Add Disk Performance To Task Manager

Disk metrics are beneficial to diagnose functioning issues on a server, so why can you visualize the CPU, Memory, and Ethernet usage in Task Manager on Windows Server, but the deejay performance is not showing?

The Deejay Usage was removed from the Performance tab starting from Windows Server 2012R2 due to the large number of computing resources required to runway the usage of each disk in a calculator network.

Even so, 2 means are all the same left to bank check disk usage data on Windows Server. The first is to enable it to show on Chore Managing director through the Command Prompt, and the 2d is through the Resource Monitor.

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Method i: How to Testify Disk Operation in Task Manager

Due to the importance of having such metrics available, Microsoft didn’t birthday remove it from Windows Server, leaving a fashion for users to re-enable deejay performance in the Task Manager like in this picture show below:

To have your disk usage data on Task Manager:

  1. Shut Chore Manager if it is open.
  2. Open the Command Prompt as Ambassador.
  3. Enter the following command on Command Prompt:
    diskperf -y

Now check if the data is bachelor in Task Manager.

Since having the disk metrics available on Chore Manager might bear upon Windows Server, as explained at the beginning of this article, y’all should disable information technology once more later on.

How to Disable Disk Performance in Job Director

The process is the same as the ane above; we just need to input a dissimilar control in cmd:

  1. Close Task Manager if it is open.
  2. Open the Command Prompt every bit Administrator.
  3. Enter the following command on Control Prompt:
    diskperf -north

Method ii: How to See Disk Usage in Resources Monitor

The Resource Monitor is an effective tool to visualize your server’s resource usage, including disk usage, in real-fourth dimension. Thus, it can exist used equally an alternative to monitoring disk metrics without needing to re-enable it on Task Manager.

To check disk usage data on Resource Monitor:

  1. Open
    Server Manager
    on the Start Carte du jour.
  2. Click on the
    tab on the right-upper corner.
  3. Select
    Resource Monitor.
  4. On the Resource Monitor windows, select the

While not as convenient every bit showing the disk usage correct away on the Task Manager, this method keeps the Chore Manager free of having to track Data metrics, freeing upward some computing resources.

A more than customized culling to check disk usage is to do it through Server Manager > Tools > Performance Monitor.

(If you are having issues with
Windows Effect Log using upwardly too much disk on the chore manager
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You can cheque a tutorial on how to use the Performance Monitor in the video below:


Since Windows Server 2012R2, it is not possible anymore to visualize disk usage in the Task Manager past default. However, at that place are ii methods to cheque disk usage on Windows Server.

Method i is to enable disk performance once more in Task Manager by inbound the controldiskperf -yin the Command Prompt or PowerShell.

The second method is to check disk metrics by going to the Resource Monitor on Server Managing director > Tools.

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