25+ Best watchOS 8 Tips and Tricks

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watchOS eight has got way more handy tricks upward its sleeve than what meets the optics. From a brand new photo lookout face up designed to alter the manner you view photos on your Apple Lookout man to the new Accessibility features crafted to permit you use your smartwatch without having to bear upon it, the latest watchOS release has a agglomeration of absurd features. And that’due south why we have lined up the 25+ best watchOS viii tips and tricks to let you get the most out of your Apple tree Lookout.

If you have upgraded your Apple Watch to the latest watchOS release and are eager to unravel all the notable and hidden watchOS 8 features for a more personalized experience, this extensive tips and tricks roundup has got you covered.

To ensure y’all go the most out of your Apple Watch, I have also assembled some of the most user-friendly features from the previous releases. With all that said, allow’s spring right in!

1. Ready Portraits Watch Face up on Your Apple Watch

What makes Portraits lookout face up so special is the power to let you view your favorite photos on Apple Watch in an all-new way. The lookout confront is designed to intelligently recognize faces in photos and highlight the subject. Using the multi-layered effect, it animates portrait images so that they appear stunning on the smartwatch.

Open the
Scout app
on your iPhone >
Confront Gallery > Portraits > Choose Photos to set Portraits scout confront. After that,
choose upwardly to 24 portrait images
and customize the watch face using the available complications. Finally, tap
to finish.

Going forward, a new image will pop up on your Apple Scout screen whenever you tap the display or heighten your wrist. Better still, you can fifty-fifty zoom in/out of the portrait using your Digital Crown.

Set Portraits Watch Face

two. Share Photos from Your Apple Lookout

Did you lot ever wish to share one of your most loved memories from your Apple tree Watch and were disappointed to know that there was no way to practise information technology? If that’due south the case, this nifty watchOS 8 feature will win yous over right away.

To share whatever image right from your wrist, open the
Photos app
on your Apple tree Watch > select an image >
button > Choose
Messages app or Post app

> select a contact > write a brusk bulletin (optional), and send it.

Share Photos from Your Apple Watch 

3. Prepare a Focus on Your Apple Watch

Focus mode is what you should utilize to proceed all the distractions away while working or having a peaceful time. Setting up a Focus on Apple Scout is as straightforward as it is on the iPhone.

To go going,
swipe up from the watch face
on your Apple Watch to access Control Center and so tap on
(the crescent moon) icon. Next, tap on the
y’all wish to turn on > tap the length of time you wish the Focus to exist active, and you lot are all set!

Set a Focus on Your Apple Watch 

4. Create a Focus Schedule on Your Apple Watch

After creating a Focus on your paired iPhone, you can customize schedules for it right from your wrist. Based on your needs, you can customize the schedule to automatically invoke a custom Focus at a specified time and even choose whether or not a Focus activates on certain days.

To set a Focus schedule on your Apple Watch, open the
app >
Focus > specific Focus
> Add new. Next, fix the commencement/end time and also fine-tune the “Repeat” for days.

5. Prepare AssistiveTouch to Confirm Payments Using Apple tree Pay

After a long expect, Apple has introduced “AssistiveTouch” on Apple Scout. That means you can at present perform various deportment, including the power to invoke Siri, bring up Command Center, and access Dock

without touching the screen of your smartwatch.

Interestingly, you can ready this Accessibility feature to

even ostend payments using Apple Pay.

Caput into the
Spotter app
on your iPhone >
Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.
Now, ensure that the AssistiveTouch toggle is enabled. Side by side, tap
Enable Confirm with AssistiveTouch. Going forwards, you’ll be prompted to confirm payments using the passcode (instead of having to double-press the Side Button).

Use AssistiveTouch to Confirm Payments Using Apple Pay 

6. Customize the Advent of AssistiveTouch

If you are fond of AssistiveTouch, chances are pretty loftier that you would love to customize its appearance for a more personalized experience. watchOS 8 lets y’all cull from a diverseness of colors similar cherry, white, green, yellow, grayness, blue, and orange then that the AssistiveTouch always appears in sync with your preference.

Navigate to the
Watch app
on your iPhone >
Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Colors. Now, choose the desired color, and you lot are good to get.

Customize the Appearance of AssistiveTouch

7. Enable Machine Scanning for AssistiveTouch

The newly-launched AssistiveTouch on Apple Watch allows manual scanning past default. But did y’all know that you could set up automobile-scanning for this Accessibility characteristic?

Head over to
Watch app > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Scanning Style > Machine Scanning.

Once you have selected Auto Scanning functionality, you lot will go the option to customize its speed as well. Now, choose
Slow, Medium, or Fast,
depending on your needs.

Enable Auto Scanning for AssistiveTouch 

8. Schedule Mindfulness Reminder

Past default, Mindfulness provides a reminder at the start or end of the day, which may not ever get in sync with your hectic lifestyle. Merely bother not, watchOS 8 offers you lot the flexibility to schedule a mindfulness reminder. Hence, you lot can get the alert at a specified time and fifty-fifty choose to proceed the alert away on sure days.

Go to
Watch app
on your iPhone >
Mindfulness > Add together Reminder. Now, customize your mindfulness reminder so that it always stays in sync with your lifestyle.

Schedule Mindfulness Reminder 

9. Mute Mindfulness Reminder

On whatsoever day, you lot don’t desire to receive a reminder to perform breathing exercises, you can mute the reminder for that day. Save it for the times where you lot are on the motion and desire to keep all the regular reminders about daily chores at bay.

To exercise so, o
pen the
Spotter app on your iPhone > Mindfulness.
Now, turn on the switch correct adjacent to
Mute for Today.

Mute Mindfulness Reminder for Today

10. Customize Mindfulness Haptics

Notably, you can also fine-melody mindfulness haptics. And then, depending on your needs, you tin choose to disable the haptics completely, go along it minimal or go with the prominent haptics. Personally, I prefer the prominent haptic style as information technology forces me to adhere to the ready rules.

Head over to the
Spotter app
on your iPhone >
Mindfulness > Haptics. At present, select
None, Minimal, or Prominent
as per your needs.

Customize Mindfulness Haptics  

11. Customize Mindfulness Breath Rate

If you lot use the Mindfulness app to perform breathing exercises, you would be glad to know that the app allows you to customize the breath rate. Yeah, you read that correct! You can fine-tune the breath rate to have upwards to ten breaths per infinitesimal. As a beginner, this is precisely what yous need to get into the groove of breathing exercises.

To get going, o
pen the
Scout app
on your paired iPhone >
Mindfulness > Breath Rate. At present, choose the desired option. While 4 breaths per minute are the minimum, 10 breaths per minute are the maximum.

Customize Mindfulness Breath Rate

12. Adjust Breathe/Reflect Session

Bite-sized sessions coupled with the flexibility to suit the session length are what I prefer to ensure I can conduct out meditation at my own footstep. And then, information technology’s skilful to run into the flexibility to customize the Breathe and Reflect duration. And I’m sure most of you lot would appreciate information technology.

To begin with, open the
Mindfulness app
on your Apple Watch and then tap on the
iii dots icon
at the top right next to Breathe or Reflect. Next upwards, tap on
and then choose a preferred duration.

Adjust Breathe/Reflect Session 

xiii. Use Your Apple Sentry to Unlock Your iPhone

In the wake of the deadly “COVID 19” pandemic, wearing a mask has go a must. As nosotros all know that Face ID requires the face to exist uncovered at the time of authentication, this security feature has become a hindrance for users who own modern iPhones.

Merely worry not, this is where the recently introduced characteristic called “Unlock with Apple tree Spotter” comes into play. Yeah, you got that right!

If you have an Apple Sentinel, you tin unlock your paired iPhone while wearing a mask without any hassle. To jumpstart with this super handy feature, head into the
Settings app
on your iPhone >
Face up ID & Passcode. Now, turn on the toggle right next to
X’due south (your name) Apple tree Watch.

From now onwards, and then long as your Apple Spotter is passcode protected, unlocked, and (of course) on your wrist close past, you will be able to unlock your paired iOS device.


14. Group Apple Scout Notifications Past App

Past default, watchOS automatically groups notifications to not only keep the notification centre clutter-free but as well brand information technology a scrap easier for you to keep rail of important alerts.

While the automatic grouping of notifications based on certain information from apps is fine, I prefer to group alerts by the app. Information technology helps me to rapidly admission all the notifications from an app. If yous are like me, you may also want to customize notification grouping by the app.


Scout app

 on your Apple >

My Lookout man tab > Specific app > Notification Grouping > By App


Group Apple Watch Notifications By App 

15. Customize Siri Voice Feedback

Siri tin can speak responses on your wearable device. If you want to get the almost out of this handy watchOS feature, make certain to customize the vox feedback.
Head over to the
Picket app > Siri > Voice Feedback. At present, yous have three options to choose from:

  • Always On:
    Cull it to allow Siri speak responses fifty-fifty when your smartwatch is in silent mode.
  • Control With Silent Way:
    Select it to let Siri silence all spoken responses when your Apple Watch is in silent style.
  • Headphones Only:
    Option it to let Siri speak responses only when your Apple tree Watch is connected to Bluetooth headphones.

Customize Siri Voice Feedback 

16. Utilise Siri to Announce Messages

Times when y’all are on the movement, this feature can come up in super handy. It can let you have Siri announce messages so that you tin stay informed without any hassle. Call up that the Announce Messages feature requires 2nd-gen AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and some beats headphones.

To bring this neat feature into action, pair your AirPods with your Apple tree Sentry. Later that, put them in your ears or on your head (AirPods Max). Then, become to the
Settings app > Siri > Announce Messages
so plough on the toggle.

Use Siri to Announce Messages 

17. Translate Languages on the Fly

Cheers to the Siri translation feature, you tin can hands translate languages right on your Apple tree Lookout. If Siri’southward translation was pretty good in watchOS vii, it’s got even ameliorate in watchOS 8.

To get going, invoke Siri by using either the Hey Siri command or pressing the Digital Crown so say something like, “How exercise y’all say ‘How are you?’ in French?” The virtual assistant will promptly translate the language and fifty-fifty prove it on the screen. Not to mention, there will also be a play button to allow you listen to the translation multiple times.

Translate Languages on the Fly 

18. Enable Headphone Prophylactic

Headphone safe is what yous should utilise to prevent loud sounds from harming your hearing. With this characteristic enabled, your Apple Lookout will keep a tab on the headphone audio levels. And, if the volume level exceeds the recommended 7-twenty-four hours limit, an alarm will be sent to you, and the volume volition be turned down to protect your hearing.

Navigate to the
Sentinel app
on your iPhone >
Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Prophylactic. Now, enable
Headphone Notifications
and customize the settings as per your needs.

Enable Headphone Safety 

19. Create Custom Replies for Letters and Post

Imagine y’all are on the motion, suddenly you receive an email notification on your Apple tree Spotter. Wouldn’t you lot want to send a quick response correct from your wrist without having to dig into your iPhone? Well-nigh probably, you would!

Watch app
on your iPhone to create custom replies> scroll down to choose
Postal service/Messages
Default Replies > Add together Reply. Type in the answer and then tap on
to ostend.

Create Custom Replies for Messages and Mail

20. Hibernate Unwanted Apps on Your Apple Watch

watchOS lets you keep some unwanted apps out of sight without having to delete them. To me, this is a smart way to keep the Apple Watch home screen clean. So, if you have some apps that you exercise not utilize more than oft, take reward of this hack to hibernate them.

Open up the
Sentinel app
on your iOS device > curlicue downwards to the
Installed on Apple Scout
department. Now, detect the app you wish to hide and then turn off the toggle right next to
Prove App on Apple tree Sentinel. If y’all always change your mind, render to this same setting and so turn on the toggle to bring the app back on your smartwatch.

Hide Unwanted Apps on Your Apple Watch 

21. Change Default Metropolis for Weather condition

Well, I accept saved this smashing Apple Sentinel fox for the folks who accept to rail weather condition information closely. By default, watchOS shows the atmospheric condition information of one of the major cities of your country. However, you can change the default urban center for weather on your Apple Watch.
To become information technology done, open the
Sentry app
on your iPhone >
Atmospheric condition > Default Urban center. Now, select your preferred city.

Additionally, you can too choose to testify the weather information of the current location. From now onwards, watchOS will testify the weather information of this selected city in your spotter face complications.

Change Default City for Weather 

22. Use Ability Saving Fashion to Extend the Battery Life of Your Apple Scout

Whenever I find my Apple Watch draining battery unexpectedly, I go for the ability-saving manner to extend the battery life. When turned on, Apple tree Scout disables the mobile data and the built-in heart rate sensor during walking and running workouts to reduce ability consumption.

Bear in mind that when the power saving mode is enabled, the calculations for energy burned in some workouts may be less accurate. All the same, Bluetooth-connected middle rate monitors are not affected.

Go to
Lookout app
> scroll down, cull
and so plow on the toggle next to
Ability Saving Manner.

Use Power Saving Mode to Extend the Battery Life of Your Apple Watch 

23. Customize Workout View

If you employ the Conditioning app, chances are pretty loftier that you desire to customize the workout view. watchOS offers a diverseness of workouts so that you tin personalize the workout view in accordance with your fettle goal.

Caput over to the
Watch app
on your iPhone >
Workout > Conditioning View. Now, select from a variety of workouts to give a custom look to the conditioning view.

Customize Workout View

24. Enable Low/Loftier Heart Rate Notifications

As a health-conscious person, you would like to have low/high heart rate notifications to ward off any wellness-related threats. watchOS allows yous to set a threshold so that you tin can get a timely warning whenever your BPM goes above or falls below a certain level.

Furthermore, you can too enable irregular rhythm notification to receive a notification when Apple Spotter detects multiple heart rhythms that may be a sign of atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm).

Enable Low/High Heart Rate Notifications 

25. Enable Ecology Audio Measurements

Cheers to the well-thought-out Noise feature designed to heave hearing health, your Apple Sentinel can notice sound levels nearby and alert you when they might affect your hearing. The smartwatch uses the congenital-in microphone to measure environmental sound levels throughout the day and notify yous whenever the sound levels exceed your set noise threshold.

Get to the
Watch app
on your iPhone >
Noise > Ecology Sound Measurements. After that, tap on
Dissonance Threshold
and then choose the decibels limit (80 decibels is considered a prophylactic bet).

Enable Environmental Sound Measurements

That’south all at that place is to it! So, these are the best watchOS eight tips for your Apple Watch that you lot tin can use to improve the user experience and as well ramp upward your customization game. Now that you have unraveled my favorite watchOS 8 tips and tricks, information technology’southward fourth dimension to spill some beans nigh your superlative picks. Also, do not forget to pinpoint the tricks that deserve a shot in the lineup.

While watchOS 8 may not look as elegant as its predecessor on the confront, information technology’due south got plenty to warrant a notable upgrade. So, I’m sure most of yous would beloved the latest iteration of watchOS. Not to underestimate, features like Focus, AssistiveTouch, and Portraits sentinel face are worthy add-ons in more than ways than one. What do yous recall?

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