Ajax Smart Home Alarm Review: Comprehensive home protection

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Thanks to its huge array of sensors and support for large numbers of devices, the Ajax Smart Home Alarm (Jeweller) is 1 of the well-nigh comprehensive alarm systems bachelor. Information technology’s also one of the more than complex ones. Professional installation and monitoring make sense, but y’all’ll need to practice your research first to find the best third-party company to manage your alert. Once installed, this highly configurable and robust alarm system is 1 of the all-time.


  • Huge range of sensors
  • Supports very large installations
  • Congenital to be robust
  • Highly configurable


  • A fiddling disruptive to set
  • You need to enquiry installers and monitoring companies

Key Features

  • Alarm type
    You tin can install this alert yourself, but there’s a huge range of installers to choose from if y’all want the chore done professionally


For a long while, at that place weren’t many smart warning systems available in the UK. Notwithstanding, that has changed recently and they’re coming thick and fast at present. The Ajax Smart Dwelling Alarm arrangement is one of the most comprehensive to hit these shores, with a huge pick of sensors and monitoring options. It’southward also professional grade 2 alarm system, designed to resist attackers with specialist equipment.

Information technology does feel a little more ‘techy’ than the competition, and there’s a lack of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa skills. In add-on, while professional monitoring and installation is available, these are merely through third parties that y’all need to contact yourself.

Design and Installation

  • Quick to pair
  • Tonnes of sensors available

Most smart alarm systems cover simply the basics, with window/door and motion sensors bachelor. Ajax, of class, has these covered, with standard motion sensors and window/door sensors costing around £44 each. That’s a fiddling more expensive than the competition.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm window door sensor

In addition, Ajax also sells photographic camera motion sensors (£170) that feature a low-resolution photographic camera unit that allows you lot to encounter what triggered the sensor. I’ve non seen one of these since the Honeywell Home Evohome Security system I reviewed a few years ago.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm motion camera sensor

At that place’s as well a MotionProtect Plus (this doesn’t react to airflow from air-con or fires), MotionProtect Curtain (it only picks up motion within a 15cm line, so is platonic for covering large windows), and CombiProtect (this tin can detect the sound of breaking glass). Sensors are pet-friendly – only be careful where you position them, since an creature climbing on article of furniture in front of a sensor can trigger the alarm.

Then, there’s DoorProtect Plus, which is a window/door sensor that also detects vibration and tilting; and GlassProtect, which is a drinking glass-break detector.

There’s a range of outdoor motion sensors, besides, some cameras (3rd-party model only, for now, that integrate with the system), environmental sensors (burn and leak), and control options, including a keypad and keyfob.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm keypad

At the heart of the arrangement is the main hub, which is battery-backed and connects to your dwelling house network via Ethernet. There are several versions of the hub available, ranging from those with LTE backup to 4G backup. At that place’s also an integrated bombardment that delivers 16 hours of backup in case of power failure.

It’s a very comprehensive set up of accessories to cull from, so, and far more than well-nigh other systems offer. The choice can be overwhelming, so y’all may be better off opting for professional installation via one of Ajax’due south Britain partners. Y’all can detect the list past using the ‘Where to buy’ selection on the Ajax website.

If you do buy privately, and so the system is quite easy to install. Once the hub is registered to your account via the mobile app, you add accessories by scanning their QR codes, grouping them into rooms. All sensors arrive with viscid pads, then they can be stuck to the wall or door frames.

All devices connect via Ajax’s Jeweller protocol, which is a wireless communication protocol that offers high reliability and long-range. Via the hub, you tin connect upwardly to 100 devices, which is a huge number.


  • Slightly confusing remote
  • Lots of configuration options
  • No Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Once y’all’ve installed the system, the principal methods of control are via the keyfob and app. The app’s chief interface apes the keyfob, using the same buttons. I find the buttons slightly disruptive, since they read (clockwise): Arm (a full circle), Disarm (a backwards C), Nighttime style (a circle in a circle) and Panic, which sets the alarm off (an ‘i’ in a circumvolve). It took me quite a while to remember which button did what.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm app arming and disarming

With Nighttime style, you can select which sensors you want active and which you don’t. A typical setup would take all motion sensors turned off and entry sensors downstairs turned on. The app doesn’t brand it particularly easy to achieve this, since there’s no overarching setting for Nighttime mode.

Instead, yous have to get into Devices, select a sensor, choose its Settings and then select whether or non information technology should be armed in Night mode.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm sensor options

Similarly, you lot have to cull each sensor’s entry and exit delays, which give you time, respectively, to disarm the warning in one case you return abode, or leave the business firm. All of this means that it can have a while to get the alarm fine-tuned to working the way you want information technology to.

If yous go for the keypad option, so you tin can set a user code for arming and disarming the arrangement. The keypad has the same slightly confusing icons equally the remote. In addition, it has two rows of them: the acme row shows the electric current status, the bottom row is the buttons to select the mode.

If you lot use the standard keypad lawmaking to arm or disarm, Ajax registers this as from the keypad. However, y’all can set user codes for each user that you lot invite to the system. Confusingly, they accept to enter their user number followed by a star, then their user code (01*1234, for example).

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm keypad options

Ajax has Scenarios in its app, which permit y’all arm or disarm the organization at set up times. This is handy if you always forget to put the alert into Night mode when y’all go to bed. There’s also a Geofence option, which sends reminders to set or disarm your alarm when y’all go out or get dwelling house. That’southward similar to how the Ring Warning’s geofencing works.

Out of the box, Ajax provides free control over the net. If you want to add professional monitoring, you need to sign upwardly with one of Ajax’southward partners. The full listing is available in the app, and yous tin request a quote from them first. Again, this is a little more complicated than with rival systems, such as Abode, where you sign up for monitoring through the company itself.

Information technology may work out better to have the system professionally installed and monitored through 1 visitor. Ajax has told me that prices for professional monitoring typically range between £120 and £600 a twelvemonth, which includes mandatory maintenance. These prices vary since the services offered can be so dissimilar. It’s worth doing the inquiry earlier buying, getting a few quotes to see what is and isn’t included with each company.

Currently, there’s no Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant integration – the onetime of which is the bigger shame. Equally is the example with Ring, for example, you can trigger routines based on the alert state – say, turning down your heating when y’all exit.


  • Arms and disarms quickly
  • Internal siren not that loud

Testing the warning, I found it super-quick to answer to sensors beingness triggered, either starting the entry inaugural or setting off the warning. I didn’t discover the provided internal siren particularly loud, although it does at least permit an intruder know that there’s an alert system on the property.

With MotionCam, when the alert was triggered, information technology recorded three low-resolution photos in the app. These aren’t of peculiarly good quality, but they do at least let yous decide whether the alarm was set up off past an intruder or a pet, assuasive you to accept the appropriate activeness.

Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Alarm alerts and log

In my home, I’ve placed a motility detector in the hallway, which is ordinarily fine. I of my cats likes to stick his caput through the stair rails, though, which oftentimes ends up triggering the sensor. So, knowing that the alert has been set off by the true cat is very helpful.

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Should you purchase it?

For those with larger homes who desire a professional-quality alarm system with a broad option of sensors, this is a groovy selection.

It’s quite expensive, and more than a petty fiddly to configure correctly. If y’all’re in the market for a DIY alarm, then there are cheaper, simpler alternatives available.

Final Thoughts

If yous compare the Ajax Smart Home Alarm to the DIY contest, such as Ring or Domicile, it’south far more than expensive and a lot more complicated. Hither, you have something that goes across DIY systems, and is more in-line with professionally installed alarm units.

In many ways, professional installation and monitoring make sense for this system. What you get here is a huge range of sensors, both security and ecology, which can be fine-tuned to your home. The range on offer, in particular, will make sense for those with large homes.

Think of the Ajax Smart Home Alarm as more of a competitor to a traditional alarm system, such as those fitted by ADT, and you’ll become more of a sense for it plus the added reward of smart control. If you have a larger habitation and want a high-cease alarm arrangement to go with it, this is a great choice. For DIY installation, I’d go with something a piddling simpler to configure.

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Does the Ajax alarm take professional monitoring?

Yes, this is available from several tertiary-party companies.

Does the Ajax warning have bombardment backup?

Yes, the hub’south battery lasts for 16 hours.

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Ajax Jeweller Smart Home Warning





Ajax Jeweller Smart Dwelling house Alarm


Window/door sensor, motion sensor, keyfob, keypad, fume detector, water leak detector

Ethernet, Wi-Fi and RF

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