Amazon Basics Alkaline AA Review: Cheap and powerful

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Upkeep batteries accept a poor reputation, merely the Amazon Nuts Alkali metal AA fight back. These batteries offer excellent performance, particularly in my high-drain tests, displaying quality y’all’d expect from bigger names. A low toll and option to buy these batteries in huge quantities makes these some of the best batteries yous can buy.


  • High capacity
  • Perform well under high loads
  • Excellent value


  • Amazon doesn’t quote detailed specs


  • United kingdom
    RRP: £3.99

Fundamental Features

  • Battery type
    Alkaline AA (not-rechargeable) batteries.


Budget bombardment brands are always something that I’ve avoided in the past, considering in my experience you terminate up with poor quality batteries that don’t terminal long. The Amazon Nuts Alkaline AA are dissimilar. Yes, they’re cheap, only they offer splendid value. They’re available in a huge range of sizes, right upward to 100 batteries – and, chiefly, they perform brilliantly.

According to Amazon, the batteries come up with a 10-year shelf life, an air- and liquid-tight seal, and they’re built to embrace a wide range of tasks, from depression-drain (remotes and the like) to loftier-bleed (lights and so on).

Amazon Basics Alkaline AA one battery lying down


  • Excellent and even performance from all batteries
  • High capacity
  • Excellent high-bleed performance

Amazon doesn’t quote whatsoever battery life figures for its batteries, simply stating that these batteries evangelize “the amount of power needed for a specific device; ideal for game controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, and more”. That’s really what all batteries practice. Then, on to the tests.

To test batteries, I employ an Ansmann Energy XC3000, which has a drain test operating at 600mA (+/- 20%). I bought a gear up of the Amazon Basics Alkali metal AA and and so picked four random batteries from the box for testing.

Running the examination until the batteries registered 0.94V, the Amazon Basics Alkali metal AA batteries averaged 1376mAh – the 2nd-highest result I’ve seen. Impressively, all four batteries put in similar results, with little variance between them.

I leave alkaline batteries to rest for a few hours, allowing them to cool down, before re-testing to encounter if there’south whatever residual chapters. On a second drain, I got an additional 219mAh, which makes for a full tested chapters of 1595mAh in my exam – and puts these batteries second overall.

Note that overall capacity does vary based on load, so these batteries would probable have higher chapters if tested under a lower load. The overall load shown here should demonstrate that these batteries will last a skillful amount of time in lower-drain items, such every bit remote controls.

Amazon Basics Alkaline AA performance graph

I tested the starting voltage, too. On boilerplate, the batteries were 1.52V, which is slightly above the i.5V basic starting signal that I’d await from alkaline batteries. Of course, voltage drops off every bit the batteries drain.

Latest deals

Should you buy information technology?

If yous want cheap batteries that excel for more intensive loads, then these offer bright value.

You tin buy higher overall chapters batteries that may prove better for a range of jobs.

Final Thoughts

They might be some of the cheapest batteries y’all tin can buy but, in my tests, the Amazon Basics Alkaline AA are some of the all-time. They have the second-highest total chapters, after the GP Ultra AA batteries, but the highest initial drain capacity. On that ground, these are the batteries to become for more intensive tasks, such as games controllers and lights; but the GP Ultra are my pinnacle choice if you desire batteries for a multitude of jobs.

How we test

Unlike other sites, we test every alkali metal battery we review thoroughly over an extended catamenia of fourth dimension. Nosotros use standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we observe. We never, ever, accept money to review a product.

Find out more well-nigh how we test in our ethics policy.

We use an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, and so that we can test chapters in mAh. After the first run, we allow the batteries to cool and then retest to give usa a second reading.

Nosotros measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at least 1.5V.

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