20+ Best AirPods 3 Tips and Tricks 

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Boasting a modern-looking design and some of the high-end features, including force sensor, spatial audio, and the back up for wireless charging, AirPods three has ticked off most boxes to exist considered a flagship killer. Existence the new fellow member of the incredibly pop AirPods family, the wireless earphones have got plenty of tricks upwards their sleeve. So, if yous are willing to unravel all the cool hacks and also customize your earphones for a personalized experience, we’ve jotted down the 20 best AirPods 3 tips and tricks just for you.

Are yous disappointed with the fact that AirPods 3 lacks comfy silicone tips? Or, are you looking for ways to brand your AirPods fully equipped to accompany you during intense running? Or, accept you set your sight on lesser-known AirPods hacks? Well, nosotros’ve catered to varied tastes, so y’all can go a bunch of tips that could be more than tailored towards your preference. Here we go!

1. Turn Your AirPods into a Hearing Aid

Your AirPods three tin plow into a handy hearing assist thanks to a characteristic called Alive Heed. Salve information technology for when you wish to hear the speaker in a hall or spy your better one-half to keep track of her whisperings.

Turn Your AirPods 3 Into a Hearing Aid

Head over to the
Settings app
on your device >
Control Centre. Now, tap the

push button next to
to add together it to Control Center. At present, put your AirPods in your ears and then open the control center. After that, tap the
Hearing icon
and choose
Live Listen.
At present, place your iOS device next to the person or audio source that you want to hear more than conspicuously.

ii. Use Headphone Safety to Protect Your Hearing

Loud sound can permanently damage your hearing. Hence, it’s meliorate to accept an boosted layer of safeguard confronting harmful sound. iOS comes with a notable feature called Headphone Safe, designed to protect your hearing from loud sound. Once enabled, it keeps a tab on the headphone sound in real-fourth dimension and reduces any sound over a fix decibel level.

Enable Headphone Safety for AirPods 3

Go to the
Settings app
on your iPhone
> Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Condom. Now, plow on the toggle adjacent to
Headphone Notifications
Reduce Loud Sounds. Now, use the slider to accommodate the decibel level, and you are good to go.

3. Get the Nigh Out of Spatial Audio

For the folks who relish immersive music listening experience, the support for spatial sound could exist a big deal. For those uninitiated, spatial sound with the dynamic head tricking delivers theater-similar sound from the movie or video yous are streaming. Hence, the sound seems similar coming from all effectually y’all.

Spatial Audio on AirPods 3

To enable Spatial Audio for your AirPods iii, make certain your AirPods are connected to your iOS device. Subsequently that, navigate to the
Settings app > find your AirPods > “i” push button
next to the AirPods. Finally, turn on the toggle for
Spatial Audio.

4. Get Notified If You Leave Your AirPods ii Backside

In iOS 15, Apple tree has included separation alerts in the Find My app, which notifies you every time you are separated from your AirPods at an unknown location. This characteristic can come in super handy while y’all are traveling or visiting public locations.

Go to the
Detect My app
on your iOS/iPadOS device > select the
tab >
AirPods. Now, tap on
Notify When Left Backside
then turn on the switch.

5. Find Your AirPods 3 Using Find My Network

Y’all tin can have advantage of the Detect My network to locate your lost AirPods 3. Powered by over a billion Apple devices, Apple tree’s Find My network can bear witness to be a boon in helping you go back your lost AirPods.

Head into the
Find My app
on your iPhone or iPad
> Devices tab > AirPods > Notice.
Side by side, let your iOS device to connect to the ‌Find My‌ network so follow the instructions.

The moment your AirPods are plant in the close range, the screen volition turn blue. After that, y’all can check the immediate area and also accept the help of the onscreen prompts like
“far,” “near,” or “here”
to find your AirPods. If you cannot find your AirPods, you tin tap the volume push button located at the bottom right corner of the screen to play sound on your earphones.

half-dozen. Manually Switch Betwixt Devices

Equipped with a more efficient H1 bit, AirPods 3 is much faster when it comes to connecting and switching between devices automatically. While this automatic switching is quite reliable, at times, it may neglect to piece of work consistently. But bother not, this is why Apple tree has included the manual switching and then that you can take command of any ill-functioning.

When you lot are in a media app, tap on the
AirPlay button
and choose
to switch to them. Alternately, yous tin also get it done from the Now Playing widget on the Lock screen.

As always, the control eye is always there to simplify your task. Just bring up the command center (swipe downwards from the top right or swipe upwardly from the bottom) and hit the
Now Playing window. After that, tap the
AirPlay push button
> choose
AirPods, and you are washed.

7. Brand the Most of Announce Notifications

Siri can non only let you play music, make calls, and get directions but also announce notifications and fifty-fifty reply easily-gratuitous. Brand certain this characteristic is turned on in your setting. Head into the
Settings app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS xv/iPadOS xv > Notifications > Announce Notifications
and then turn on the toggle.

Use Annouce notifications in ios 15

eight. Use Force Sensor to Control Music With Ease

Probably the all-time part about the all-new AirPods 3 is the addition of the forcefulness sensor. You can now utilize this slap-up sensor to control your music more comfortably. Merely a quick tap on the force sensor tin at present let you start playing songs, pause, skip, or answer/end calls on the AirPods 3.

Use Force Sensor to Control Music With Ease 

9. Use AirPods with Your Apple tree Watch

Known to be an extension of the iPhone, Apple Watch works just as seamlessly with the AirPods as the iOS device. After you have paired your AirPods with your iPhone, they are automatically continued to your watchOS device. Besides, you tin can always utilise Bluetooth on your wearable device to connect to the AirPods at your own stride.

10. Use AirPods with Your Mac

Being office of the Apple tree ecosystem, AirPods likewise piece of work seamlessly with Mac. Once you take paired your AirPods with your iPhone, they are automatically paired with your Mac likewise. Though you tin can however pair your AirPods with your Mac similar whatsoever other Bluetooth headphones.

11. Check AirPods Battery Life from Your iPhone, Apple Lookout man, or Mac

Tracking AirPods battery life is as straightforward every bit it can ever go. You can utilize your iPhone, Apple Spotter, and Mac to go on a tab on the battery life of your AirPods. Oh yes, Siri tin can likewise help y’all quickly find out how much juice is left in the tank of your AirPods.

AirPods 3 charging status
  • On iPhone:
    Open up the chapeau of the case with your AirPods inside. Next, concur your case shut to your device and then await for a few seconds to check the charge condition of your AirPods with the charging case.
  • Alternately, you tin also use the Batteries widget on your iPhone to check the charge status of your AirPods with the charging instance. Conduct in listen that the charge for your case shows upward simply when at least i AirPod is in the example.
  • On Apple tree Lookout:
    Swipe up from the watch face to access the control heart and hit the battery percentage icon. At present, you should see the bombardment life of your AirPods.
  • On Mac:
    Either open the hat or have the AirPods out of the case and then click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar on your Mac. At present, hover the pointer over the AirPods to bank check the battery life.
  • Use Siri:
    “How much battery is left on AirPods?”

12. Connect Your AirPods to Android Device

Though AirPods are designed to work all-time with the iDevices, y’all can also pair them with Android or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

To exercise so,
press and hold the tiny circle
on the dorsum of the AirPods charging example until the low-cal blinks continuously. After that, caput into the Bluetooth section of your device to pair the earphones.

xiii. Check the Model Number of Your AirPods iii

In that location are all sorts of reasons why you lot may need to cheque the model number of your AirPods. To do so, navigate to the
Settings app on your iPhone > Bluetooth
> find your AirPods then hit the
“i” push button. Under the About section, you should see the model number of your AirPods.

14. Learn What the Calorie-free Means

When the AirPods are placed in the charging case, and the lid is open, the light shows the accuse status of the earphones. Nevertheless, if the AirPods aren’t in the charging case, the low-cal shows the status of the case (and not the earphones). Here is what the dissimilar low-cal ways:

  • Green:
    Fully charged.
  • Amber:
    Less than one total accuse remains.
  • Light flashes white:
    It indicates that your AirPods are at present ready to set up with your devices.
  • Light flashes amber:
    You lot will need to set upwardly your AirPods again.

15. Update Your AirPods

From time to time, Apple releases firmware updates for AirPods to meliorate performance, add together new tweaks, and also fix miscellaneous bugs. And so, it’s recommended to keep the earphones updated.

To become it washed, all y’all need to do is
insert the AirPods in the case and and so connect the charging case to a power source
or place it on a wireless charging mat. Ensure that your iOS/iPadOS device that the AirPods have been paired with is virtually the charging case.

16. Go-To Troubleshooter for Fixing Common AirPods Problems

Times when your AirPods face up connection bug or run into any weird problems, the difficult reset can rescue y’all. Yeah, it’s known as a become-to troubleshooter for fixing common AirPods issues. Merely press and agree the circumvolve button at the back of the AirPods case for about 10 seconds. After that, repair the earphones.

17. Go an Efficient Wireless Charger

Unlike AirPods 2, AirPods three supports MagSafe and Qi-enabled wireless chargers. So, if y’all wish to power upward your earphones more than conveniently, go a wireless charger. For this purpose, I would recommend y’all bank check Yootech wireless charger ($14). Information technology’s highly efficient and tin can let you charge your AirPods along with your iPhone securely.

Yootech Wireless Charger,

eighteen. Heighten Ergonomics with Super Comfy Silicone Tips

Unlike AirPods Pro, the AirPods 3 practice non come up with silicone tips. Simply worry non, this is where third-party silicone tips get a gamble to come into play. Made of a soft cloth, DamonLight’s ($13) ear tips are upwards to the mark both in terms of quality and condolement. Moreover, these ear tips too come in multiple color variants, including black, white, and bluish, then that yous can choice a matching pair for your all-new AirPods.

DamonLight Cover for Airpods 3

19. Protect Your AirPods

Your all-new AirPods 3 deserve an uncompromised safeguard against adventitious drops and scratches. For the boosted shield against unintentional damage, snug-fit cases with precise cutouts. Personally, I prefer those that come with a carabiner which makes carrying the AirPods secure during travel or adventures.

AirPods 3 case

If the premium pattern is on top of your heed, go for the Spigen Silicone Fit ($18). If the centre-catching blueprint is what y’all are looking for, elago case with a keychain could be a amend choice. Nevertheless, choose Mobosi’southward rugged example ($14) if you lot wish to embrace peak-notch protection.

20. Anti-Lost Ear Claw/Strap

If you are a fitness freak and desire to habiliment your AirPods during intense running or jogging in the park, you should consider buying an anti-lost strap or ear hook. Seltureone’southward anti-lost soft silicone strap ($6- 2 pack) is a worthy contender. And if yous want to buy an ear hook, elago’s silicone ear hook has got yous fully covered.

Seltureone Compatible for AirPods 3

At that place you have information technology! Then, that ends our roundup of the best AirPods 3 tips and tricks. I judge you lot take discovered a bunch of useful hacks. Allow me know the ones that you have plant adorable. And yep, if in that location are any every bit cool hacks that have missed out, practice non forget to let me know about them likewise.

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