Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021) Review: The e-reader to buy

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If you lot want an e-reader then the Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is the one to get – it’s as unproblematic every bit that. It’south well priced, features a great screen and finally comes with USB-C charging.


  • USB-C
  • Excellent screen
  • Durable design


  • Not much back up for content that isn’t from Amazon
  • Physical buttons for flipping pages would be welcome


  • UK
    RRP: £129.99
  • United states of america
    RRP: $139.99
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Australia

Key Features

  • USB-C
    Finally, the micro-USB port has been ditched

  • Updated display
    Larger vi.8-inch screen with more LEDs

  • Faster processor
    Everything feels a whole lot snappier


It’s been a long time coming, merely Amazon has


updated the Kindle Paperwhite – and it’s keen.

The Kindle Paperwhite 2022 (or Kindle Paperwhite half-dozen) sits in the centre of Amazon’s Kindle line, although I’d say it’s a much amend purchase for just about anyone than the pricier Kindle Haven.

It’s besides a worthy upgrade over the outgoing model that’s been on shelves for more than iii years. Information technology features a bigger screen, longer battery life, USB-C, a greater number of LEDs and a new interface.

Amazon has released 2 models of this new Paperwhite, The regular model is reviewed beneath, but at that place’s a pricier version too that adds in a few extra features similar wireless charging. We’ve reviewed the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition too.

Blueprint and Screen

  • The biggest display on a Kindle Paperwhite
  • Just bachelor in black
  • IPX8 rating for water-resistance

Amazon hasn’t played around as well much with the blueprint of the previous Paperwhite, but the company has done enough to modernise the device with this new version. Information technology is still function over course though, and for a device that’s meant to be the consummate opposite of flashy, that’s very much welcome.

The biggest modify here is the bigger monochrome E Ink screen, which now spans 6.8 inches as opposed to vi inches. It makes for a larger overall device, which could put off some. For me, however, it’s a worthwhile upgrade. Paired with slimmer bezels, the new screen makes for a more comfortable read and information technology looks a whole lot nicer, also.

Much of the eastward-reader is constructed from smooth, matte plastic that curves at the edges. Information technology’s calorie-free, easy to agree in ane hand for extended reading sessions, and retains the IPX8 h2o-resistance rating. This ways it should happily survive an accidental tumble into a bath or swimming pool, fifty-fifty if it isn’t resistant to dust.

Going with a plastic torso makes sense, with the softer feel of the Paperwhite far more than welcoming than the harsh metal of the Kindle Oasis. The black colour does pick up greasy smudges hands though, so it would have been nice to see a couple more colour options available.

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 back

Buttons are kept to a minimum – a minimum of simply one. There’s a ability primal on the bottom and nothing else. I bewail the lack of whatsoever concrete page-turning buttons here, and while the touchscreen is responsive, the tactility of physical buttons to flip through a book is sorely missed.

I question the position of the power push, likewise, since information technology’s piece of cake to knock when resting the Kindle down. This is a small result, but when at that place’s but 1 button, it needs to be placed properly.

The residual of the Paperwhite 2022 is minimal and make clean. At that place’s some Kindle branding on the front and the Amazon ‘smile’ logo on the rear, but zilch too egregious. Chiefly, the due east-reader feels durable and shouldn’t get scuffed besides hands if it’s thrown into a full rucksack. If you want some more protection for the screen, though, Amazon has a few case options available.

The screen itself remains the real reason to option upwards a Kindle over merely using a tablet or large telephone for reading. The East Ink tech is much kinder on the eyes and feels far closer to reading from actual paper than a typical LCD or OLED. There’due south no glare, either – which isn’t the experience you lot’d have trying to read on an iPad in the centre of a sunny solar day. The lack of colour does mean this e-reader isn’t ideal for comics or cookery books, all the same.

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 warmlight

The half dozen.8-inch screen is pin-precipitous thanks to a 300ppi resolution, plus the Kindle has a light for night-fourth dimension reading that introduces the warm light feature from the Oasis to the Paperwhite line for the first time. This turns the display orangish, another trick that helps information technology feel more comfy to utilize later at nighttime.

There are more than LEDs surrounding the brandish this time round (17 as opposed to 5), resulting in a more even glow. The previous Paperwhite had a tendency to display patches of brighter light, merely this isn’t an event I’ve seen here. It also looks a little brighter than the previous version.


  • Faster than the previous Kindle Paperwhite
  • 8GB of storage (or 32GB, if you become for the Signature Edition)
  • No cellular choice hither

Amazon is touting some big upgrades to performance for this new version of the Paperwhite, and the claims about ‘xx% faster’ page turns certainly matches my experience using the due east-reader over the by week.

Everything on this new model feels snappier than on the previous model. The Kindle Store – which took an historic period to open before – bursts into life quickly and flipping through pages is a lot more fluid. Non quite to smartphone or tablet levels, just there’s a lot less waiting around.

Amazon has finally updated the software on the Kindle and the new UI is a big improvement. Multiple entries in a single book series are now combined to brand them easier to skip through, while the quick settings are a little akin to what you’d find on a telephone. Everything just feels a little more modern, also.

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 homescreen

The residuum of the feature-set here is very like to the outgoing model, and not too dissimilar to the pricier Oasis. As with all of Amazon’south hardware, you lot really need to be in the ecosystem to fully appreciate it. If you want to read books, they really demand to exist bought from the Kindle Store, and you tin only stream audiobooks to a set of wireless headphones if they’ve been bought through Amazon’s Audible.

On starting up the device for the first time, you’re asked to sign in to your Amazon account, and then given the option to sign up for a Kindle Unlimited account. Note that if you choose the ‘with Special Offers’ version of the Paperwhite, you’ll also be served up ads rather than book covers on the lock screen.

Of course, this tight Amazon integration has its benefits. If you’ve got a huge drove of Kindle books and Aural audiobooks, they’ll all exist instantly accessible. Amazon’due south Kindle bookstore remains excellent, besides, both for large-name titles and smaller self-published ones. If you’re staunchly against the brand, preferring to become your books from a digital library (such equally Libby), or you desire to upload your own ebooks, and then you might be better off looking at a Kobo.

Kindle Paperwhite 2022

There are actually 2 versions of this Paperwhite. The standard ane I’grand reviewing here and the Signature Edition. The latter features all the bits I’ve mentioned in this review, only it quadruples that 8GB of internal storage to 32GB, adds an ambient light sensor aslope support for wireless charging.

About volition be fine with this bones version, although that extra storage could exist welcome if yous plan to shop lots of Audible audiobooks offline. A x-hour audiobook takes up roughly 300MB, while something a little more epic can easily hit 500-600MB. For books, though, that 8GB is more than enough.

Battery Life

  • Will final weeks, rather than days
  • Now uses USB-C
  • No charging block included, just a cable

For me, the biggest update to the battery on this Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is the switch to USB-C from the anile micro-USB port that features on all other Kindles. Micro-USB was antiquated when the previous Paperwhite was released in 2022, and it’southward positively prehistoric now.

This might seem minor, but for me, being able to finally ditch that micro-USB cablevision and charge the Paperwhite with the same cable every bit a laptop, Nintendo Switch or pair of earbuds is just about worth the upgrade alone. USB-C also enables faster charging, with a full accuse taking less than 2.5 hours.

With the bigger size comes a bigger battery. Amazon claims the Paperwhite 2022 tin can last for ten weeks, simply that’south with 30 minutes of reading a twenty-four hour period, with the wireless features disabled and the e-reader prepare to a mid-level brightness.

I charged the Kindle Paperwhite 2022 to 100% every bit soon as I’d unboxed it, and a week later battery power has dropped to 75%. That’s with Wi-Fi on all the time and about an hour or so of reading at day at varying levels of brightness.

Eastward ink but really consumes a lot of power when its being used, so y’all’ll drain through the bombardment quicker if you’re navigating the store or flipping through books quickly.

Latest deals

Should yous buy it?

You want the best reading device
The Kindle Paperwhite is purely for reading, and information technology’s the best device effectually for doing that.

You want something with a wide range of skills
Plenty of tablets offering a decent reading experience, forth with the other benefits of a colour display and apps.

Terminal thoughts

My just real criticism of the Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is how tightly information technology’south integrated into Amazon’s services. If yous’re fine with that and then this is a near-perfect product.

The big upgrades hither are all welcome, from the faster performance to the switch to USB-C and the larger display.

If you’ve been looking for an upgrade to an ageing Kindle, or y’all’ve yet to take the eastward-reader plunge, this is the best around.

How nosotros test

We examination every due east-reader we review thoroughly. We use the device over the review period. Nosotros’ll always tell you what we notice and we never, e’er, accept money to review a product.

Used every bit our principal device during test period

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Does the Paperwhite show ads?

You can buy the Kindle Paperwhite (2021) either with ads or without. Information technology’s a £10/$20 difference.

Is there a charger included?

You only get a cable in the box, no charging plug.

Is there a 4G choice?

The just Kindle with cellular is the Haven.

Total specs


United states RRP





Screen Size

IP rating

Fast Charging

Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

Start Reviewed Date



Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021)







6.8 inches



125 10 8.ane x 174 MM

205 G






Jargon buster


An abbreviation for milliampere-60 minutes and a way to express the capacity of batteries, specially smaller ones in phones. In most cases the higher the mAh, the longer the battery volition last but this isn’t always the case.


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