Amazon Echo Show 15 vs Echo Show 10

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With its rapidly expanding range of smart displays, there’s at present a massive option of Echo Show devices to choose from, including 2 high-end models. Here, I’ll pit the Amazon Echo Show 15 vs Echo Testify 10 (3rd Generation), both of which cost the same, to help you discover the right model for your needs.


Previously all Echo Show devices have been similar, bar screen size. That is, they were all smart displays that could stand up by themselves. Both of these products vary from this standard a little.

While the Echo Show 10 still stands on a desk, it’southward no longer a wedge-shape, with a circular base of operations that looks like a subwoofer. This is actually a motorised stand up, and the screen tin can turn a full 360-degrees, allowing the tablet to turn to face you lot. This pattern takes upward a little more desk space than the previous-generation Echo Show x did. You can buy the Echo Show 10 in both charcoal and white.

Every bit you can tell from the name, this device has a 10.1-inch display, which was previously the largest you could get in an Echo Evidence.

The Echo Testify 15 is the new big-screen device, with a fifteen.6-inch display. It’southward mounted inside a much thinner case (just 35mm thick), with the smart display looking more similar a photo frame than a traditional smart speaker. Indeed, this smart display is designed to be hung on a wall and comes with the mounting subclass in the box.

Amazon Echo Show 15 rear

If you practise want to put the Echo Show 15 on a desk, and then you lot’ll need to buy the optional tilt stand (some other £29.99). Of form, it takes up a lot more infinite than the other Echo Prove models. You can only buy the Repeat Show 15 in the 1 color.


As both smart displays use Amazon Alexa, they take the aforementioned core features. That is, Alexa can respond questions and command your smart devices when you speak to it. Both smart displays accept touch controls, too. For instance, ask Alexa to turn on a lite and you’ll get the option to adjust brightness on screen.

So far, the feel is the same, but at that place are some cardinal differences in the ways that the products work. The Echo Show 15 has a brand new interface, which uses Widgets to bear witness snippets of information on-screen, such every bit gummy notes, a calendar overview or your favourite smart home devices.

While the range of widgets is a little limited at the moment, new ones volition be available from both Amazon and third party developes. I actually similar the new interface and seeing more than on-screen is a definite bonus. Widgets will only be available on the Echo Show 15, because the other models don’t accept a big plenty screen.

Amazon Echo Show 15 widgets

You can too identify the Echo Bear witness 15 in portrait manner: the only Repeat Show that can do this. It’s quite cool and works well, although this does make watching video impractical.

Amazon Echo Show 15 portrait

With Visual ID, the Repeat Show 15 tin spot registered users, displaying personal information, such as private agenda entries (by default, the device shows a shared family calendar). This feature is rolling out to the Echo Testify ten, also.

The Repeat Show x has its fancy moving stand. Talk to Alexa, and the screen volition motility to face you lot; make a video telephone call, and the display will move to keep you focussed. Information technology might sound like a gimmick, but it’s a great tool, particularly in rooms where you move around a lot, such as a kitchen.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) configure motion

The Repeat Show 10 trumps the 15 with its webcam: a 13MP device. This shoots better video, and helps the Echo Show 10 zoom in and track you during video calls. You tin can live view the camera and motility the Echo Show x around every bit well.

With its 5MP camera, the Echo Show 15 is a scrap more former schoolhouse when information technology comes to video. You lot can live-view the camera from the Alexa app, but yous’re express to the fixed view the display provides.

Video quality

With the option to scout Netflix and Amazon Prime natively (and YouTube via the clunky web browser), both devices are there for amusement. I find the Echo Prove 10 and its 1280 x 800 screen) fine for occasional viewing at a desk-bound, particularly for shows that I don’t need to concentrate also much on.

It’s the Repeat Show fifteen that has the advantage, with a larger screen and higher resolution of 1920 x 1080. Watching on this device is far more engaging and the display tin supervene upon a Boob tube, to a certain degree, in a smaller kitchen. Nevertheless, neither device gives you live TV and the range of services is quite limited, and then don’t throw away your one-time TV or streaming stick only even so.

Amazon Echo Show 15 video

Audio quality

The Repeat Show fifteen has two total-range drivers and that’s it. With the thin case, audio quality is fine for a bit of video watching and vox replies, just music actually lacks impact and the sound is a touch muddled. That feels like a slight footstep backwards for Echo Show devices.

No such complaints with the Echo Show ten. With twin one-inch tweeters and a iii-inch woofer, this model is arguably the best-sounding Amazon Echo speaker. Information technology sounds great for music, with existent impact, and improves movies and TV shows that you stream to the screen.

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Amazon Echo Show fifteen vs Repeat Show ten verdict

While I love the new interface for the Echo Show 15 and having the choice to wall mount can be handy, audio quality is a step back and the new design won’t adjust everyone. If you’ve got counter or desk infinite, then the Repeat Testify 10 is a better overall production thanks to its better webcam and audio. It just lags behind in screen resolution, just for nearly uses this won’t matter too much.





Screen Size

Forepart Photographic camera

Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number


Voice Assistant

Impact Screen

Smart assistants

Special features


Power source


Number of speakers

Amazon Echo Testify xv




15.6 inches


402 x 35 x 252 MM

two.2 KG




Repeat Show 15

1919 x 1080

Amazon Alexa



Webcam shutter, mute, volume


802.11ac Wi-Fi

2x 1.6-inch full-range drivers

Amazon Echo Evidence x (third Generation)




10.ane inches


251 x 167 x 229 MM




Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation)

1280 10 800

Amazon Alexa



Motorised base

Webcam shutter, mute, volume



2x ane-inch tweeters, 1x 3-inch woofer


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