AirPods 3 Review Roundup: A Worthy Upgrade?

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Ahead of the new AirPods 3 reaching customers and going on auction tomorrow, the showtime set of initial impressions, reviews, and unboxing of the new AirPods take gone live. The commencement impressions are mostly positive, with publishers appreciating Apple tree for making the AirPods more than affordable while bringing features previously limited to the AirPods Pro.

To bring y’all upwards to speed, the AirPods three feature a completely redesigned body with smaller stems, custom-pattern drivers for reduced baloney, a MagSafe charging case, Adaptive EQ, IPX4 sweat and water resistance for the case and AirPods, upwardly to 30 hours of battery life, and support for Spatial Audio. Bank check out our AirPods 3 review and first impressions roundup below.


Overall, Engadget institute the design to exist more comfortable, with improved audio and longer battery life being the highlights. The consummate redesign nonetheless harks back to the original AirPods design, with some modification, it noted.

“Correct off the bat, you’ll notice the lack of the silicone eartips institute on the Pro. The overall fit of the new model is similar to that of the get-go two AirPods,…That mixture of designs continues on the stem. Apple reduced the length of the component by a third versus the previous model, adding the force sensor from the AirPods Pro for the on-board controls.”

Yous cannot adjust the book using the AirPods themselves and this could be a deal-billow for some.

“With the change to force sensor-driven controls, Apple tree has given AirPods the aforementioned actions as AirPods Pro. On the 2nd-gen model, you lot had to tap the earbud and the options were very limited. Like the Pro version, y’all now have the ability to play/pause and take calls (press once), skip tracks forward (press twice), skip tracks backward (press three times), and activate Siri (printing and agree). Once more, in that location’s no option for onboard volume control. The press-and-hold input on the AirPods Pro changes noise-canceling style, so it seems like Apple could’ve reassigned this action for volume — up on one side, down on the other.”

While the sound quality isn’t the best in the price segment, it is meliorate than the previous vanilla AirPods.

“I don’t desire to mince words here: the new AirPods sound so much better than the previous two versions. Like almost nighttime and day better. Apple didn’t brand any pregnant changes to sound quality from the starting time model to the 2022 version. But for gen three, Apple paired a custom driver with a high-dynamic-range amplifier to improve the audio chops. The company says that the duo works together to produce “rich consistent bass” and “crisp, clean” highs. From the moment I fired upwardly the first song, this was all immediately evident. I don’t think I’ve e’er audibly said “Woah” with the first note from a guitar on any review unit, merely given how boilerplate older AirPods sound, it was involuntary this time.”

The Verge

Voicing a similar stance, The Verge noted that the new shape works meliorate to go on the AirPods in identify. However, ambient sounds remain audible and this might not be to anybody’s taste.

“They’re staying put so well that I no longer experience the same anxiety almost them tumbling onto the ground and down a sewer grate. That worry was always present with the older AirPods. The healthy dose of ambient audio remains, and I’yard simply someone who prefers earbuds that offer some serenity from the outside world.”

The publication’s most noteworthy complaint was that the sound quality and design are a major step up, simply Spatial Audio’s inconsistency in Apple Music was an annoyance, just non considering of Apple’southward faults.

“Spatial audio mixes can often sound objectively worse than their stereo counterparts. It takes a lot of work from engineers and producers to get the near from Atmos, and it remains obvious that a lot of albums available in Spatial Audio on Apple tree Music oasis’t gotten that level of attending. Instruments and furnishings can sound out of identify, vocals tin get drowned out in the mix, and and so on.”

The Verge opined that a lot has changed since the AirPods two and buyers should explore other options in the market earlier pulling the trigger

“But before you go getting locked deeper into Apple tree’s ecosystem, it’s worth exploring your options. The game has changed a lot since the 2nd-gen AirPods were released, and information technology’s possible to detect better sound quality among competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, Anker, Amazon, and others. If you tin do without the frills, y’all can spend much less and notwithstanding be happy. Still, if you lot’ve got an iPhone, none of those can deliver the same seamless experience equally the AirPods.”


Gizmodo’southward positive review shared the aforementioned opinions about the build, design, fit, and sound quality.

“I’ve e’er struggled to keep the original AirPods in my ears, to the point where I skipped them altogether and waited for the AirPods Pro to arrive. But I take a much easier time keeping the new AirPods in identify, fifty-fifty during light physical activities similar going for a walk. They’re actually ever so slightly heavier than the original AirPods, but the shorter stem combined with a more streamlined design that puts the primary speaker at a better angle feels like it offers improve weight distribution.”

As for the MagSafe-uniform wireless Charging Instance, Gizmodo wrote

“It turns out, while yous can’t attach a tiny card wallet to the back of the AirPods charging case, information technology volition practice the same thing the iPhone 12 and 13 models do when dropped onto a MagSafe-compatible wireless charging pad. The case will perfectly align itself with the charging coil, and magnetically secure itself to the pad, and so it’s almost impossible to accidentally knock it off during a charge. It works cracking, and is peculiarly useful given how small the wireless receiver on the AirPods charging case is.”

In summary, the publication said that while there are decent alternatives in the marketplace now, the AirPods three are a worthy upgrade for Apple users for the comfort and convenience they offering.

“Does that mean the new AirPods are a pass? Not at all. They’re a fantastic upgrade in every way, and for those who hate having silicone tips crammed into their ear canals (I’ve been using them for decades and fifty-fifty my ears still become sore afterward prolonged utilise), the new AirPods are incredibly comfortable to utilize while still providing astonishing sound quality—something I didn’t really remember was possible. I’ve been wearing them around the house for unabridged days since they arrived, and of all the wireless earbuds I’ve tested over the years, nada comes close to how comfortable these feel.”

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