Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Review

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The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a solid device, especially for Android users who don’t desire to spend big on a new smartwatch.


  • Attractive
  • A week’s worth of battery life
  • Easy to use, with improving software


  • Some buggy fitness tracking
  • Slim pickings from new app store
  • Eye rate monitor accuracy


  • Great britain
    RRP: £179
  • U.s.a.
    RRP: $229

Key Features

  • Compatibility
    Works with Android and iOS

  • Display
    ane.45-inch AMOLED touchscreen


The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is an upgraded version of Zepp’south GTR 3 smartwatch, offer a similar circular sentry blueprint with extras that make it more smartwatch-like than its non-Pro namesake.

It also sees the introduction of Zepp’s new smartwatch operating system, which seeks to bring apps and a bigger stash of spotter faces to the table, hopefully with the help of some developers in the future to get that new shop chock with content.

The cost tag makes the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro cheaper than a lot of large-name smartwatches similar the Apple tree Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Sentry 4, with Zepp aiming to offering similar features for less.

Blueprint and Screen

  • High-quality AMOLED touchscreen for the toll
  • Available in two looks
  • Adds new rotating crown
  • 22mm interchangeable straps

Zepp has switched things up with the GTR iii Pro compared to the GTR 2. Out goes the all-black look and in comes a more classic watch case and strap options.

What remains is the 46mm size case. It’due south fabricated from aluminium and paired with 22mm interchangeable sentinel straps that use a pin mechanism to release them from the sentinel’south body, with archetype buckles to continue them in place. A 5ATM water-resistant rating ways this device can exist submerged in water up to 50 metres and is therefore fine to be worn swimming and in the shower.

At 32g, the watch is past no means a heavyweight on the wrist. At 10.7mm thick information technology isn’t bulky either, matching the Apple Spotter Series seven for thickness. Nevertheless, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro’due south design and feel do suggest it’s more geared towards men.

At that place are two example color options: one matches up with a brownish leather strap, while the other pairs up with a more exercise-friendly fluoroelastomer strap. The case features 2 concrete buttons; with the one to a higher place inspired by a traditional sentry crown that rotates to let you roll through screens.

Those buttons sit down around a touchscreen display that is bigger than the screens packed onto the Amazfit GTR 3 and the GTR two watches. It’due south a 1.45-inch, 480 10 480 AMOLED with a 331ppi pixel density. Note that this is a screen that yous can keep on all day and night, and it uses tempered drinking glass to add an extra layer of durability.

Zepp’s touchscreen displays have been a existent highlight on its GTR and GTS watches, and yous get more of the same here on the Pro. Information technology’due south nicely bright to view indoors and outdoors and helps elevate the whole look and experience of this watch.

It’s hard to really error the GTR 3 Pro from an aesthetics indicate of view. The GTR ii looked slick, and while the Pro seems to accept taken a side pace from that look, I’d say information technology even so delivers something super-smart and fashionable.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro back

Features and Performance

  • Zepp OS adds app shop
  • Two smart administration
  • Bluetooth-enabled telephone calls

The first aspect to appeal about the Pro 3 is that information technology’south a smartwatch that works with both Android phones and iPhones, and you tin await largely the same experience with both.

Set up-up is via Zepp’s companion app, which has been given a facelift in places. On the scout itself, information technology’south easy to get to grips with the operation. You have a simple gesture-based UI to negotiate – and you have not one, but two smart assistants to provide the option of easily-costless control.

The Pro sees the inflow of Zepp OS, a new smartwatch operating organization that most notably introduces an app store to Amazfit watches for the very start time. If you’re expecting something on the level of the Apple tree App Store, though, sadly this isn’t the case.

Currently only attainable via the Zepp telephone app, at that place are less than 20 apps in the store, with no big names to catch the centre (yet). Most are fettle and health-focused – but if y’all’re thinking you’ll find Nike, Strava and the similar, it isn’t articulate when, or if, they’ll make an appearance.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro on wrist

Back to those core smartwatch features. Of the two smart assistants, Amazon Alexa works in much the same way as it does on Fitbit’s Versa 3 smartwatch. You can talk into the onboard mic to ask question and answers are displayed. Zepp also includes its own offline voice banana, to assist you control core features such as checking weather and activity tracking stats – and information technology works surprisingly well.

Notifications support remains like to what we’ve seen on previous Amazfit watches. Notifications aren’t actionable, but announced promptly and are nicely displayed on the touchscreen panel. However, unlike other smartwatches, the Amazfit doesn’t pull in all the elements (images, for case) of messages, prompting yous to pick up your phone instead.

In terms of music, you lot can control music playing on your smartphone or yous tin can ditch your phone and put music onto the watch instead. There’s 2.3GB of storage here, although you’ll need to ain that music to transfer information technology over to the lookout man.

It’s possible to make calls with the Amazfit when it’s paired to your phone via Bluetooth. In that location’due south no LTE connectivity option here nor does this lookout man include any sort of payment support, of the type you’d observe on Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches around this toll.

Fitness Tracking

  • 150+ sports modes
  • Heart rate monitoring accuracy isn’t fantastic
  • New PeakBeats preparation insights are a overnice addition

The GTR Pro 3 certainly doesn’t have a shortage of features for tracking exercises such as runs and swims, motivating you lot to continue moving during the day, or insights into your general health. However, how successful it is at all those things is a pretty mixed experience.

The Amazfit includes the standard accelerometer and gyroscope motility sensors to take care of 24/7 activeness tracking, every bit well equally enabling sleep and nap monitoring. You get a barometric altimeter to measure out top, and there’s now a temperature sensor to monitor skin temperature changes – although I tin’t say it’due south hugely reliable based on my experience.

In that location’south Zepp’southward BioTracker three.0 optical biometric sensor, which is tasked with delivering reliable heart rate monitoring throughout the day and night, also as through workouts. It’s key to powering the PAI Health Assessment scores, stress monitoring and the new PeakBeats training insights. These include data on how often you’re training, your current level of fitness, and suggesting recommended recovery time. It’s this sensor that’s responsible for delivering blood oxygen measurements, whether on the spot or continuous monitoring.

Zepp is also calculation a new 1-tap measurement feature that lets you run into current heart charge per unit, stress, animate rate and claret oxygen from a 45-second measurement. It isn’t a unique characteristic, simply it does seek to offering a window into your current state of wellness.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro on wrist

In Sports Scout mode, there’s support for GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BDS and QZSS satellite systems to accurately track outdoor workouts. There are over 150 sports modes roofing the core and the niche. A fan of Muay Thai? Y’all’re covered. Just don’t expect this watch to track your moves on the mat or your home gym. It sticks to heart charge per unit and workout duration for modes outside or running, cycling, pond and some indoor workouts.  On top of those manual tracking modes, there’s automatic exercising tracking for a scattering of those modes including indoor rowing, running, walking and puddle swimming.

Every bit a fettle tracker, the Pro 3 performed well, merely there were days and nights when stride and sleep data threw up some questionable stats. It seems to have settled downwards a fleck on this front, merely there are definitely some odd quirks here. It was more than of an issue with sleep, where some nights weren’t recorded at all, or just a portion of slumber was recorded.

If you lot’re turning to this smartwatch to monitor heart rate, I’d say don’t await astonishing results. I found that during the solar day, my middle rate appeared to lucifer the real-fourth dimension monitoring on a Fitbit and Garmin tracker. Nevertheless, for exercise the device struggled, much similar the majority of optical sensors handling high-intensity workouts, oftentimes recorded significantly higher average and maximum readings compared to a chest strap monitor. This then throws a huge question mark over the reliability of the other insights that heart rate powers, such as stress monitoring and PAI scores.

Things do ameliorate a scrap for sports tracking. Using it for activities such as running, pool swimming, indoor rowing and sweat-busting HIIT home workouts, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro offered good outdoor running distance accuracy – but core metrics were generally slightly off from a Garmin. The new PeakBeats training insights are nifty to encounter; but, ultimately, information technology didn’t feel hugely in tune with my preparation, nor the recommendations it made for me.

I feel near the GTR iii Pro’southward sports and fettle prowess much similar I feel about Fitbit’southward functioning on this front. While information technology offers features for the hardcore workout fiends, it doesn’t quite deliver on that front. I’d say that Fitbit offers greater reliability in terms of core fettle tracking, and the software experience through the sentinel is better, even if you’re now having to pay for the features included through its app.

Bombardment life

  • Good for a week of smartwatch and sports-tracking fourth dimension
  • Maximum battery time up to thirty days
  • Offers strong GPS bombardment life

While smartwatches such every bit the Apple tree Watch and the Samsung Milky way Watch languish on just a day – or a couple of days at most – of bombardment life, the GTR 3 Pro promises (and delivers) a much longer flow away from a charger.

Ultimately, I’d say it lasts around a week, depending on the level of monitoring you accept engaged. This is considering features such as continuous center rate and SpO2 monitoring or setting the screen to always-on mode volition take an impact on battery life.

Zepp breaks downwards its battery numbers to typical and heavy utilize. There’due south as well a battery saver mode, which delivers a maximum of 30 days. In typical use, the Pro can muster upward 12 days of bombardment life and that drops to half-dozen days in heavy apply.

I’d say with notification support turned on, tracking a workout iii-4 times a calendar week and features such as continuous heart charge per unit monitoring turned on, I plant that I was able to get through just about a week. That’s a good showing in my book, but not a vast improvement on the GTR 2.

For charging, Zepp uses a small blackness charging cradle – seen with previous Amazfit watches – that magnetically clips onto the dorsum of the watch. Information technology isn’t the about secure cradle I’ve used on a smartwatch, then keep it clear of whatever objects on your table that could potentially knock it out of place.

When you striking 0% battery, the Pro takes around two hours to get back up to full power. There’due south no quick-charging facility of the type you lot get on Apple’s latest and the Fitbit Versa 3 here.

Latest deals

Should you buy it?

If you’re on a budget
For a smartwatch that costs under £200, the GTR 3 Pro definitely offers a lot for that coin. Information technology’south easy to become to grips with, making it an ideal first smartwatch.

Y’all want the best smartwatch experience
While the GTR 3 Pro offers a lot of the cadre smartwatch staples, yous can find alternatives out at that place with amend app support and richer communication features.

Final Thoughts

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is an affordable, well-designed smartwatch that crams in plenty of features for the money. Information technology doesn’t deliver the best smartwatch feel effectually, and you’ll take to live with some software quirks. For the cost, though, information technology remains a solid option, peculiarly for Android users who don’t desire to spend big on a new smartwatch.

How we exam

We thoroughly test every smartwatch we review. Nosotros use industry standard testing to compare features properly and nosotros use the watch as our main device over the review catamenia. We’ll always tell you what we find and we never, ever, accept money to review a product.

Worn as our master smartwatch during the testing period

Heart charge per unit data compared against dedicated heart charge per unit devices

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Does the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro have Clothing Bone 3?

No, this picket runs its own software.

Does the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro work with iPhone?

Aye, this watch is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Is there a music player?

There is a music player included on this watch.

Total specs


United states of america RRP


Screen Size

IP rating


Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

First Reviewed Engagement


Amazfit GTR three Pro




1.45 inches



iv.6 x 4.six x 1 CM

57 G





Jargon buster


The unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure, used in the context of understanding how far a device tin can exist submerged into a trunk of h2o. For reference, 1ATM is equal to roughly ten metres.


An culling to GPS that was originally developed in Russian federation. In the absenteeism of GPS, some smartwatches can utilise the GLONASS framework to determine a user’south location.


An abridgement of the Global Positioning System, which uses satellite communication to pinpoint your location. Some smartwatches are able to achieve this communication without the use of a smartphone.


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