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The Adidas Z.N.E. 01 are affordable truly wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds. Sadly, their fit won’t piece of work for anybody. All the same, if you do manage to get them to stay put, they evangelize a pretty impressive sound for the price, alongside a durable design to fend off sweat and good enough bombardment life, making them cracking sports earbuds for under £100.


  • Sweat and splash-proof pattern
  • Solid sound performance
  • Squeamish, pocket-friendly case


  • Fit might be troublesome for some
  • Non the best battery life out there
  • Slightly oversensitive impact controls


  • Britain
    RRP: £89.99
  • USA
    RRP: $99

Key Features

  • Water- and sweat-resistance
    IPX4 rating to aid proceed drops of sweat and h2o away

  • Eco-charging
    Charges your earbuds upward to a specific bespeak so that they can last for longer


The Adidas Z.Due north.Due east. 01 are a pair of truly wireless earphones built for sport, seeing the dress giant collaborate with Zound Industries – makers of Marshall and Urbanears headphones – to bring the buds to life.

They’re essentially a cheaper version of the Z.North.E. 01 ANC, without agile noise cancellation. Notwithstanding, the buds exercise still offer a sweat- and splash-proof pattern, five hours of battery life from a single charge, forth with quick-charging back up for those who frequently forget to accuse up buds before a conditioning.

The Z.N.Eastward. 01 cost a pretty reasonable £89.99, which puts them at the more affordable end of the sports buds’ market place. Dropping below the £100 price mark ordinarily means making a few compromises, though, so in which areas of the Z.N.E. 01 have these been made, and are they significant?


  • IPX4 sweat- and splash-resistant rating
  • Touch controls
  • Use silicone ear sleeves

A glance of the Z.Northward.E. 01 volition remind most of the first- and second-gen AirPods that and then many headphone makers sought to emulate. The long-stemmed design hither comes in a solitary black colour that Adidas telephone call Nighttime Grey, with the textured end on the casing making the buds easy to grip with sweaty hands.

These buds don’t utilise wing tips; instead you’ll find silicon ear sleeves the type commonly institute on sports buds. There are no boosted sleeves provided in the box, so you’re basically stuck with the ane prepare – and if they don’t work, you’ll come across issues.

I certainly had some concerns about the fit of these buds. While they largely stayed put in my ears, on a couple of occasions I did quite easily knock them out during some indoor workouts. In fact, I never felt totally comfortable they’d stay in place on outdoor runs. Fifty-fifty if they did.

On more steady intensity workouts such as indoor rows and wheel sessions, they were fine. Even so, fifty-fifty simply tinkering with onboard controls would frequently be enough to interfere with the fit of the Z.Due north.E. 01.

The bottom line, so, is that the Adidas Z.N.Eastward. 01 will work fine for some, but not so much for others.

On a more positive notation, the earbuds are certified with a IPX4 rating. This means that while they’re resistant to splashes, they won’t survive being submerged in water for any amount of time. It’s not the strongest protection you’ll find on a ready of earbuds, just information technology does at least mean a degree of protection from h2o and sweat.

Adidas Z.N.E 01 rear case design

On the stem of the buds you’ll discover a set of touch controls, with which y’all can tap to play/pause, double-tap to skip frontwards a track, and triple-tap to skip backwards. You can tap to take and terminate calls, too. I’m really not a fan of touch controls on sports-focused earbuds, however; and the Z.Northward.East. 01 felt a tad too sensitive, oft resulting in me accidentally activating them. Annotation that there’s no scope to customise those controls, either.

The case is a plus bespeak for these earbuds. Its small form factor makes it ideal to carry with you on runs, or if yous want something that’s easy to sideslip into your pocket exterior of workout time. It offers some protection against moisture, too, although the IPX3 rating means it can merely handle some sprays of water, during a rain shower for example.


  • 2 microphones to accept calls
  • Up to five hours’ battery life

In that location’s no agile noise cancellation nor any transparency modes here, although the Z.Due north.E. 01 did a pretty admirable task of battling against the murmur of a TV screen when I was working out at home. Notwithstanding, it’due south a picayune more than challenging keeping ambient sounds out when you venture exterior. The wind still cut through, but the buds were successful at keeping engine sounds of cars while running nearly traffic to a minimum.

It’south possible to take calls with the Z.N.East. 01 – and, over again, they perform best if you lot’re indoors as opposed to outdoors. As mentioned, there’south no great wind protection and you’ll be fighting against traffic noise, too, if you lot’re taking a call on the motion.

Adidas Z.N.E 01 earbuds in hand

The Z.N.East. 01’southward battery life is by no means class-leading; these are very much first-generation truly wireless earbuds in that regard. You’re promised upwardly to five hours of listening fourth dimension from a single charge, and it takes 1hr 30mins to get from 0-100%. The buds do come with a quick-accuse feature, however, getting you an hour of playtime from a fifteen-minute superlative-upwards; plus the charging case also supports wireless charging. In real-globe use, I’d say the stated 5 hours battery life proved accurate.

These buds will happily get yous through a skillful week of workouts, then, and that quick-accuse support ways you shouldn’t take to charge them on a regular basis, either.

Sound Quality

  • 12mm dynamic driver

What makes the troublesome fit I experienced so very frustrating is that these buds really deliver surprisingly well-rounded audio for the money. They’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and they continue to struggle in the aforementioned areas that many sports buds do, when y’all venture outside in item. The Z.N.E. 01 take some bedding in before you can enjoy the surprisingly robust sound they’re capable of delivering.

Adidas Z.N.E 01 earbuds out of case

There’due south a good corporeality of power on display considering the size of these buds, as well as a surprisingly broad soundstage. Bass is punchy without feeling overbearing, and while mids are a little recessed in places, there’south some nice smoothness with simply enough detail to make them an enjoyable heed with a range of genres. If you like your music high tempo and hard hit, then you’re certainly well catered for here, but the Z.N.E. 01 are versatile enough to work well for more vocal and musical instrument-rich tracks, too.

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Should y’all buy it?

You want good sound for less
For headphones that sit down under that £100 marker, the Z.Due north.E. 01 offering very robust and reliable sound quality for the price.

You want a reliable fit
Bottom line: this open pattern isn’t going to piece of work for all ears and didn’t make full u.s.a. with conviction all the fourth dimension.

Final Thoughts

The Adidas Z.N.E. 01 seem to have everything you could want in a pair of sporty truly wireless earbuds. They’re sleek, come with a neat, small case, offer solid audio and expert battery life for the price. Crucially, though, the concerning fit simply isn’t going to work for a lot of people. If you tin can become a great fit, you’ll love what they can offer – but they won’t be the perfect match for all.

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Do the Adidas Z.North.E. 01 offer racket cancellation?

No, this model doesn’t feature ANC.

Full specs

United kingdom RRP



IP rating

Battery Hours

Wirless charging

Fast Charging


Release Date

Driver (s)



Frequency Range

Headphone Blazon


Adidas Z.Due north.E. 01








48 One thousand


12mm Dynamic

Bluetooth 5.2

Night Gray

twenty 20000 – Hz

True Wireless

93 dB


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