Update on February eleven, 2021, by Chris Birsner:
 Among Us is among the most popular multiplayer games out in that location because of its uncomplicated gameplay, adorable aesthetic, and all-around cluttered nature. Since its ascension during the summer of 2020, the game continues to exist enjoyed by many either through playing it or watching streamers go after each other while playing online.

The deception game is rather straight frontwards. The crewmates must complete all their tasks in society to win. The imposter must kill about everyone on board in order to stop them. The crewmates tin also decide who they believe is the imposter and eject them from the ship. Despite these straightforward rules, there are as well enough of different ways players tin can approach the game.


One Voter Mode

This is where groups playing with each other tin determine on rules they make upward on their ain. 1 idea that is circulating in the community is allowing only one voter per discussion. In this fashion, the game will keep as normal while the tasks are beingness done. However, when a meeting is called, one player will be randomly selected to cast the sole vote for the round. They can cull to skip the vote or follow through with who they call back might exist the imposter. If the imposter gets the vote, they tin can use it to get rid of people. The random selection may crave a split up application.


Switching Names

Different names in Among Us lobby

These adjacent set of alternate play-styles are ways to throw more than confusion into an already disruptive state of affairs. If players are with a grouping of friends, they tin decide every bit a grouping to all modify their names to someone else in the group, leading to everyone’south names being scrambled. Upon hopping into the game, this could lead to some real cluttered discussions during meetings. Ane player could potentially accuse someone, leading to both the person accused and the person with the actual proper noun getting nervous.


Playing With Colors

Among Us players named different colors

One element ofAmidst Us that has stood out since its ascent is how people pick a specific color for their avatar and roll with it every time they play. If players accept worked with the same group for many sessions, 1 potential game way idea is to switch upwardly the colors so players are forced to recall names instead of colors.

Another mode to practise this is by having everyone switch their colors and then naming themselves a different color than what they select. This could cause even more than frustration as accusing Red may mean accusing the red role player or the person named “Ruddy.”



Meeting of Among Us players named after pronouns

At that place are a lot of discussions had inAmong Us that tin can escalate into pure gibberish if people aren’t properly laying out their points. If playing with friends over a vocalization call, 1 wrench to throw into the mix is to have anybody change their names into unlike pronouns such equally “I,” “you,” “them,” and “who.” This could lead people to talk in very strange, incoherent sentences. Imagine trying to accuse “myself” and trying to tell fellow crewmates not to throw out the accuser. It’south a recipe for disaster, merely too a ton of laughs.


Black & White

Among Us meeting in grayscale

Among Usa can be difficult at times. Information technology’southward difficult to place if someone is lying. But what happens when players can’t even rely on their own eyes? Some players have discovered the fun of playing in grayscale fashion, making the earth blackness and white. On tiptop of this, players in this fashion tend to name themselves a combination of the lower example “fifty” and upper case “I” since they look similar in-game. Players will need to become into their device settings on PC or mobile to plough their screen grayscale. If players are upwardly to the challenge, it’s worth it.


Monster Way

Yellow stabs Gray in Among Us

This game could autumn under the horror umbrella and this alternative manner of playing could match that intensity further. This style works best with a vocalization chat. All players stay unmuted as they go around completing 5 curt tasks. Each histrion that dies must mute themselves. There is also no meetings allowed to be called. There is only one imposter who should have slightly less vision than the crew but more time to impale. They are likewise only immune to sabotage the doors. This tin can lead to short games, but horrifying ones that could lead to a lot of chaotic results.

Lights turned off in Among Us

The most popular alternate fashion of playingAmong Usa is through Hide-and-Seek. This style defers slightly from the monster style as the seeker (the imposter) will announce who they are at the first of the match. The sole imposter must count to 10 as anybody goes and hides from them.

The crew tin can take their vision set at 4x. The imposter, on the other manus, will only have their vision set at 0.5x. Imposter must demolition communications in guild for players to non know what 4 short tasks they take.


No Talking

An empty chat box in Among Us

Communication is key in the usual game ofAmong Us, but what if this part was completely cut out? In this manner, non merely are players non immune to talk while the round is going on, but they are non immune to even accept a debate during the meetings. Instead, players will just vote on their gut based on what they have seen. This is a style of high-gamble voting, but it likewise can be quite satisfying if the crewmates are right about a vote. At the least, those using vocalization chat for meetings can find fun ways to communicate verbally without saying a single discussion.


Sheriff’s Mod

Sheriff splash screen in Among Us mod

In that location have been plenty of mods that take come out forAmong Us in the months since its popularity skyrocketed. I of the more than frequent mods seen is the Sheriff’s Modernistic by Woodi-dev. It introduces a third part into the mix as the sheriff’s job is to hunt downwards and kill the imposter. They can practice this in a similar way an imposter may chase down a crewmate, merely sheriffs need to exist more than conscientious. If they impale an innocent eyewitness, they die immediately too. This role is similarly implemented in other charade games.


Proximity Chat

CrewLink menu for Among Us proximity chat

The reverse of the No Talking game mode, the Proximity Conversation mod allows players to talk to each other while tasks are being completed. The twist hither is, however, that living players will only exist able to talk to those that are well-nigh them. This is able to be pulled off thank you to a modernistic past Ottomated, the creator of the CrewLink app. Players tin have discussions with their beau crewmates as they walk around the map and show reactions in real-time. This also makes the job harder for imposters as they demand to go along the innocent act upward all game long.

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