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Alienware goes superthin with 14-inch gaming laptop

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The chase for the thinnest, lightest gaming laptop continues and Alienware’s newest laptop, the x14 is gunning for the elevation spot. Billed as the company’s thinnest Alienware system to date, the x14 boasts a thickness of only 0.57 inches, putting it in direct competition with the likes of Razer who plays heavily in the thin-and-light gaming laptop infinite. The 14-inch stunner is fix to launch sometime during Q2 2022 and going by the specs, gamers can expect to pay a premium cost for this superlative-of-the-line organization.

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(Image credit: Future)

Embracing Alienware’s Legend 2.0 blueprint, the laptop has a streamlined design with elegant lines and smooth, rounded edges that notwithstanding looks like the futuristic spaceship of several billionaires’ dreams. The chassis is made from CNC aluminum with some magnesium alloy parts. Similar its larger cousins in both the x and m serial line, the x14 is available in Alienware’s Lunar Light stop which boasts a slight pearlescence.

Despite the x14’south slim dimensions, information technology however hosts a full pick of ports yous’d expect from a gaming laptop including 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports, a full USB Blazon-A 3.2 Gen one port, HDM! 2.i, a microSD carte du jour slot and a headset jack. And for security-minded gamers, the organisation has a Windows Hullo IR webcam.


As the name suggests, the Alienware x14 has a fourteen-inch console. The FHD (1920 x 1080) display boasts a 144Hz refresh rate with a 7-millisecond response rate. The x14 is the world’s first laptop to back up Nvidia’due south new G-Sync and Advanced Optimus technologies. For the uninitiated, G-Sync keeps the GPU and brandish refresh charge per unit synchronized while Optimus allows your system to seamlessly switch betwixt integrated and discrete GPUs. This should make for seriously smooth paradigm return which delivers a gorgeous picture with almost no jaggies or input latency.

Alienware x14

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The laptop also supports Dolby Vision and Atmos technology which serves up that attending-grabbing HDR I honey so much. It should likewise audio pretty skillful for a laptop. The notebook also has the company’s ​​ComfortView Plus, a depression bluish low-cal technology to protect confronting center strain. I was impressed with the x14 panel’s vivid color during my brief hands-on as well every bit the Dolby Atmos audio performance. However, my experience was in a somewhat controlled surround and I’m looking forward to seeing how the laptop looks and sounds during gaming and multimedia sessions.


It’s easy to write off a smaller laptop as a weak performer due to size, voltage and cooling restraints. Information technology’d be a mistake to exercise that with the Alienware x14. When it debuts, it volition come with a compensation of spec choices that should satisfy most entry to mid-tier gamer’s tastes. Consumers looking for a chip more oomph should look to the m Serial.

Alienware x14

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For example, the x14 will make use of Intel’southward new 12th Gen Core i7 processors. Yous’ll accept a selection between the i7 12700H and 12800H which are certain to serve upwardly boosts of power and efficiency compared to the previous series. For the GPU, the notebook starts with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU with 4GB of VRAM and maxes out at a RTX 3060 (6GB of VRAM) with a 3050 Ti (4GB of VRAM) in the middle. RAM configurations start 16GB and get upwardly to 32GB while storage ranges between 256GB – 2TB  PCIe NVMe Thou.2 SSDs.


In gild to keep things squeamish and cool, Alienware brings its proprietary Cryo-Tech cooling engineering. However, the visitor has a few new tricks upwardly its sleeve including a new exclusive Element 31 thermal interface material that consists of a Gallium-Silicone matrix. The system also has vapor chamber cooling technology and v unique power states designed to deliver optimal performance and efficiency. Finally, you have Smart Fan control technology that enables each fan the power to speed upwards, deadening down or remain steady independently according to various sensors within the system.

Alienware x14

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It all sounds absurd, simply I’yard definitely looking forward to seeing how information technology all plays out in the existent globe after a v-60 minutes gaming session.

Bottom line

Thin is in and Alienware is skating on the razor’s edge with the new x14. When it launches, it will be ane of the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptops bachelor. Thankfully, the visitor isn’t skimping on the power, offering Intel’s new twelfth Gen processors. However, I wish at that place was an Nvidia 3070 option. Just for now, I’m excited to see how the x14 will fare confronting the competition as the gaming laptop market is a crowded, competitive space with no signs of slowing downwards.

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