3 Reasons to Install iOS 15 Beta, and 5 Reasons to Not Install It Right Now

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Apple released the showtime beta of iOS xv and iPadOS xv right after the opening keynote of WWDC 2022 concluded. Given the number of new features and usability improvements on offer, you lot might be tempted to install iOS fifteen on your iPhone. Notwithstanding, you might want to reconsider your decision. Below are some reasons why you should install the iOS fifteen beta on your iPhone, as well every bit some arguments for why you lot should avert installing it.

Apple will release the terminal build of iOS 15 to the public in September. Until and then, you can try out the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone, though it comes with its own set of caveats. Read below on why you lot should avoid installing the iOS fifteen beta on your iPhone for at present.

Elevation Reasons Not to Install iOS 15 Beta on Your iPhone

one. Bugs

This one is pretty obvious. Y’all are going to install beta software on your iPhone, and that too the very beginning ane. This means you are going to run into bugs and app compatibility bug. Even if the OS itself does not have many bugs, you are likely to run into problems with third-political party apps. Then, unless and until you accept a spare iPhone or don’t employ your iPhone as a daily driver and don’t rely much on apps, y’all should avoid installing iOS 15 on your iPhone for now.

2. App Compatibility Problems

Expanding on the above betoken, since iOS 15 is still in its initial development stages, it is jump to have compatibility issues with many of your apps. Many banking apps might non work properly on your iPhone running iOS 15. Similarly, heavy games and apps that rely on low-level system APIs might also crash due to this reason.

So, if you rely on some apps for your piece of work or daily life, you should avoid installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone.

3. Messy Installation Process

Apple tree has only released the showtime programmer beta of iOS fifteen so far. The public beta program for the OS will launch in July. Installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone is not equally simple as installing the public beta. The entire procedure is slightly tedious and requires 1 to take access to a Developer Account. Then if you are not the tech-savvy type, this should be a good enough deterrent for you to stay away from the beta for now.

4. No Jailbreak

If your iPhone is running iOS 14-iOS 14.three and jailbroken, you should stick to your setup. The new iOS 15 features might be tempting, just they are more often than not in a buggy country correct now and definitely non worth giving up on some useful jailbreak tweaks. Additionally, there’s no iOS xv beta jailbreak, and given that the Bone is withal in the development stage, the chances of a jailbreak tool being released for the Os are slim.

Think that once you install the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone, you can but downgrade it back to iOS 14.six, the last major iOS release that Apple is currently signing.

Top Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 14 - iOS 14.3

five. Cannot Restore iOS 15 Backups

Even if you lot do end up installing the iOS xv beta on your iPhone, y’all are unlikely to use it on your iPhone until the stable release of the Os in September. Eventually, the bugs and app compatibility issues will frustrate yous plenty to forcefulness y’all to uninstall and downgrade dorsum to iOS fourteen.6 on your iPhone.

This is where you will encounter some other effect. You cannot restore iOS 15 backups on an iPhone running iOS 14.6, and the iOS fourteen backup y’all had will exist months erstwhile by so. You tin can avoid this situation entirely by only not installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone.

Why Should You Install the iOS 15 Beta on Your iPhone?

Still hell-bent on installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone? If so, read some benefits of installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone below.

i. Try Out New Features

Yous might exist running an unstable developer beta of iOS 15 on your iPhone, merely it will allow you to endeavor out new features well ahead of the general public. iOS 15 comes with several usability improvements, including a redesigned Safari, improved Notes app, new Weather app, SharePlay, Facetime improvements, and more than.

You might face stability problems, but at least you will be able to endeavour out new features on your iPhone. Bank check out some of the all-time iOS fifteen features that you lot can try out on your iPhone.

iOS 15 notifications

2. Report Bugs to Apple

Another benefit of installing the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone is that yous can report bugs and other issues in the OS to Apple tree. So, if yous encounter some major bugs or a particularly small bug that most people might not notice, you lot tin can study them to Apple tree then they can set up them earlier the public release of iOS 15.

three. Thrill

Some people might not empathize this, just there’southward a different thrill and fun associated with running a beta build of an OS and trying out its new features months ahead of the public release. This is something that only nearly tech enthusiasts who like to alive on the bleeding edge will understand.

Are you still going to install iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 beta on your iPhone or iPad? If so, why? Drop a comment and let us know!

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