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In this guide, nosotros will bear witness you the steps to fix the waiting for device error while entering ADB or Fastboot Commands. When it comes to the customization domain, Android’south open up-source ecosystem stands right in that location at the top. Be information technology for flashing custom ROMs or custom recoveries such as TWRP, there’southward a lot to attempt out. Likewise, you lot could even gain access to the system partition by rooting information technology via Magisk. This volition then let yous to flash Substratum Themes, Xposed Frameworks, Magisk Modules, etc.

Simply to comport out any of the aforementioned tweaks, you lot might accept to take the help of ADB and/or Fastboot Commands. Well, even the first prerequisite of flashing custom binaries requires you to unlock the device’s bootloader, which is just possible via Fastboot Commands. Then if nosotros shift our focus from customs development to everyday usage, these commands help y’all to kick your device to the stock recovery. Y’all could and so install OTA, perform a  mill reset, or kicking to OS via stock recovery.

All in all, you could consider these commands as among the near powerful tools in the Android ecosystem. All the same, these are often to suffer from quite a few errors (documented at the end of this guide). And out of all the plentitude of errors, the waiting for device error while entering ADB or Fastboot Commands is among the most frequently occurring ones. With that said, there practise exists a few workarounds that are known to fix this event. And this guide shall make you lot aware of just that. Follow along.

How to Ready Waiting for Device in ADB or Fastboot Commands

There isn’t any universal fix for this effect. You will accept to endeavour out each of the below-mentioned fixes until y’all attain success. We volition start off with the almost basic fixes before moving on to the slightly advanced ones. So without further ado, let’s go started.

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Fix 1: Employ USB ii.0 Ports

As foreign as it may sound, using the USB 3.0 Port on your laptop or PC turns out to be i of the biggest culprit when it comes to this issue. So you should always connect your device to the USB 2.0 Port. Furthermore, it is always recommended to employ the USB cable that came with your device. If that’southward not possible, then effort using the cables that shipped with any other Android device.

use usb 2.0 port fix waiting for device adb fastboot

It isn’t recommended to utilize standalone USB cables every bit some of them are designed just for charging purposes. They aren’t fabricated to exist used for file transfer or entering commands. And so keep these points in mind while entering ADB Fastboot Commands and see if the waiting for device error is stock-still or not.

Set 2: Verify USB Debugging

USB Debugging is required so that your PC is able to identify your device in ADB Mode. In many instances, it is known to go disabled automatically later on a reboot. Hence information technology is recommended that you re-verify that it is enabled, and if it’south not, and then do so correct away.


And so head over to Settings > Almost Phone > Tap on Build Number [MIUI Number in Xiaomi] seven times > Become dorsum to Settings > Organization > Advanced > Programmer Options > Enable USB Debugging. In one case washed, attempt executing the desired ADB or Fastboot control and see if the waiting for device mistake has been fixed or not.

Fix three: Install Android SDK Platform Tools

Next upward, y’all should too cheque if the proper ADB/Fastboot drivers are installed on your PC. In this regard, there are many such ADB tools doing the rounds across the web, but you should proceed a safety altitude from them. You should only install the official i provided by Google in the form of
Android SDK Platform Tools.


In one case downloaded, extract it to any convenient location on your PC and you lot should get the platform-tools folder. Go to this folder’s address bar, type in CMD, and hit Enter. This shall launch the Command Prompt. You may now try inbound the required ADB or Fastboot control and check whether the waiting for device error has been fixed.

Fix 4: Install Android Bootloader Interface Drivers

In some instances, merely installing the Android SDK tools might non be enough. Y’all will accept to aid it with another driver set from Google that is specifically designed for ADB and Fastboot purposes. These are the Android Bootloader Interface Drivers and their associated android_winusb.inf file that yous need to install onto your PC. So please refer to our detailed guide to
Install Google’due south Android Bootloader Interface Drivers.


So with this, we conclude the guide on how to fix the waiting for device error while inbound ADB or Fastboot Commands. We accept shared four unlike fixes for the same, do let us know in the comments which one spelled out success in your case.

FAQs: Other ADB and Fastboot Errors

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