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Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to notice and install apps on your Sony Telly

But like your smartphone, your smart TV offers a connected experience and apps are how you lot brand the nigh of information technology. Whether it’s streaming the latest shows and movies, playing games or pulling up information about the world around you, there are hundreds, fifty-fifty thousands, of apps bachelor to you that volition work with your Android Telly.

ane. Open up the Google Play store.
To find and install apps for your Android Tv, you will use the Google Play app store. Just like your telephone, you will exist greeted with menus full of apps, and given tools to search and discover just what you desire.

two. Accept Terms of Service.
If this is your commencement time logging in to the Google Play Store, y’all will need to take the terms of service associated with it. These are not significantly different than the terms of service offered on your other smart devices, but you lot can review the details on screen before accepting.

three. Expect through options.
The main screen of the Google Play Store offers a number of highlighted apps, and several rows of featured apps, divided into various categories. Private apps are represented by big tiled icons, with brilliant logos and eye-catching graphics.

4. Select an app.
To select an app, simply navigate with the directional buttons on the remote, and highlight the tile in question. Printing enter to view details virtually the app.

5. Pull up app information.
On the screen, you tin view data about the app, including a description of what the app does. You tin can too learn details of the service and functions offered in the app, learn if there whatsoever in-app purchases, and go a preview of the app from a choice of screenshots. You lot can also read customer reviews to acquire whether other users of the app are satisfied with the experience.

half dozen. Install the app.
Once you’ve made your decision, yous can install the app past pressing the install push. This volition brainstorm downloading and installing the app, and a progress bar will show you lot how far along into the installation procedure you are. If you hit install on accident, yous tin cancel at any point earlier the installation has finished.

7. Open up your new app.
One time installed, the install push is replaced with an open button, which lets you open the app without exiting the App Shop.

eight. Delete unwanted apps.
If you wish to uninstall the app, whether now or after, you tin practise this in the Google Play app shop. In the information page for the app, it will now have an uninstall push for every app you have installed. Removing an app is equally simple as pressing uninstall.

Option: Sony Select.
You lot can besides browse a collection of Sony-recommended apps by using Sony Select, which appears in the Featured Apps bar on your dwelling screen. Like the total app store, this curated collection of apps offers selections in a number of categories, but these apps are hand-picked, for a number of reasons: some are simply popular, some are recommended for Sony TVs, and others are paid promotion.

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