25+ Best Apple Watch Series 7 Tips and Tricks 

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Flaunting a larger and brighter brandish than its predecessor, Apple Lookout man Series 7 has managed to garner plenty of traction. And rightly so. Autonomously from featuring a better display, the new Apple Watch has a more cleft-resistant front end crystal to take on random bumps and scratches. Couple these impressive specs with the refined watchOS 8, and you have got a smartwatch that looks consummate in most aspects.

So, what sort of Apple Lookout man tips and tricks are you looking for? Are you up for ways to create a ton of eye-communicable watch faces to personalize your smartwatch? Or, are you gearing upwardly to fine-tune the notable health and fitness features for enhanced progress tracking? Irrespective of what is at the acme of your heed, in that location are plenty of cool tips and tricks that may suit your preference. With that said, let’due south dive correct in!

1. Set Portraits Watch Face

While watchOS 8 has several notable features, none is every bit hit as the Portraits watch confront. If yous accept a penchant for creating cool photo watch faces, there is a good chance you would love as of it.

If you lot are wondering what makes Portraits watch face unlike from a normal photo watch face up? Well, let me tell you that information technology uses depth data to animate a portrait prototype with a multi-layered effect. What’due south more, you can use the Digital Crown to zoom in or out of the Portraits lookout face.

Set Portraits Watch Face on Apple Watch

Head over to the
Sentinel app
on your iPhone >
Face Gallery > Portraits watch face. Now, choose upward to 24 portrait images so customize the scout face. In the end, tap
to set the Portraits to sentry face.

2. Customize Your Watch Confront to Your Eye’s Liking

If you wish to amp up the customization game further, personalize all of your favorite Apple Watch faces and then that they always look and work in line with your preference. For instance, you can choose from various designs, tweak colors and even fine-tune the features that show up on the sentinel face.

Customize Your Apple Watch face

With the watch face up showing, long-press on the display and then striking
Edit. Swipe left all the fashion to the terminate so select the desired complication. Then, you tin turn the Digital Crown to choose another complication like heart charge per unit or activeness. When you are happy with the customization, printing the Digital Crown to save your changes. After that, tap the face to switch to it.

iii. Create Awesome Looking Custom Picket Faces Using Watchsmith

Without undermining the solid library of watch faces that watchOS comes with, nothing can vanquish the elegance of the fully personalized picket faces. And for this specific purpose, yous should look no farther than “Watchsmith” from the creator of the top-rated widget app for iOS called “Widgetsmith.”

The scout app is available for free and comes with a ton of highly customizable complications which can be adjusted to best fit your taste.

Create Awesome Looking Custom Watch Faces Using Watchsmith 

4. Conform Mindfulness

Apple has redesigned the “Breathe” app and named it “Mindfulness,” emphasizing mental peace. For a modify, it at present also lets you lot reflect to help bust stress with pro tips. What’s more, you tin fine-melody the mindfulness and reflect session then that it perfectly fits your schedule.

To do and then, open up the
Mindfulness app
on your Apple tree Lookout man then navigate to
Exhale or Reflect
session. Side by side, tap the
iii-dot icon
at the elevation right. After that, choose the preferred duration, and you are all set.

Adjust mindfulness session on Apple Watch

5. Customize Apple tree Watch Home Screen View

While honeycomb-like grid layout is the default app view on Apple Watch, y’all can choose to go for the List View that displays your apps as a list. Personally, I adopt the latter every bit it helps me find specific apps a fleck easier. If you are too similar me
, head into the
Settings app
on your Apple tree Watch and choose
View. Now, select

6. Hibernate Unwanted Apps from Home Screen

What if you lot have some apps that you lot want to continue under the wraps, whether for privacy or any personal reason? Worry not, watchOS lets you hide apps at will and so that y’all can keep some apps away from the domicile screen.

To do then, open up the
Picket app
on your iPhone. At present, scroll down to the
section and choose the app you desire to hide on your Apple Watch. Later on that, plough off the toggle correct next to
Show App on Apple Sentry.

7. Manage Your Apple Watch’due south Photo Storage Smartly

If you are fond of setting your images equally your Apple Sentry face up, yous should know that watchOS offers a pretty cracking mode to manage photo storage. To ensure the limited storage (32GB) of your all-new smartwatch doesn’t go cluttered for space, you should make certain to accept control of the photograph storage.

Open the
Lookout app
on your iPhone >
Photos > Photos Limit. Now, choose 25 Photos.

8. Set a Focus Right From Your Apple Watch

watchOS viii allows y’all to set a Focus right from your Apple tree Watch. So, the adjacent time you wish to go started with a custom focus profile, y’all tin fine-tune it from your wrist itself.

To get going,
bring up the control middle
by swiping up from the bottom of the display. After that, tap on
aka crescent moon icon, and tap on the
you wish to enable. Next up,
accommodate the length
of fourth dimension, and you lot are good to go!


9. Fix AssistiveTouch

Being an integral part of the Accessibility suite, AssistiveTouch has existed on iOS for several years. So, the arrival of AssistiveTouch on watchOS augurs well for user-experience not just for the folks with limb differences but besides for anyone who wishes to apply the Apple Watch more conveniently.

The all-time part? Well, yous can apply this Accessibility feature on your wearable device to control apps and even navigate through menus without having to touch the screen. Go to the
Watch app on your iPhone > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch
and then set it upwardly. Check out our detailed guide if y’all want to get the most out of this new watchOS feature.


10. Create Custom Messages and Mail Replies

When I’m on the get and don’t have much time to type lengthy letters, I prefer to apply custom letters to reply faster. If yous are similar me, chances are pretty high that you would like to create some custom replies. To do so, open the
Lookout man app
on your iPhone >
Post/Messages > Default Replies >
roll down and tap
Add together Respond.
After that, type in the custom replies.

11. Enable Dictation and Apply Siri to Get Your Work Done Faster

Despite beingness a notable watchOS feature, Dictation is highly underrated. Every bit someone who has used this feature for a long time, I tin say that it has vastly improved. And then, make sure to get the nigh of this handy feature
(Settings app > General > Enable Dictation)
to input text faster. And with Siri ever at your disposal, you can perform several tasks like controlling music, sending messages, setting a timer, translating languages, and more with ease.

12. Make it-Depth Insight Virtually Your Activeness with Weekly Summary

The action app provides an in-depth insight into your progress to go on a tab on your operation and figure out the areas where you need to improve. What’s more, information technology likewise offers a detailed weekly summary to let yous know how well y’all performed in the by week and, more importantly, whether or not you accept gone past the threshold or failed to cantankerous the line.

Keep a Track of Your Activity with Weekly Summary 

Open the
Activeness app
on your Apple tree Lookout and scroll downward to the bottom. Then, choose
Weekly Summary
to bank check your past calendar week’s operation.

13. Retrieve the Handy Troubleshooter for Fixing Common Bug

Difficult reset, aka force restart, comes into play when dealing with common issues. Credit where credit’south due, it’s quite reliable in fixing random watchOS (or iOS) bug. So, information technology pays to continue this trusted savior at your disposal.

To force restart your Apple tree Picket, all you need to do is hold down the side button and the Digital Crown until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

14. Become a Web Browser on Apple Watch

Though watchOS doesn’t come with a browser, y’all can browse the web on your Apple Watch thanks to a pretty nifty play a joke on. To get a browser on your Apple Watch, all you need to practice is send yourself an iMessage with a link to Google. Then, tap on the link to open up Google on your Apple Lookout. Pretty clever, isn’t information technology?

15. Remotely Control Your iPhone with Apple Lookout man

Did y’all know that your Apple Watch tin work every bit a super handy remote control for your iPhone photographic camera? Aye, you lot read that! Times when you wish to snap stunning group photos or landscape shots, this tip tin can have a role to play. So, how do you bring information technology into action?

Well, all you demand to do is
open the Camera Remote
on your wrist > position your iPhone to frame the shot > striking the Shutter button, and you lot are done! Alternately, you tin can also invoke Siri on your Apple tree Watch and inquire it to “Have a picture.”

Use Camera Remote on Apple Watch
Prototype credit: Apple

16. Automatically Play Your Favorite Playlist When Yous Start a Conditioning

If you are someone who loves to tune into your top picks right from the moment you striking the basis running, y’all would like to put this tip nether your radar. To bring information technology into effect, navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone >
Workout > Workout Play
 and and then choose your preferred playlist.

17. Utilize Accessibility Shortcut

If y’all are fond of Accessibility features similar Zoom and AssistiveTouch, you should take reward of the Accessibility Shortcut to easily enable/disable these features. Navigate to the Lookout man app on your iPhone >
Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut
and then select the feature that you desire to use. Going forrad, you lot can triple-click the Digital Crown to turn on/off the selected feature.

xviii. Sync Your Favorite Apple tree Music Playlists and Albums with Apple Watch

Another feature that’due south going to please fettle freaks and music lovers alike is the ability to sync specific Apple Music playlists and albums. If you are i of them, navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone >
After that, tap the
Add Music option and then select the desired playlist from your library.

nineteen. Manage Groundwork App Refresh

As we all know how power-hungry background app refresh is, it’s ameliorate to take command of information technology. Else, it could crusade rapid bombardment drain on your Apple Watch Series 7. Fortunately, watchOS provides the desired command over this power-sucking characteristic.

Become to the
app on your Apple Watch
> Full general > Background App Refresh
and and so either turn it off or permit only a few apps to refresh in the background.

Disable background app refresh on Apple Watch

20. Disable Location Services

If background app refresh is regarded as the most power-hungry feature, location services are no less. So, if y’all want to extend the battery life of your Apple tree Lookout man Serial 7, make sure to turn information technology off as well.

Navigate to the
app on your Apple Watch
> Privacy > Location Services

and then turn it off.

21. Customize Units of Mensurate

Whether y’all are a fettle freak or a wellness-witting person, you may want to customize the units of measurement for more personalized fitness tracking. To practice so, head over to the
Watch app
on iPhone
> Conditioning > Units of Measure
and then customize everything as per your needs.

22. Utilise the Power-Saving Mode to Heave Your Apple Watch Battery Life

What “Depression Power” mode is for iPhone, “Power Saving Mode” is for Apple Sentinel. So, if you ever detect your smartwatch draining plenty of bombardment, y’all should take advantage of this feature to extend the bombardment life of your wearable device.

Launch the
Lookout app
on your iPhone
> Workout

then turn on the
Ability Saving Manner

23. Unlock Your iPhone with Apple Watch When Wearing a Mask

Times when y’all are wearing a mask and wish to unlock your iPhone using the Face ID, your Apple Watch tin can let you do so seamlessly. To enable this characteristic, head into the
Settings app > Face ID & Countersign
and so turn on the toggle right next to Apple Watch located under the Unlock with Apple tree Lookout man section.

24. Choose a Protective Case for Enhanced Safeguard Against Harm

A pricey smartwatch similar the Apple Sentry Series 7 deserves a better safeguard against accidental drops and scratches. Should y’all wish to opt for uncompromised protection for your all-new smartwatch, I recommend yous check out Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro ($22 for 45mm and 41mm) rugged example. Boasting an exceptionally shock-absorbing profile, Unicorn Beetle Pro provides a top-notch shield against drops and scuffs.

SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro] Designed for Apple Watch Series 7

25. Ramp Up the Manner Quotient With a Matching Band

What about giving a more bonny look to your Apple Watch with a premium-looking stainless steel band? Fabricated of loftier-form stainless steel, Fullmosa ($21, available for both 45mm and 41mm) has the contour to make an impressive pair with the smartwatch. It securely locks into the sentry and comes in multiple matching colors to permit you lot pick a better companion for your all-new clothing device.

Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band 45mm

26. Option A Sporty Silicone Band for More Comfortable Wearing

While in that location is no dearth of high-quality watch bands in the market, nothing can beat silicone bands’ comfort. Thanks to the pretty smooth texture, they are comfy to article of clothing. Fabricated of breathable and sweat-resistant material, the silicone bands ensure itching stays away from you.

Silicone band for Apple Watch 7

So, if yous want to accept a reasonably good nonetheless affordable silicone band for your Apple tree Picket Series 7, get for SWAS ($26/$27 for 41mm and 45mm). And if you don’t want to settle with anything less than the premium Apple Lookout Series 7 silicone bands, check out the official ones ($49).

27. Choose a Durable Screen Guard to Shield the Larger Screen

Considering how expensive screen repair cost is, you should never fail to offering an additional layer of shield confronting scratches. You lot never when a abrupt scratch may render the touchscreen damaged, and you may end upwards spending much more than than you save past non ownership a screen protector. Made of pretty smooth and flexible TPU fabric, YMHL ($10/eleven, 8-pack for 41mm and 45mm variants) is fully equipped to offer an additional layer of safeguard to the Apple Sentinel display.

Compatible for Apple Watch Series 7 45mm

So, that concludes this exhaustive roundup of Apple tree Lookout Serial vii tips and tricks. I hope you have got some really absurd tips and tricks under your radar. Did any of your favorite tips miss out on being office of this lineup? Shoot them up in the comments below, and I might requite them a chance.

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