6 Tips to Use 5G Properly on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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Apple highlighted 5G support on the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro when it appear the new devices. It even redesigned the device internally to make space for the 5G components. However, using 5G on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is not as straightforward and there’south a lot of things that yous must know.

Don’t be deceived by the 5G icon showing up on your iPhone 12’s condition bar every bit that does not paint a true picture as that does not mean your iPhone is really connected to a 5G network. And even when you are on a 5G network, it is not necessary that your iPhone will take advantage of the higher download speeds offered by it. Below is everything you must know about using 5G on your iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, or iPhone 12 Pro.

Tips to Use 5G Properly on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Get a 5G SIM Card

Just similar you had to get a new SIM card when 4G networks first came around, you will need to get a new 5G SIM card. This will depend on your carrier, with many operators offering 5G-uniform SIM cards to their customers for quite some time now.

mmWave 5G Back up Only In the U.s.a.

Apple really hyped upward 5G support on the iPhone 12 series when information technology unveiled the devices final month. Nevertheless, just the U.Southward. variants of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series support mmWave 5G, with the rest of the world units only supporting sub-6GHz 5G. What this ways is that the amazing gigabit+ speeds over 5G will just exist possible on the iPhone 12 variants in the United States. While the sub-6GHz iPhone 12 variants will also offer higher mobile data speeds than 4G networks, the speeds will still be slower than mmWave 5G.

Different 5G Icons

Depending on the network, your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro will display the following 5G icons: 5G, 5G+, and 5G UW. Below is what they mean:

5G East:
If you are on AT&T’s network, you might meet the 5G E icon. This is aught only AT&T’s LTE network which the visitor is trying to deceive users into thinking of as 5G.

Your iPhone tin can connect to your carrier’s sub-6GHz network. Verizon refers to its sub-6GHz network every bit 5G Nationwide. On this network, your iPhone will deliver download speeds faster than LTE but the difference will only be around 10-20%.

iPhone 12 5G Icon

You volition see this icon on your iPhone if you use information technology on AT&T’s network and this is the one that can offer gigabit+ download speeds. This icon will bear witness up when AT&T’s mmWave network is available.

5G UW:
This icon volition show up if you are on Verizon’southward network and its mmWave network is available. This network is bachelor in limited areas but ane that promises gigabit+ download speeds. Past the end of 2022, Verizon says it will accept its 5G UW network in 60 cities in the U.s.. Yous will non come across this icon on T-Mobile’s network as it merely markets its 5G network with the 5G icon.

iPhone 12 5G UW icon

Disable 5G Automobile

To preserve battery life, your iPhone will automatically switch to an LTE network unless it thinks you need the 5G speed. Nevertheless, if yous desire, you can force your iPhone to always utilize a 5G network whenever it is bachelor. This will pb to faster download speeds, though your iPhone 12’s bombardment life will take a hit.

If you want to maximize the bombardment life of your iPhone, you should disable 5G automatically. But select LTE and your iPhone will only connect to 4G networks.

iPhone 12 5G Data Options

Take Total Reward of 5G Speeds

Fifty-fifty if your iPhone is connected to a 5G network, it will use your 5G data judiciously so as to not exhaust your monthly mobile data limit and to run down its battery in no time. If yous wish to, all the same, you can set your iPhone to use more information on 5G. This will enable additional features like Full HD FaceTime video calls, Hard disk drive content on Apple Music and Apple Idiot box, and even the ability to download iOS updates over mobile data. The default option is “Standard” which limits video and FaceTime quality but allows for automated updates and background tasks on cellular information.

On some carriers with 5G and unlimited data, your iPhone might automatically switch to the “Permit More Information on 5G” option, though some iPhones might automatically switch to information technology depending on the carrier settings. You can enable this choice on your iPhone 12 by going to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Information Options and enable the ‘Permit More Data on 5G’ option under Information Mode.

iPhone 12 Allow More Data on 5G

No Dual SIM 5G

While the iPhone 12 serial has dual SIM connectivity, it cannot connect to 2 5G networks simultaneously. If you connect to two networks simultaneously on your iPhone, 5G Data won’t exist supported on either line and your device volition fall back to 4G. In Communist china though, your iPhone 12 will connect to the 5G network on the line for which you lot have enabled mobile data. This feature should make its way to the iPhone 12 in other parts of the globe with an upcoming iOS fourteen update.

How has your experience been with 5G on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? Are you enjoying the faster data speeds? Or have y’all barely noticed whatever deviation? Drop a annotate and let us know!

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