AirTag FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

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Looking to purchase an Apple AirTag but take some questions about information technology? Wondering how it will work? Will it exist ideal for the scenario you plan to apply it for? Read our detailed FAQ to know everything nearly the AirTag.

AirTag is not the offset of its kind. Tile has been selling tracking tags for a few years now. What makes the AirTag special is how neatly it integrates into Apple’s ecosystem and leverages it to locate tagged items.

Read our detailed AirTag vs Tile comparison to find out which is right for y’all.

AirTag FAQ: Everything to Know

Q) Is there any fashion to plow an AirTag on or off?

A) No, the AirTag does not feature whatever concrete on/off switch. It comes in simple packaging, and it is but when you remove the pull-tab plastic from the AirTag that it is powered on. After that, the merely way to switch off the AirTag is by physically removing the bombardment from it.

Q) Is the bombardment on the AirTag user replaceable?

A) Yes, the AirTag uses a CR2032 battery, which is user-replaceable. The process is relatively uncomplicated too. CR2032 is a very popular battery that is also used in many machine key fobs.

Q) Is the AirTag dust and water-resistant?

A) Yes, AirTag is IP67 certified. This ways it is dust and water-resistant. Nonetheless, it is non waterproof, so while it can survive a dunk in the swimming pool, don’t await much from it.

Q) How does one use the AirTag? What can i use AirTag for?

A) AirTag tin can be used to rail items that you frequently lose, like car keys, business firm keys, your pocketbook, etc. Since AirTag does not have any pin-hole for a lanyard. If you want to attach the AirTag to a keychain, you must start buy a compatible keychain. Apple itself sells some, though tertiary-party offerings are notably cheaper.

Q) Can i employ AirTag to rails pets or someone’south location?

A) No. Apple has explicitly made it clear that AirTag is not meant to exist used to track your pet or someone’southward location. In fact, if your iPhone detects that an unknown AirTag is in a moving motorcar, yous will automatically get a prompt almost information technology.

Q) How to pair an AirTag with an iPhone?

A) You first need to ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or higher for AirTag pairing. Like other Apple tree devices, pairing an AirTag with your iPhone is very unproblematic. Only bring the AirTag close to your iPhone, ideally near the power key, and a dialog box will pop upwards, prompting you to pair the AirTag.

Q) Is the AirTag merely compatible with iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 and Apple devices with U1 chip?

A) No, the AirTag is compatible with all iPhones and iPad running iOS 14.5 or college. On iPhone 11 and newer with the U1 fleck, yous volition get the Precision Finding feature that uses the U1 scrap to offer the precise indoor location of the AirTag.

Q) How tin can one find lost AirTag?

A) You accept to use the Find My app on your iPhone to find lost AirTag. Depending on whether your iPhone is in range of the AirTag or not, there are 2 ways to notice it. An AirTag that is asunder from an iPhone for over three days volition emit a sound so you can observe it easily.

If the AirTag is in range of your iPhone, you lot can use the Precision Finding feature in the Observe My app to find its verbal location. Apple tree claims AirTag offers a range of 30ft, simply this will depend on many other factors.

Find AirTag

Q) How to find an AirTag that is offline?

A) An AirTag goes offline when information technology is not well-nigh the paired iPhone. Nevertheless, by leveraging the Find My device network, a lost AirTag can still relay its location to Apple tree’southward servers so y’all can discover it using the Find My app.

Below is how Apple explains the procedure:

Your AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth point that tin can be detected by nearby devices in the Observe My network. These devices ship the location of your AirTag to iCloud — then you lot can get to the Discover My app and run across information technology on a map. The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy. And itʼs efficient, so thereʼs no demand to worry about battery life or data usage.

Q) Is this safe? Will my or AirTag location exist visible to other devices?

A) No, even when the AirTag relays its location using other iPhones and Apple devices, it will not reveal its or your location to anybody else. The entire procedure is encrypted, and Apple tree frequently changes the Bluetooth identifier of the AirTag for privacy and safety reasons.

Q) What happens if someone else finds my lost AirTag?

A) If you cannot detect your AirTag, y’all can put it in Lost fashion and requite a contact number and bulletin. Then, if someone else finds an AirTag, they can bring their iPhone close to it, and the contact information along with that AirTag’s serial information will evidence up. Android devices tin can also read lost AirTag past borer it to the back of their device.

Q) How many AirTag can you link to ane Apple business relationship?

A) Apple tree allows upwardly to xvi AirTags to exist linked to one Apple account.

The Best AirTag Features You Should Know

Q) Can you apply AirTag with an Android device?

A) No. AirTag is non compatible with Android devices. Nevertheless, Android devices tin can read lost AirTags.

Q) Can your share your AirTag with your family members?

A) Yes and no. Using Family Sharing, you can prevent AirTag from showing up on the iPhone of your family members.

Q) Can you share your AirTag with your friends who are non a role of your family sharing group?

A) Yes, y’all can do so. Merely make certain to disable the tracking notification temporarily from the Find My app earlier handing them the AirTag.

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