America’s Book Of Secrets Season 4

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Have you always wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the most legendary monuments and powerful organizations in the United States? America’s Volume of Secrets lifts the veil of mystery, giving you unparalleled access to historical narratives and insider information previously hidden from the public. Through in-depth research and exclusive channels, this series delves into a variety of familiar but enigmatic American institutions, from the FBI and the Pentagon to Fort Knox and Area 51. Go beyond the locked doors and security checkpoints of government agencies, famous landmarks and stealthy societies to glimpse the hidden worlds yous were never intended to see.




In America, backside the public facade of nine of our most famed institutions and landmark structures, at that place is another globe that is subconscious from view. The special pierces the veil of secrecy which conceals forbidden histories and fascinating insider information from the public. Go behind the walls of the Washington Monument to reveal a series of hugger-mugger symbols and codes, one which was put there by i of the globe’south virtually mysterious societies. Dig deep into the night past of Governor’s Island and unearth some other possible motive for the bump-off of Abraham Lincoln. While in the middle of America, the Volume of Secrets volition uncover the shadowy by of the builder backside the St. Louis Gateway Arch and show how it relates to a theory that the Arch contains mystical powers which ultimately control the weather. Through exclusive channels of access and deep research, viewers will exist taken behind the locked doors of seemingly familiar places, into worlds they weren’t intended to see.

An inside await at the secret protocols, aristocracy security and hidden history of the world’s about public of private residences. What is the most secret room in the White House and what makes it and then powerful? What secret visitors have been to the White House–invited or not? What kind of background checks are needed to piece of work at the White Firm? What security measures go into effect if the White House is under attack? For over 200 years, the White House has functioned every bit a Presidential residence, Executive Function and national command center. Simply more guarded than the White House itself–are its secrets. Secrets that have remained untold…until at present.

It is America’s most individual organization with secretive meetings and a membership that includes the most powerful men in America–and the world. But behind this elite brotherhood… are secrets. This episode explores the surreptitious history, rituals and achieve of the well-nigh well-known secret society in the world. How did the Freemasons shape America? What goes on at Freemason meetings? What secrets ceremonies and rituals are still conducted today? What is the pregnant of Freemasonry symbols like the eye, the square and the compass? Are the Freemasons part of a New Earth Social club with plans to command the world? For centuries, the Freemasons have been idea to be the architects behind the world’s greatest international conspiracies. But more elusive than the organisation itself–are its secrets. Secrets that have remained untold…until now.

Information technology is one of the nearly secure structures in the world. Information technology safeguards the vast wealth of the United States… And its name is synonymous with i of the most precious commodities in the history of the world–aureate. Just behind this building’s stone exterior are secrets. This episode unlocks the underground contents, political controversy, and cut edge security subconscious behind the gates of the globe’s most famous vault. How did the Unites States amass its golden? What is the precious metallic really worth? Who’s allowed inside the vault? What else is stashed there? Could Fort Knox actually exist empty?

It is i of the most covert armed forces bases on American soil, protecting the nation’s virtually confidential research and evolution. For decades, the highest levels of regime had denied its existence. But backside the barbed wire fences and surveillance cameras are secrets…Become inside the near famous secret military base on Earth to expose the loftier-tech security, surreptitious operations, and most outrageous claims surrounding the 575 foursquare miles of “restricted” space. What actually goes on at Area 51? Is there a connection betwixt Area 51 and the Roswell event of 1947? Could at that place be a secret subterranean city underneath the barren desert? Have the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 been a smokescreen for controversial military projects? While the authorities may never reveal what it’s really hiding at Area 51, many believe it is a place where truth is stranger than fiction.

It is America’s most infamous address, a place where fantasies come to life–and anything goes. Just behind the security cameras and stonewalls of the Playboy Mansion are secrets. Go within the stately residence to reveal the secret places, decadent gatherings, and special indulgences usually reserved for beautiful women and Hollywood’s elite. How difficult is information technology to get an invitation to the Playboy Mansion? How did Hugh Hefner transform the Mansion into a palace of pleasure? Who is the about notorious guest? What does it take to protect the Mansion for outside intruders? Home to ane of the world’s most private of public figures, the Playboy Mansion is a sanctum of secrets.

They are the nigh avant-garde and heavily protected vehicles ever congenital–operated by technicians prepared for the worst. But behind the bullet proof glass and armored plating of the President’south fleet of vehicles are secrets. Travel by land, sea and air to explore the special structure, elite training and secret weapons that protect the President when he’southward on the movement. Who’due south in accuse of the President’due south safe on Air Force One and Marine One? Why is the Presidential Limo chosen “the Beast”–and who gets to drive it? What kind of defensive and offensive capabilities does the Presidential bus, known as Ground Strength One, have? No matter what form of transport, moving the President safely requires the utmost secrecy. Secrets that have remained untold…until now.

It is America’s most powerful police force force–made upwardly of an elite squad of Special Agents secretly patrolling the nation–and the earth. While its patriotic mission is public knowledge, the FBI’due south tactics are classified. We’ll get undercover to reveal the cloak-and-dagger training, special operations and state-of-the-art tools used in today’due south 21st century criminal offense fighting. How far tin the FBI go to prevent crime and protect Americans? What are ghost agents, and how are they used for surreptitious surveillance? Who is the most notorious double agent? How has the cyberspace inverse the mode the FBI works? While its global accomplish and sophisticated engineering helps keep America rubber, the FBI’south greatest strength is its ability to keep its crime fighting tactics underground…until at present.

It is the almost prestigious military academy in the globe. A identify where cutting-edge technology converges with battle-proven tradition. Merely inside this launch pad for the Army’southward elite are secrets. Go inside the 200-year-onetime academy to uncover the circuitous selection procedure, hole-and-corner rituals and traditions and special training that each cadet experiences at the renowned institution of military might. How difficult is it to get into West Point? What is the Award Lawmaking, and what happens if a cadet breaks it? Who are the nigh famous–and infamous academy alumni? What special training goes into making cadets military machine leaders for the 21st century? West Signal is where presidents, world leaders, and the Army’s bravest officers are taught, trained and entrusted with some of the nation’s most important secrets. Secrets that few outside the university know… until now.

They are height-secret missions manned by peculiarly trained intelligence and war machine elite. Covert operations using unconventional tactics outside the standard protocol. This episode uncovers the clandestine activities and state-of-the-art training of the U.Due south. Special Forces that undertake the most dangerous surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence collecting missions on Earth. What makes a mission a Black Functioning or Black Op? Who approves a mission–and how much does the President know? What secret training prepares a soldier for these life and expiry assignments? How is the CIA involved in Black Ops? From cloak and dagger spy games to hand-to-manus combat, Blackness Ops are shrouded in secrecy…until now.

Information technology is the epicenter of America’s war machine operations… a v-sided fortress with a single purpose–to defend the The states and its citizens. Only behind the physical walls and re-enforced windows are secrets. Enter the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense and explore the complex operations and top-secret business conducted at the largest low-rise role building in the world. How did the Pentagon get its unusual shape? How many people work at the Pentagon? What covert intelligence gathering organizations operate within the armed forces chemical compound–and how are their secrets protected? What top-cloak-and-dagger information was compromised from the assail on September 11th? How quickly did the edifice and its tenants become back to business concern as usual? For seven decades, the Pentagon has been an icon of American forcefulness and military excellence. Merely more impressive than the building itself are the secrets held at that place…until now.

The notion of a universe inhabited past alien creatures tin be found merely about everywhere in American popular civilization. Only could mankind actually have been visited by alien beings from other worlds? And might the truth have been kept secret for centuries? Ancient Astronaut theorists Erich von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos, along with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, journalists, scientists and government officials explore the mainstream resistance to the idea that aliens have been visiting the Earth for centuries. Has the United States government conspired with other nations to hide the facts about flesh’southward extraterrestrial past? Could in that location really be a global cover-up of ancient alien activity? One that shields the public from a profound knowledge that, if revealed, could shatter the very fabric of our civilization?

For decades, the criminal organisation known every bit “The Mafia” has stained the fabric of American society. But what are the secrets backside the Mob’s sinister success? Co-ordinate to the FBI, the American Mafia notwithstanding has approximately 3,000 active members, and merely like the iconic mobsters of the by, the modern Mafia’s ill-gotten gains still come at a price: blood, bullets, and a massive body count. Uncover the clandestine globe of organized criminal offense and the violent tactics used by the Cosa Nostra to gain coin and power. How did the Mafia go and so powerful? How is it possible that with hundreds of gang related killings in Chicago in the 1920s, non one gangster–including the nigh violent of all, Al Capone–was always bedevilled of murder? Why was the Managing director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, reluctant to go after the Mafia in the 1930s and 40s? Could the Mafia’south influence extend across local police and politicians? And what new illegal activities is the Mafia involved in today?

They are the original domestic terrorists, hiding underneath white hoods and flowing robes, and taking cover in the rights and freedoms that they are actively seeking to destroy. The Ku Klux Klan–although officially considered by the U.Due south. Government to be a racist organization–is non an illegal one. And while objectionable to most Americans, its philosophy of racial intolerance is protected as free speech under the First Amendment. But just how big, powerful, and dangerous is the Ku Klux Klan? This episode exposes the nearly 150 years of KKK history and the many attempts to discredit the Klan’s demands for segregation and white supremacy. Johnny Lee Clary, once the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi, shares inside noesis of the Klan, including the secret handshakes, clandestine greetings, and the secret goals of the odern hate group.

They are secretly stalking America’s streets and highways, hiding in plain sight and compelled by 1 simple motive: the thrill of taking some other person’s life. Since the 1970s, the The states has produced an estimated 1,400 serial killers–more than double the combined total of the rest of the world. What causes a seemingly normal human being to engage in series acts of murder? This episode uncovers the psychological, biological and sociological make-up of these dangerous murderers. Why practise they kill? How tin can they be identified and stopped before they strike? One-time FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt, criminal psychologists Eric Hickey and Helen Morrison, journalists, scientists and law enforcement experts reveal the secret motives of serial killers like “BTK Killer” Dennis Rader and Jeffrey Dahmer–and explain why Ted Bundy, Donald Harvey “The Angel of Death” an the “Grim Sleeper” Lonnie Franklin Jr. were able to evade capture for years while they clustered a shocking number of victims.

The history of neo-Nazi groups in the United States is examined.

Uncovering the psychological attraction of cults, their leaders and methods of controlling their members.

How much do nosotros really know near what goes on behind the doors of the Oval Office?

Uncovering the conspiracies behind America’s 40-year drug campaign and why marijuana is classified equally equally dangerous equally heroin.

Bigfoot is everywhere you lot await, but why are and so many millions of Americans obsessed with this mysterious homo-ape? This episode sheds new low-cal on some of the nation’s darkest Sasquatch secrets.

Over the last century there accept been four successful presidential assassinations and a multitude of failed attempts. But do we know the real story behind these assassination plots?

American treasure hunters are convinced that there are missing fortunes scattered all effectually the country just waiting to be found.

Chronicling the history of the Hells Angels Motorbike Club.

It is 1 of the virtually secret organizations in America. A religion–based on the cosmic revelations of an inspired genius–that boasts more than 100,000 faithful followers throughout the globe. We’ll reveal the subconscious origins, strict doctrine, surreptitious language and celebrity allure of the wealthy and influential institution. Former Scientologists disclose the reasons they were drawn to the church building–and why they left. Jenna Miscavige Colina, niece of Scientology’s electric current leader, David Miscavige, describes her difficult experiences within the organisation. One-time church building executive, Mark Rathbun, demonstrates Scientology’due south nearly revered spiritual technology–the “E-Meter.” And watchdog Tony Ortega explains the appeal of Scientology that draws in new members. Find out why some consider Scientology a spiritual choice and others consider information technology a road to ruin.

This episode uncovers the undercover surveillance methods the government and big business organisation use to sentry, monitor and record our every motility. Government whistleblowers, Thomas Drake and Jesselyn Radack, reveal how the NSA decided to aggressively monitor Americans’ correspondence after 9/11. Documentarian Cullen Hoback explains how the government has partnered with Silicon Valley loftier-tech companies similar Facebook and Yahoo to gather data on every American citizen. And onetime calculator hacker Sammy Kamkar explains how someone could watch y’all from inside your own home. Buzzing drones overhead. Emails monitored and stored. Prison cell phone records tracked and analyzed. In today’s digital age, is the concept of privacy now extinct? In that location are those who believe Big Brother is already here–and that the undercover monitoring of American citizens has but only begun.

Political dissidents… armed to kill. Sociopathic outsiders… harboring hatred. Religious zealots… plotting mass destruction. And all of them hiding in plain sight. Only just who are these killers in our midst and is there any mode to stop them? This episode delves into the world of terrorism on American soil and reveals how authorities are working to end these radical groups. Deputy Chief of LAPD Counter Terrorism Michael Downing reveals terrorists recruiting tactics in American prisons. Former Sergeant of the Massachusetts Country Constabulary Sean Irish potato recounts the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers. And announcer Laura Sullivan describes how today’south new terrorists may be as close as your adjacent-door neighbor. With an estimated tens of thousands of terrorists operating in the United States, can Americans ever reclaim the peace and security that was once taken for granted? Is there any take a chance of winning the so-chosen “war on terror?”

Gilded. It is i of the most precious metals in the world. A glittering commodity so rare that people will go to slap-up lengths to obtain it. But who sets the price? And what are the secret methods to control its value?Uncover the secret earth surrounding the highly prized precious metal. How much gold does the U.s.a. really accept–and where is it locked away? Is the American authorities overstating the amount of gold in its reserves to create the mystique of financial superiority? Former U.Due south. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the gold standard and the possible manipulation of the bolt markets. Chairman of Euro Pacific Precious Metals Peter Schiff describes how gold could supercede credit cards. And author Matthew Hart details how the U.Southward. is storing gold that belongs to other countries–just may at present be missing from the Federal Reserve’s vaults.

They operate in the shadows… Men trained to kill… without leaving a trace. Simply who are these secret forces? What are their covert methods? And, can they exist trusted to protect the interests of the American people? Delve into the clandestine operations of the Us most expertly trained cloak-and-dagger weapons. Simply what exactly are these surreptitious services designed to do–and whom exercise these stealth-like soldiers ultimately report to? Are the strategies of these covert armies effective in keeping the United states one step ahead of its ability hungry enemies? National Security Attorney Mark Zaid reveals details virtually the prestigious Delta Forcefulness unit that have remained a well-kept secret–until now. Quondam Chaser General John Ashcroft discusses the concept of asymmetrical warfare and how our regime employs it today. And author Peter Vocalist describes the underground war being waged over the internet.

Become inside the maximum-security world of America’southward “secret prisons” and unveil their hidden agendas and covert operations. With about 1 in every ane hundred and seven Americans serving time, why are in that location more than people incarcerated in the U.s.a. than anywhere else in the world? Bob Hood, the quondam Warden at the The states Administrative Maximum Facility reveals what life is like for prisoners inside the gates of what is considered the most secure prison in America. One-time inmate Andrew Stepanian reveals details of his lock-upward at the Communication Management Unit, a prison house that holds some of the country’south greatest security threats. Director of the ACLU National Prison Project David Fathi describes the “Kids for Cash” scandal and the under-the-radar Debtors’ Prisons. And former Warden Daniel Vasquez explains the big-business surrounding individual prisons and FEMA Camps.

This episode reveals the underground earth of America’s wealthiest citizens and the depths at which their ability and influence take root. Practise billionaires call up they know better than the majority? Are the American masses just objects to control? Forbes Editor Luisa Kroll talks almost the growing wealth of the super-rich and the exclusive billionaire communities that are forming around them. Erstwhile United States Secretarial assistant of Labor Robert Reich divulges how billionaires’ “dark coin” influences American politics in means that are off-limits to public scrutiny. And Author Mark Dice discusses the Bilderberg Group, the world’due south most secretive society of billionaires and the farthermost measures they take to ensure that what happens backside closed doors stays backside closed doors.

Americans may be aware of what’s above footing, but do they know what’southward curtained beneath? And could subterranean facilities on U.S. soil house secrets then dangerous, our government would finish at nada to keep them hidden? Nosotros examine the tunnels, cities, and fortresses covertly constructed beneath the feet of the American public. Writer, Nick Redfern, reveals the hole-and-corner authorities fortress used in times of crunch to house high-ranking officials. Former CIA contractor, John Lear, discusses secret underground runway systems connecting America’s major armed services installations. U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Laura Duffy describes the Super Tunnel; the latest discovered passage in an advanced network of drug smuggling tunnels beneath the United states of america and Mexican border. Author, Terry Kirkpatrick, discusses the possibility of terrorists teaming with drug cartels to use underground tunnels as a means to attack the United States.

They are an elite force of dauntless men and women who put their lives on the line. Their mission: to guard the most powerful person in the globe. Only just who are these American heroes? And what secrets are they protecting? This episode goes within ane of the most summit-secret police force enforcement agencies in the United States.

An atomic attack… cyber warfare… a deadly airborne virus… the list of doomsday scenarios facing the Usa has shaken the American psyche. Just what is the government doing to protect the nation from ultimate disaster? This episode takes an in-depth look at the impending threats facing our world today. With the Doomsday Clock ready to five minutes earlier midnight, is the terminate of the world looming just effectually the corner? And could our lack of grooming force united states of america to make the ultimate option: who volition live and who will die? Survivalist Tim Ralston talks about the …

On December xx, 2019, the newest co-operative of the armed forces was established–Infinite Force. Simply most two decades earlier in 2002, a homo named Gary McKinnon claimed he had discovered evidence that a secret military space program already existed… afterwards hacking summit-clandestine Pentagon and NASA computers. Does this suggest that the U.Due south. has a much greater presence in space than the public is aware? Could we even have occupied bases on the Moon and Mars?

The U.s. has experienced 4 presidential assassinations, and 2 more assassination attempts nigh succeeded. But how many more than occur that never reach the public? And how far practice we become to protect the commander in principal?The United States has experienced 4 presidential assassinations, and 2 more assassination attempts virtually succeeded. But how many more occur that never reach the public? And how far do we get to protect the commander in chief?

The Freemasons are rumored to be able to trace their roots back to the medieval warrior monks known as the Knights Templar, and it is an established fact that they were highly influential in the founding of the U.s.a..

In 1962, Martin Luther King Jr. criticised Hoover’s FBI for refusing to prosecute white supremacists who had burnt downward black churches in Albany, Georgia; Hoover took King’s criticisms as a personal insult and he ordered the FBI to investigate Male monarch.

Adolph Hitler was deeply into the occult and even established a Nazi organization called the Ahnenerbe, with a secret mission to rails downwardly and confiscate holy relics–a fact that inspired the blockbuster motion-picture show, Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was rumored that he sought non only the Ark of the Covenant, but the Holy Grail, the bellybutton from the Oracle of Delphi, the entrance to the mythical country of Shambhala, and an object known as “The Spear of Destiny”–the spear that was supposedly used by a Roman soldier to pierce Christ’s side during the crucifixion. Did Hitler really come to possess some of these ancient relics?

In 2013–after decades of secrecy, denials, and cover-ups–the CIA declassified documents that best-selling the beingness of a top-hugger-mugger war machine research facility known as Surface area 51. But despite this disclosure, six years later in 2019, millions responded to an net post advocating to tempest the gates. Why does this Pinnacle-Secret location continue to draw and so much attention–and suspicion? What really goes on within its heavily secured walls? Should we be reassured by its existence? Or fearful?

A wait at what plans the United States regime has in place to deal with a major attack or catastrophic event, from the designated survivor to the Mount Weather condition Emergency Operations Centre and FEMA catastrophe protocols.

From Masonic symbols to concealed bases and hidden tunnels that exist right nether one’due south feet, many of America’southward all-time kept secrets hide in plainly sight.

Are governments around the world preparing flesh for the virtually startling event in homo history–the official disclosure of extraterrestrial contact? Or even an extraterrestrial presence on Earth right now? And if then, why is this happening at present, what form might the annunciation take, and what might happen in its backwash?

In 2020, COVID 19 effectively shut down the entire world–and in the process, elevated pandemics to the most important issue across the globe. How do they commencement? Is it possible to contain them? And could COVID 19 be just the precursor to something much worse?