special Edition 1500s. These trucks take models like the Ram Laramie Longhorn and add together more than to the mix. The standard Laramie Longhorn already has front leather seats, polished aluminum wheels and real woods accents in the cabin but the Southfork Edition has even more luxury including a suede headliner and walnut brown wood and galvanized metal accents in the refined interior.

Special Editions

The Ram 1500 Harvest is an interesting truck because information technology brings the Ram back to its original purpose – as a working vehicle. As you’d imagine from the proper noun, this model was fabricated to piece of work on farms so every inch of it is designed to work in that surroundings. Farmers will discover features like the spray-in bedliner, on/off road tires and the bumper step useful when carrying out their duties while the distinctive chrome grille shows that this truck doesn’t compromise on aesthetics.

Safe and Other Features

Ram designs their trucks to final simply a tough vehicle isn’t always a safe one for the driver and passengers. The latest generation Ram 1500 comes with advanced safety features including dynamic crumple zones, side-touch door beams and an uprated airbag system that protects the cabin and those within it. Ram’s trucks are covered by a five year / 100,000-mile limited warranty for diesel models. Five years / 60,000-mile cover is given on gasoline models.

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