Everyone has heard of Minecraft, and millions of people have played it. A bottom-known modpack of the game is Skyblock, where the player spawns on a pocket-size island with everything they need to create their own world. OneBlock Skyblock goes one step farther than that by leaving the actor on a single block, floating in the void.

But from this one block
emerges every other cake

in the game, every bit well as mobs and monsters, leading up to a trip to the Nether, and eventually the Ender Dragon herself. How does then much fun fit into such a small affair, and how do we not die to information technology along the way? Here are some things to know earlier starting your gamble on I Cake.

Updated September 24, 2022, by Rosa Baumgartl: With the feel nosotros’ve been having in Minecraft One Block, we’ve updated this list to include a few more tips and tricks to go the nearly out of OneBlock Skylblock.


What To Expect

The title says it all; one Magical Block in the sky. As you break this block
it immediately replenishes itself
, often as a different block. This volition range from dirt to diamonds, coral to honeycomb, and everything in betwixt. That’s non to say you’ll exist slowly chipping away at random obsidian for the rest of the game if you’re unlucky.

The game is set up into
12 stages
, beginning with some things to get yous started, similar clay and woods, and gravel. It and then moves onto Plains, Underground, Winter, Ocean, Jungle, Swamp, Dungeon, Desert, Nether, Plenty, Desolation, and eventually, the End Portal volition spawn under the Magical Cake. In one case the player has freed the End, the Magical Block volition continue regenerating indefinitely, but now with totally random blocks popping out. The fun never has to finish.


Space Is A Luxury

Minecraft One Block Skyblock Buildings Trees Water

Unlike vanilla Minecraft there is nowhere in this dimension to explore. At that place are no copse to clear or mountains to terraform, and the player must
physically place everything
that they want to exist. That ways having a lot of suitable building blocks to brand your floors out of, and at the beginning those are pretty scarce. Thousand and unnecessary builds will have to wait until tardily game.

Your best bet is wooden planks and lots of them. You’ll realize merely how painfully slowly copse grow when you lot’re literally watching them, waiting for them to popular up to immediately become chopped down. Make sure to give each tree the room it needs to mature and
take hold of whatever saplings
that may fall. A fancy storage area will have to await, every bit you should prioritize keeping up with food production in the beginning few phases.


The Terminate Is Just The Beginning

Minecraft Zombified Piglin Zombie Pigman Gold Farm Nether

Upon collecting the materials for a Nether Portal, you might worry that one time you get to the other side, you’ll be trapped on a tiny isle of lava. Or that if you jump into the End Portal that information technology’ll be you and the Ender Dragon, alone on an End island. However, both of these dimensions are unaltered and are as limitless equally in vanilla Minecraft. All of your favorite biomes can nevertheless exist found in the Nether, too as Fortresses.

End Cities will spawn endlessly; you’ll just demand a lot of blocks to bridge over the gaps until an Elytra is retrieved. If you need actress infinite or don’t fancy farming the cake for a while, so feel free to fix in one of the limitless dimensions instead.


Don’t Kill The Sus scrofa

Minecraft One Block Skyblock Mooshrooms Oak Trees And Chickens And A Pig On Grass Fenced In

Blocks aren’t the only thing to pop up on your footling island. Animals of all sorts volition spring to life and be yours to deal with. In the tutorial section of the game, the player is always
blessed with a pig. It may exist tempting to slaughter it as and so far, at that place’south been no food. Resist the urge, and instead, build it a fiddling platform and include a contend. A lot more farm animals volition turn up in the Plains phase, but that won’t be all.

Later on on, it won’t be so difficult to keep the populations adrift, only until yous’ve got two of each beast on your flight Ark, they need constant supervision equally
they tend to become themselves killed
. And if you get eight phases in and realize at that place hasn’t been another sheep for some time, yous might
regret non crafting a pair of shears
back so.


Foxes And Wolves, Oh My

Minecraft Arctic Fox Digging In Snow In Snowy Taiga Biome Killing Chicken

Yous’re non the just matter looking to end your food supply. Wolves will spawn in packs during the Plains phase and are natural predators of sheep. Players can
fence off the animals

far away from the Magical Block, with nothing touching the fence to permit the wolves to climb over. It’s non a bad idea to build an arena around the Magical Block itself to protect the rest of your isle from what turns up.

Later in the phases, your chickens will exist in trouble, every bit thieving foxes spawn in the Wintertime stage and tin
jump over fences
to ravage your plume supply. Unless you have boats and leads on hand, the best thing to do is impale them every bit soon as they spawn, unfortunately. Or you lot tin wait for some polar bears to spawn and hunt them down slowly.


Uninvited Party Guests

Minecraft Mansion Vex Evoker

You aren’t safety from the Magical Block either, as Monster Parties will begin a few times per stage, spawning a grouping of monsters relative to the theme y’all’re currently in. The Sea stage drops a pile of Drowned on your doorstep and Guardians after on. If you’re very organized, a pit of water can be set up prior to this invasion, and the mobs can be kept as creepy pets.
Beware of the flying tridents,

Similar to raids on villages,
Evokers and Vex can announced too. Prepare for this past crafting a shield equally soon as possible. Having a bow can hateful you can selection off Vex from a distance while out of their aggro range. These parties are always announced with a sinister voice and message, and so go ready.


Wood Is Combustible

Minecraft One Block Skyblock Bee Hives Over Campfire Tulips Oak Trees Player Holding Diamond Pickaxe

Speaking of Monster Parties, the Nether stage is a particular problem when it comes to this. When everything you’ve worked so difficult to produce is flammable, and some Blaze spawns, information technology’s a game-ending combination.

The best communication is to
build a flameproof arena
effectually the Magical Block when the Nether stage approaches. A edifice with enough space for a Ghast to show upwardly, but made from stone or something like. Brand certain there’s an easy way to get out in an emergency, and shut it off behind yous. Have
flame-resistant gaps
betwixt areas of your island to stop fire from spreading if there’southward an blow, and keep a bucket of h2o on hand to dump across the flooring.


The Edge Is Your Friend…

Minecraft One Block Skyblock Wooden Farm Cows Pigs Sheep

A great way to rid yourself of malicious guests is to simply
knock them into the void
. Enemies much bigger than yourself (and better equipped) can be speedily dealt with this way. Having a hole into the nothingness beneath is a good strategy for when something arrives, and y’all’re grossly underprepared. Be sure to stand facing the hole of doom to knock back enemies into it and non fall yourself.

Elytra will be obtainable,
and then outset farming plenty of Sugarcane early for rockets, pregnant the edge will no longer be a danger to you.


…But Then Is Emergency Water

inecraft One Block Skyblock Farms Waterfall Sugar Cane Aerial View

And so, yous’ve walked off of the edge of your floating space island, or maybe an unexpected Creeper blew upward behind y’all, and
you’re costless-falling into the chasm. A smashing way to salve yourself side by side time is to brand an space h2o source using three buckets of water so waterlog the blocks on the edges of your island. By pouring water onto a slab,
a waterfall will form
under it for hundreds of blocks downwardly.

Exercise this at random points throughout your floor plan, and regardless of how you stop upwards in the void you should always be able to skydive towards a waterfall and swim support to prophylactic. Later in the game, having lots of these streams may be unnecessary equally you lot’ll likely have multiple floors.


Monsters Are Necessary

Minecraft Mob Farm Creeper Zombie

You lot may be tempted to calorie-free upwards every inch of the globe with torches to proceed you and your animals safe at nighttime. However, you’re going to miss out on some serious loot and experience if you lot don’t build a mob farm. Information technology should be far plenty away (up to 120 blocks) from the Magical Cake that monsters will still spawn, merely without the sound of their moaning getting abrasive in your everyday life.

Mob farms usually require a lot of Cobblestone and woods, so stock upwardly. The items that tin can driblet include armor, full iron ingots, carrots, potatoes,
enchanted weaponry, and precious gunpowder. You’ll need stacks of this for firework rockets later on.


Everything Is Renewable

Minecraft One Block Skyblock Diamond Ore Turtle Pickaxe Modded

In the beginning, materials are precious and limited. One mistake and you will make the game a lot more than difficult. Only, as long equally you can make it past the Enderdragon phase, the game is technically indefinite. The Magical Block no longer has stages, and the social club of blocks isn’t preset. Benevolent Chests will pop up randomly and could offer anything from
a bucket of lava to a turtle egg

If you accidentally lose something rare and are prepare to delete the game, remember it’s possible to pop back up again in the tardily game.
The Magical Block e’er provides.


Try One Block Skyblock Reborn 1.19

minecraft 1.19

There accept been a lot of changes to Minecraft since the version original One Block Skyblock was released. You might feel the Nether is lacking dorsum in 1.16, or y’all may be missing your new Axolotl and Frog friends. Worry not, an updated version has been created, providing the new blocks and Tadpoles in Chests, Azaelea Bushes, Mangrove Copse, and a chance to fight the Warden.

You can find the link to download this version, which can exist installed the same manner as the original map. New trials and tribulations volition surely arise with all these new blocks, but as long as you remember to flood your edges and fireproof your home, you tin can always respawn and try over again.

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