is all about customization and freedom of choice. The sandbox environment lets players exercise whatever they want, from exploring to edifice to farming. Similarly, the game’due south visuals can exist tweaked quite a bit for an illusion of greater realism. Mods like texture packs and shader packs have ensured that players tin can be completely immersed in the game.

When it comes to texture packs, in particular, there are hundreds and thousands of them out there. For Boulder players, the market is the all-time way to find new ones. Coffee players, yet, are free to download from but near anywhere. For those looking for some of the well-nigh beloved texture packs out there, here are the
texture packs

for 1.17.

Updated on January 10, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot:
Now that 1.18 has been out for some fourth dimension, a lot of texture packs have been updated to the new version and are gear up for use. The new world generation, paired with shaders and good textures can really make a departure for players who might get bored with how the game looks in default mode. Texture pack creators as well haven’t been slacking, equally at that place’southward a ton on the market, new and old, which continue to rank as some of the
all-time Minecraft texture packs
out at that place, for 1.18.


Prime’s Hard disk drive Textures

  • Theme:
    Cartoon-like, smoothen
  • Creator:

A lot of adventure-friendly texture packs are very detailed and gritty, which can give them a slightly dingy look from afar. That’south not the case with Prime’s Hd Textures, which actually makes colors pop in a
earth while having that charming cartoon-like smoothness and vibrancy.

While most blocks are easy to recognize, they at present have a slightly cleaner and softer, smooth appearance. It’s almost similar looking at
is the world was hand-painted by an creative person using watercolors.



Minecraft Mythic Texture Pack

  • Theme:
    Medieval-fantasy, detailed, pixel art
  • Creator:

As the name implies, Mythic is a texture pack that turns Minecraft into a mythical earth of medieval fantasy take chances. There’due south no shortage of amazing details, which completely alter the expect and experience of the game.

Mythic’southward mobs look absolutely incredible with brand-new terrifying appearances, but the well-nigh impressive part has to be the detail icons, which are extremely loftier quality and gorgeous pixel art. The latter is actually the main theme behind the overall manner of the texture pack.


Classic 3D

Minecraft Classic 3D Texture Pack

  • Theme:
    3D, vanilla-friendly
  • Creator:

3D Minecraft textures are an interesting concept, which has been explored quite a bit. Some of
the best 3D texture packs in
, however, require very bulky computers due to the sheer amount of detail. Plus, a lot of these texture packs are hyper-realistic on top of existence 3D.

This Classic 3D texture pack is a bit more achievable for the common histrion. The textures are very much vanilla and recognizable, with the exception of the brand-new 3D details that truly bring the whole earth of Minecraft live. It’due south worth trying for those who have always been curious near 3D textures.


Lithos 32x

Minecraft Lithos Texture Pack

  • Theme:
    Vanilla-friendly, detailed mobs
  • Creator:

With the trend of vanilla-friendly texture packs withal rising, Lithos 32x is 1 of the
texture packs

out there. Every block will yet have a very recognizable appearance, making it bang-up for players who don’t similar to see massive or drastic differences in their

Notwithstanding, the details added to blocks, items, and mobs actually elevate this texture pack higher up many others. It perfects the vanilla feel for players who enjoy having cleaner and more high-definition textures. The mobs are peradventure the greatest feature in this texture pack, with some incredible changes to how some of them look.


Blank Bones

Minecraft Bare Bones Texture Pack

  • Theme:
    Simple, minimalist
  • Creator:

Despite the abundance of shaders, HD texture packs, and heavy-duty mods out at that place, a lot of players might even so struggle running this content on their
Minecraft. For low-end PCs, one of
the best texture packs in

is Bare Bones, which smooths everything out nicely.

Information technology has a very simple and minimalistic appearance, which cartoon-like textures. There’s fiddling to no depth to the blocks, but it creates a very unique aesthetic that makes the game experience more vibrant and cheerful. Bare Bones really looks a lot similar the style of textures seen in official



Minecraft Jicklus Texture Pack

  • Theme:
    Vanilla-friendly, rustic
  • Creator:

The Jicklus texture pack brings in an indescribably mannerly cuteness into
Minecraft. It might not exist a full-pink texture pack, but there’s something adorable about its rustic, slightly medieval-way textures that make it ideal for players who enjoy edifice small homes and cute cottages in the game.

Though there are visible changes in block textures, most of them are just perfectly subtle but unlike plenty to keep things interesting. Information technology’s
a smashing Minecraft texture pack
for beginners who want to try something new only don’t want to completely alter how their game appears.



Minecraft Sapixcraft

  • Theme:
    Cartoon-like, playful, comic book
  • Creator:

Given how simplistic and vibrant
is, information technology’s almost begging for a more cartoonish texture pack. That’s exactly what Sapixcraft is all virtually. Information technology’southward full of rich colors, unproblematic and clean textures, and a playful creative fashion that might remind players of light-hearted RPG games.

One of the major highlights of the texture pack is how it treats tree leaves. Each leafage is now clearly drawn in leaf blocks, which makes them look absolutely stunning. But because the texture pack is playful and artsy, doesn’t mean it’s skimping on details.



Minecraft Dokucraft

  • Theme:

    Medieval fantasy, RPG
  • Creator:

Dokucraft is one of the oldest and
nearly popular texture packs in the

community, and for practiced reason. It’s a gorgeous, medieval fantasy-style texture pack that’south perfect for RPG gamble maps or multiplayer servers. In many ways, it resembles the famous John Smith texture pack.

Dokucraft is a bit more inspired past roguelike games and comes in three different types: calorie-free, dark and high. Depending on the player’s colour scheme and saturation preferences, they can cull between the different types. The colors are pretty done out and bleak, perfect for a harsh RPG take chances game and for edifice ornate medieval castles.

Just Dokucraft Calorie-free is available for 1.18 as of January 2022.


Faithful x32

Minecraft Faithful

  • Theme:
  • Creator:

    The True-blue Team

A lot of players actually like how
looks as it is, and and so they prefer texture packs that remain faithful to the original colors and style of the game. That’due south probably how Faithful received its name as a texture pack, given how it remains loyal to
original mode and improves upon it.

The divergence isn’t easy to tell with a quick glance, simply the texture pack does make clean upwards a lot of the textures of the game and makes them more detailed and high resolution. Information technology’s the same game players know since its 2011 release, just with better quality textures.


Sphax PureBDCraft

Minecraft Sphax PureBDCraft

  • Theme:
    Artsy, comic book, playful, drawing-like
  • Creator:

While there’south zippo wrong with
default expect, it could use a flake more than cartoon to it. Sphax’s PureBDCraft combines art and environs to create just that. While a lot of the blocks and mobs look different, they’re nonetheless very recognizable, which is the forcefulness of this texture pack.

It’s a bang-up choice for players who love a cartoonish, playful, and colorful art style with a wholesome expect. The color scheme still remains very true to
Minecraft, but the textures are manner cleaner and of higher quality, making them appear less messy and more like pages out of a comic book.


XRay Ultimate

Minecraft XRay Ultimate Mod

  • Theme:
    Utility, non-cosmetic
  • Creator:

A list of popular texture packs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning to controversial XRay Ultimate resource pack. Still, the download numbers speak for themselves. Endless players have chosen this texture pack, which substantially allows them to see through walls and find precious ores similar diamonds with ease.

It goes without saying that XRay Ultimate is adulterous. However, what players do in their single-player worlds or among friends isn’t important. Information technology becomes problematic when players use this texture pack on survival multiplayer servers, where fairness and equality of resource are important due to the high number of players.


John Smith Legacy

Minecraft John Smith Legacy

  • Theme
    : Medieval fantasy, slightly realistic
  • Creator
    : JimStoneCraft
  • Image:

RPG features, such as enchanting, exploring the world, and combat actually favor all sorts of medieval cosmetic overhauls. That’due south probably why John Smith is one of
the best texture packs for
. It’south 1 of the most downloaded medieval fantasy texture packs in the game, perfect for run a risk maps and RPG servers.

John Smith might not have vibrant colors. In fact, it’s quite washed out and bleak, but it turns
into a medieval fantasy world in a blink of an center. Many of the blocks expect completely different from their original style, then players who dearest radical change and the medieval-style edifice will definitely appreciate this texture pack.


Compliance 64x

Minecraft Compliance Resource Pack

  • Theme
    : Default-friendly
  • Creator
    : Compliance Team

For lovers of a more than default-friendly look, Compliance 64x is another great option. It’s besides bachelor on Boulder. The matter virtually Compliance is that it stays true to
original style, without being as well calorie-free or unnoticeable, or being too drastic. It perfectly falls somewhere in the heart.

What makes Compliance unique, withal, is that it’s a texture pack made by multiple people. In fact, a community of artists is behind the creation of Compliance. Equally for the fashion itself, it cleans up a lot of the textures of the game but brings more detail to the parts that matter and should stick out to the player.



Minecraft Faithless Items

  • Theme
    : Retro RPG
  • Creator
    : ItsStitchyYT

Indie games take get increasingly popular over the last few years, cheers to their mannerly fine art style. This texture pack has the same amuse every bit
Stardew Valley
or a roguelike RPG game would have cheers to its high quality and adorably detailed retro RPG appearance.

There’s then much that Faithless gets right that appeals to people. It has nostalgia, vibrant colors, and a style that still fits the environs of
Minecraft. For players looking for something completely different, still not as well different, Faithless is the number one pick and without a doubt ane of the
tiptop textures for

correct now.


Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack

Minecraft Misas Texture Pack

  • Theme
    : Realistic, photographic
  • Creator
    : Misa

With better applied science and shaders,
modders have really pushed the limits of what the game is capable of. Misa’s texture pack is a bang-up example of it, doing a fantastic task at capturing the materials in
to a breathtakingly detailed extent.

Combine this texture pack with a shader, and
looks like a completely new game. Of course, low-cease PCs might struggle running something equally heavy equally this, only the end results definitely arrive worth a shot for players who can afford to push their PC’due south limits.


was released on November xviii, 2011, and is available on PC, PlayStation iv, Xbox I, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation Vita, and Apple tree TV.

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