Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k Storage

In this post, I will prove you how to gratis upwards space on Amazon FireStick products, including FireStick Low-cal, FireStick 4K, FireStick 4K Max, and Fire TV Cube. I will as well mention some FireStick bug that indicate you lot need to fix low storage on your device. Read till the end to learn every trick.

The FireStick is a wonderful streaming device. Unfortunately, although Amazon has upgraded the FireStick with powerful internals, the company has yet to pay attending to born storage. Most FireStick models, including the FireStick 4K (the almost pop of the bunch), come up with 8 GB of total storage. Of the 8 GB, effectually v.v GB is available for FireStick users to actually use. The rest is taken upward past operating system software. We’ll talk about how you can free upwards more than of that bachelor infinite on your Amazon FireStick.

Ability FireStick users may terminate up sideloading dozens of streaming apps and getting a few more from the Amazon App Store (I don’t blame you). Couple all those streaming apps with a few games from the App Store and you are looking at having just a few MBs of remaining space on your FireStick. That may not seem like a big bargain, but it does more than limit your downloads—information technology besides causes technical problems with the device.

Attention, FireStick Users!

Governments and ISPs constantly monitor your online action, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick could lead to serious trouble.
Currently, your IP

is visible to everyone
. I strongly recommend getting the all-time FireStick VPN to mask your IP accost and deeply stream your favorites.

I personally apply
ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN available. Not only is information technology easy to install on whatsoever device, it comes with a take a chance-free 30-24-hour interval money-dorsum guarantee. Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied, y’all can always get a refund. ExpressVPN is currently besides offering a whopping three actress months free on their annual plan!

Here are reasons why using a VPN at all times is essential.


How to Install and Apply the All-time VPN for FireStick

Why You Need to Free Up Space on FireStick

Low device space on FireStick can lead to many problems during usage:

  • You may notice lag, stuttering, and glitches during day-to-day usage.
  • Some apps may non have enough storage to operate properly, so you may experience long loading times while using them.
  • You will face up app installation errors if y’all try to download new apps from the App Store or if you try to sideload apps on your jailbroken FireStick. The device simply won’t have enough storage to complete the process.
  • Your FireStick may restart randomly.
  • You may have problems updating the Fire Os to the latest version.

Earlier things get out of mitt (or if they already have), utilise the tricks below and gratis up some space on your FireStick.

Kickoff, I’ll prove y’all how to bank check the remaining space on your device to be sure that’s the problem, then that you’ll be able to diagnose the aforementioned problem in the future.

Bank check Remaining Storage on FireStick

FireStick storage details are hidden inside the settings menu. Follow the steps below to check the remaining infinite on FireStick.

Go to the FireStick home screen and ringlet to the

free up space on firestick

My Burn TV.

how to clear space on firestick

Get to the

clean up fire stick

Curl downwards to
and yous tin can see the remaining storage space on FireStick.

how to clear storage on amazon fire stick

In my case, I was left with but 850 MB of infinite on my FireStick. Let’s free up some space on our FireStick and enjoy a polish cord-cut experience, shall we?

How to Costless Up Infinite on FireStick

Clear App Cache and Data

Like to how apps collect cache data on Android and iPhone, FireStick apps collect data in social club to remember your login info, remember frequently visited pages, and speed up the feel.

Simply having too much of this information can lead to sluggish functioning within apps, so it’southward ever appropriate to clear app information and cache every now and and then to gratis up space and beginning from scratch.

Clearing app caches and data is 1 of the easiest ways to free up previous space on your FireStick. Immigration an app’due south enshroud simply removes temporary files. Nevertheless, clearing an app’s information resets that app to manufactory settings, meaning you’ll accept to log in and make any customizations once again.

I don’t recommend immigration app information for media center apps like Kodi and its alternatives. Clearing their data will delete your addons, integrations, and settings, which can be a hassle to gear up again. That said, you should withal articulate these apps’ caches to better device performance.

To clear app caches and data:

  • From the FireStick home screen, get to



    Manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll through your apps to check the sizes of their caches and data. Select an app you want to clear.
  • Select
    Clear enshroud
    and then
    Clear information
    (once more, I propose you non to clear the data of complex apps similar Kodi).

Repeat that process to clear the enshroud and data for your well-nigh-used applications.

To learn more or follow detailed instructions with screenshots, meet our full guide to clearing FireStick app caches.

Uninstall Apps

You should make a habit of reviewing your installed apps and games on FireStick every few months. That fashion you tin can remove apps that you no longer need or don’t have agile subscriptions for. You can place and uninstall unnecessary apps by going to the same applications menu where yous tin clear app caches and data.

To uninstall an app:

  • From the FireStick home screen, go to



    Manage Installed Applications
  • Curlicue through your apps and select ane you want to uninstall.
  • On the next screen, select
    Force stop
    (if the choice is available), so
    Clear cache, and then
    Clear Data. This ensures the app doesn’t leave anything behind on your device.
  • At present select
    to remove the app from your device.

Repeat that process for all the apps y’all no longer want on your FireStick.

See our full guide on uninstalling FireStick apps for more detailed steps and accompanying screenshots.

Remove Irrelevant Files

As you may already know, it’s quite easy to sideload third-party apps on FireStick. In a bid to stream free content from the spider web, you may accept gone overboard and downloaded quite a few 3rd-party apps and IPTV services.

That’due south fine. The merely thing you lot demand to have care of is APK files. Users oft forget to delete APK files subsequently installation, and subsequently months and months, you lot could be left with a huge number of APK files in your FireStick storage. They can have up a skilful chunk of your available space.

APK files don’t serve any purpose after you use them to install the associated app, so yous should definitely remove them. The trouble is, unlike Android Bone, Fire OS doesn’t come with a congenital-in file manager to take care of APK files. You accept to install a tertiary-political party file managing director from the App Store to delete irrelevant files from your device.

The good news is information technology’southward easy. Here’s how.

From the FireStick habitation screen, go to the

firestick clean up

to open the virtual keyboard.

how to free up space on firestick

Start to type
File Explorer
(or utilise your Alexa voice remote if y’all have one). Select
File Explorer
when you lot see it in the suggested searches.

how to delete apk files on firestick

Click on the
File Explorer

app with the nighttime blue background and use the
push to install the app on your FireStick.

free up memory on fire tv

Open the
File Explorer
app and check out the nicely organized device folders.

how to clear space on firestick

If you lot are using the Downloader app to sideload tertiary-party apps, go to the
folder and you lot may detect quite a few APK files. Select a file that you want to delete.

firestick memory full

in the adjacent bill of fare.

how to free up space on firestick

Go along deleting the remaining APKs that are wasting space on your FireStick.

Nosotros’re not done only however! There may be even more useless files you tin remove. When y’all try to update third-political party apps, the apps place the updated APK file in the
binder on your device (non to exist dislocated with Downloader). You should get rid of those too.

Go back to the File Explorer home screen and select the
folder. Then remove any APK files you lot discover there.

When you try to install an app APK with Downloader, you’ll be asked if you want to delete the APK file right after the installation process. You should make a habit of deleting those APK files since, as I mentioned, they don’t serve whatsoever purpose.

FireStick Storage FAQs

How much storage space does the FireStick accept?

Y’all can bank check the full details of your device’s storage by going to
My Burn down Boob tube
Storage, as described at the beginning of this commodity.

Here’s how much storage each model comes with.

  • Fire TV Stick: 8 GB
  • Fire Goggle box Stick Light: 8 GB
  • Fire TV Stick 4K: 8 GB
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max: viii GB
  • Fire TV Cube: 16 GB

Remember that some of this space is taken by the operating system and default apps.

Tin can you increment FireStick’s storage space?

Y’all may be able to increase the storage of a Fire TV television that has a USB port and is running on a contempo Fire Bone version. This is possible past plugging a properly formatted USB drive into a port on the television and then formatting the USB within your Fire TV settings to make it part of your Boob tube’s storage.

Information technology’s much, much harder to increase the storage for other Burn down Television set products, meaning the FireStick, FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, FireStick 4K Max, and Burn Telly Cube. They’re effectively limited to the amount of storage they come up with.

Wrapping Up

Fifty-fifty if yous go with the latest and fastest FireStick 4K Max, you volition proceed to face bug if the device is running on low storage. Bookmark this post so y’all tin follow these steps regularly to free up space on your FireStick and boost its performance! Let me know in the comment department if yous have any concerns or suggestions.


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