Amazon Basics Alkaline AAA review: Low cost, high capacity

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These may not be large-name branded batteries, but the Amazon Nuts Alkaline AAA are splendid performers. Scoring extremely well in my high-drain tests, the overall high-capacity of these batteries demonstrates that they would piece of work well for lower-drain uses, too, such as in remote controls. Available in a wide range of pack sizes and at superb prices, these are a top buy.


  • Splendid high-drain performance
  • Loftier chapters
  • Depression price

Cardinal Features

  • Battery type
    Alkaline AAA (not-rechargeable) batteries


The majority of budget batteries don’t have a very proficient reputation for performance, but the Amazon Basics line has proved itself to exist able to compete with the big names. In my tests, the Amazon Basics Alkaline metal AA batteries proved their worth, and the smaller Amazon Nuts Alkaline AAA are just every bit good.

Loftier chapters, low price and with good results in my drain tests, these are splendid batteries for all jobs.

Amazon Basics Alkaline AAA one battery lying down


  • Performs brilliantly in high-drain test
  • High overall capacity

Equally with its other batteries, Amazon doesn’t provide any detailed functioning or spec data for the Amazon Nuts Alkaline metal AAA batteries. All the company says is that the batteries have a 10-yr shelf life (pretty standard for alkaline metal batteries) and that they’re suitable for all jobs, covering loftier drain, such as in torches, and low drain for items such as remote controls. Amazon also says that its batteries are built to foreclose leakage during storage.

To test functioning I use an Ansmann Energy XC3000, running its drain test, which operates at 600mA (+/-xx%). This is a relatively high-bleed task. I bought a fix of Amazon Basics Alkaline AAA batteries and picked four at random from the box for testing. I checked their starting voltage, which was 1.5V – which is spot on for a set of alkaline batteries.

Next, I completed the showtime drain exam, which saw the batteries achieve, on average, a capacity of 560mAh – that’s the all-time effect out of all the AAA batteries that I’ve tested.

Next, I permit the batteries cool down for a few hours so repeated the examination to run across if there was any charge left. This second test returned an boilerplate of 25mAh, for a total overall capacity of 585mAh – the second-highest overall.

Amazon Basics Alkaline AAA performance graph

What these results prove is that the Amazon Basics Alkaline metal AAA  batteries tin can exist efficiently tuckered at high load, yet the overall loftier capacity makes them a skilful option for low-drain uses, too, such as in remote controls.

Latest deals

The Amazon Basics Alkaline AAA are available in packs of 8, 12, 20, 48 or 100. Prices range from effectually 75p per bombardment down to effectually 30p per battery. I’ve listed the price for the 12-pack (around 58p per battery), since information technology gives a skillful balance betwixt the overall cost and the number of batteries.

Should you purchase it?

If you want high-performing batteries for all types of utilize, these upkeep AAA batteries are a brilliant option.

Overall tested capacity isn’t the highest, and then for low-bleed uses where y’all want the longest life, you may want to await elsewhere.

Last Thoughts

These are some of the cheapest AAA batteries available, yet they returned the all-time operation with the highest overall capacity in my initial drain exam, and second overall for total capacity. Given that these batteries can cope well with all types of employ, in that location’due south petty reason to look elsewhere, particularly equally you can purchase them in multiple pack sizes to suit your needs.

How nosotros examination

Unlike other sites, we examination every alkaline battery we review thoroughly over an extended period of fourth dimension. We use standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell y’all what we find. We never, always, accept money to review a production.

Detect out more about how we test in our ethics policy.

We apply an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to bleed batteries, so that we can test capacity in mAh. Later on the first run, nosotros allow the batteries to absurd and and so retest to give the states a 2d reading.

Nosotros measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at to the lowest degree ane.5V.

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