Amazon Echo Show 15 Review : The heart of your home?

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That new large display and the fashion the Amazon Echo Show 15 uses widgets are splendid, equally are the options to wall- or stand-mountain. Every bit the centrepiece to a kitchen, acting every bit a family unit hub, this larger Echo Show could find a place in many homes. Even so, for all that it brings extra, sound quality isn’t as skilful every bit the older models, nor is the webcam. At this price, the smaller Echo Show 10 is a better and more versatile smart brandish for most people.


  • Widgets add together useful extra features
  • New, larger display is splendid
  • Wall or optional desk mount


  • Audio is lacking
  • Bones webcam


  • UK
    RRP: £239.99
  • USA
    RRP: $238.99

Central Features

  • Screen size
    This smart display has a fifteen-inch screen, the largest in the Echo Show line-up.

  • Streaming
    You tin spotter Netflix or Amazon Prime Video natively, plus play music from Amazon, Spotify or Apple Music.


The Repeat Testify range kickstarted the need for smart displays, showing that adding a screen really does add some other dimension to smart interactions. All of the existing devices are actually personal devices, designed to sit on a desk or countertop, but the new Amazon Echo Show 15 is unlike.

Built to be wall-mounted (or attached to an optional stand), this larger fifteen.six-inch Echo Show is designed to be a central hub, with shared family unit calendars, gluey notes and new widgets. And, with its 1080p resolution, Amazon is pitching this equally a Tv replacement, likewise.

The new interface is nifty, and I dearest using the larger display, but audio quality is below what you get on the Echo Show x and this new model doesn’t quite experience every bit essential.

Pattern and build quality

  • Wall mount included in the box
  • Picture-frame style design
  • Doesn’t stand up by itself

All previous Echo Testify devices have been freestanding models that you plonk on a desk. Not so with the Repeat Evidence xv, which comes in a picture-frame class gene that makes this device look more like the Netgear Meural Photo Frame. That’s no bad thing, with the blackness frame and white internal mount, the Echo Show 15 looks great.

Besides sparse to stand up by itself, the Repeat Show 15 ships with a wall bracket, although you can purchase an optional tilting desktop correspond £29.99, with additional mounts to come in the future.

Y’all can mount the display in portrait mode or landscape mode; I quite like portrait mode, although this does make information technology impractical for watching films.

Amazon Echo Show 15 portrait

Concrete controls are similar to other contempo Echo Show devices. There’s a concrete slider to cover the webcam, plus a mute push that turns off the camera and microphones, plus volume controls.

Amazon Echo Show 15 controls


  • Does what all other Alexa speakers do
  • Visual ID uses the camera to identify the user
  • Clever new widgets

As a bear on-screen device, the Echo Evidence 15 can be connected to Wi-Fi and your Amazon account without touching the app. That makes this device very fast to ready up and get working. One time connected, it does all of the things that the other Echo speakers do, from telling you almost the weather, answering full general questions and controlling smart devices.

Thank you to the display, you go more information than with a vocalization-just speaker, such as a visual brandish of the atmospheric condition over the next week or on-screen controls to tweak the smart home command you issued (for example, if you turn on a light, y’all can adjust the brightness with your manus). My guide to Alexa goes into more than item, then hither I’ll focus on what’due south new.

Widgets are a big addition. With the larger 15.half-dozen-inch display, there’due south now more real estate for customisable information. Amazon is allowing third-party developers to create their own widgets merely, for now, in that location’s a choice of 12 to option from.

Using the Widget Gallery, you tin pick what you lot want on the domicile page, such equally your shopping list, calendar events or recently played music. In that location’s a Smart Homes Favourites pick, besides, which pulls in your favourite devices that you fix in the Alexa app. This gives you quick access to your about commonly-used devices, but I’d like to come across more granularity and have favourites per group.

Amazon Echo Show 15 widgets

When I’yard in the kitchen, you lot see, I want quick access to those lights and the thermostat; when I’1000 in the living room, I’d only desire to see devices at that place.

Amazon Echo Show 15 sticky note

Sticky Notes are a new improver, letting anyone in the business firm exit a note for other people. This is function of Amazon’s goal of making the Echo Testify 15 a central role of the house. You can too accept a shared calendar.

Part of using an Echo device has e’er been well-nigh personalisation. Alexa has always been able to detect voices and then give personalised results, but this model adds Visual ID, using the camera to detect who’s looking at the screen in a similar way to Apple’s FaceID.

Visual ID is entirely optional and all of the processing is handled on the device; buy a second Repeat Show 15 and you’d have to run through the same registration procedure to get the display to recognise you. Visual ID will be coming to the Repeat Show 10 and Echo Prove 8 in the nearly future.

This device has a 5MP webcam for video calls, a distinct step down from the 13MP cameras in the Echo Show 10 and Echo Evidence 8 models. It’s fine for the occasional video telephone call, but for a meliorate feel, the Echo Show 10 and its motorised base that tracks and follows is the improve choice.

Amazon Echo Show 15 camera shutter

Via the Amazon Alexa app, you can view the live view through the Repeat Show 15’s camera, and talk to anyone that you tin see. Information technology’southward a handy trick to see what’s going on in your dwelling, but with no recording, this option doesn’t replace a dedicated security camera.

Amazon Echo Show 15 app webcam view

Sound quality

  • Lacks bass
  • Loud but doesn’t accept the range of the other Echo smart displays

I’ve always found the Repeat Show displays amidst the all-time for sound quality, with their relatively big cases capable of excellent bass. With the thinner body hither, the Repeat Show fifteen is something of a step backwards.

There’s very little bass on offer. Using OK Go’due south bass-heavy This Too Shall Pass, I didn’t get the full affect of the song and it sounded a little flat. Likewise, Rage Confronting the Automobile’s Bombtrack doesn’t kick in with the bear upon that I’d expect.

There’s a good amount of stereo separation thanks to the width of the display and the dual 1.6-inch full drivers. Play Enough Space by the Foo Fighters, and the opening guitars do sound like they’re swirling effectually you lot.

The Echo Evidence 15 is capable of going loud, filling even a big room with sound. Information technology lacks precision and subtlety. Play Hurt past Johnny Cash, and the track tends to merge in the mid-tones, and I couldn’t pick up the subtle sounds of Greenbacks’s fingers sliding up and down the strings.

If you want a smart brandish that’s proficient for music, the Echo Prove ten or even Echo Testify 8 sound better.

Video quality

  • Bright and precipitous screen
  • Handles reflections well

Having a larger brandish is bright, and not only for the interface. With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video available (there’due south no Disney+ but yet and YouTube is accessible through the clunky spider web browse), this screen is far better for watching video than on the Echo Testify 10, while the smaller smart displays are, well, likewise small.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Netflix

It’due south a quality display, too. Dainty blacks, rich colours and expert contrast mean that you can scout anything on this, in pretty much any lighting condition. For TV and films, the audio quality isn’t such an event: the Echo Bear witness 15 is loud plenty to hear conspicuously, even if a little more bass would be nice.

For smaller kitchens, the Echo Evidence 15 could certainly take the place of a TV, although the number of services is a picayune limiting and you don’t get live TV. An HDMI input could have gone a long way here.

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Should yous purchase it?

If you lot desire a larger screen and an Echo Show that you can wall mount, this model offers something different to the others in the range.

If you want the best sound quality, so other Repeat Prove models are better; and, if you lot want something cheaper, the Echo Prove eight makes more sense.

Final Thoughts

Available for the same price as the Echo Testify 10, this larger model is well priced. For some, the wall mountain selection that keeps the smart display out of the style will be the correct option. Plus, the new interface and widgets give this brandish a feeling of something new, and I love the larger display.

Yet, for all that’s good, the webcam is a pace backwards and sound is a little defective. If you’ve got counter space, I retrieve that the Echo Prove ten is a the better option at this price, while the Repeat Show 8 remains the best value smart display.

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Does the Amazon Echo Show 15 have a touchscreen?

Yeah it does, y’all can employ this for on-screen control, such as selecting what to watch or decision-making smart devices.

Can you put the Repeat Show 15 on a desk or table?

Yes, but y’all will need to purchase the optional tilt stand (£29.99).

Does the Echo Show 15 work with the Ring Doorbell?

Yes, if someone rings your doorbell, you lot’ll exist able to see them on the Echo Show 15 and yous tin answer the door by borer the on-screen answer button.

Full specs


The states RRP


Screen Size

Forepart Camera

Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

First Reviewed Engagement

Model Number


Vox Banana

Touch Screen

Smart assistants


Power source


Number of speakers

Amazon Echo Show 15




15.6 inches


402 x 35 x 252 MM

2.two KG




Repeat Show 15

1919 x 1080

Amazon Alexa



Webcam shutter, mute, volume


802.11ac Wi-Fi

2x one.6-inch total-range drivers


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