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Android 11 Screen Recorder Not Working

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Top 5 Fixes for Android 11 Screen Recorder Not Showing Up

Among several new features in Android 11, native screen recording capability is i of the well-nigh exciting. Surprisingly, the Screen Recorder feature does not announced for many Android 11 users. If it does not appear on your phone running Android xi, you take come to the right page. Here nosotros will help y’all to fix screen recorder not appearing on Android eleven telephone.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing FR3

Android xi’s screen recording feature likewise lets y’all record audio. Then y’all tin can narrate the videos while recording them. On height of that, you tin can fifty-fifty enable the ability to show keys on the screen. Interested in having the functionality ASAP?

Allow’s see how to ready missing feature of Screen Recorder on your Android 11 phone.

1. Check the requirements

You lot might find this odd, but you demand to make sure that yous are using an advisable version of Android 11 on your telephone. The screen recording feature was introduced in Android 11 just. So zilch less than this will have this functionality.

To cheque your version of Android, open Settings and go to About. Bank check the number listed under Android version. If you are using an older version, update your telephone.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 1

two. Restart the phone

If y’all recently installed Android 11 on your phone, you demand to restart it. Sometimes such a unproblematic idea works wonders.

3. Add quick settings

If you are looking for the Screen Recorder app in the app drawer or phone settings, yous volition exist disappointed. This is because there is no special app or setting for Screen Recorder. It’s slightly subconscious and tin only be accessed from the quick settings panel.

For those who don’t know, the quick settings console is the tray of settings toggles that announced when y’all open the notification panel. You tin even customize the quick settings panel.

Here are the steps to admission screen recorder in Android eleven:

Stride 1:
Open the notification panel on your telephone. Drag downward on the shadow again to view the full list of shortcuts. Otherwise, pull down the notification panel using the bar below the shortcuts.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 2

2nd step:
Swipe left to view various shortcuts. You will observe the screen recording option. Tap on it to showtime recording (more than info below).

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 3

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 5

In case the screen recording choice does not announced, y’all volition demand to add it to the quick settings console. To exercise this, open up the Quick Settings panel and tap the Edit icon (which looks like a pencil).

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 4

Scroll down to view the full list of bachelor settings. Y’all should come across Screen Tape at the bottom. Impact and hold the Screen Recording shortcut and drag information technology to the meridian panel which consists of the icons that will appear in the Quick Settings console.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 6

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 7

Once the screen recorder has been added to the quick settings, you tin admission it directly.

Get back and open the quick settings console from the notification shade. Swipe left to view various shortcuts. Tap Screen recording to start recording.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 8

iv. Uninstall third-party screen recording apps

You should remove any third-party screen recording apps if the screen recording selection is not showing in the quick settings panel. It worked for many users. In one case you have uninstalled the third-party app, restart the phone. Then follow method 3 and the Screen Recorder should appear.

5. Update all applications

We also suggest that yous update the Google app and Google Play services on your phone. Check out our tutorial on how to update Google Play services on Android phones.

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Bonus: How to filter recording in Android 11

Once yous get the screen recording shortcut in the quick settings panel, information technology’southward time to use information technology. Tap the shortcut. A confirmation screen will announced. You volition also find various settings of Screen Recorder here. You lot can activate the sound and keys by activating the toggle next to them.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 8

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 9

In the case of audio, you lot can select the audio source for your video. You can choose between Microphone, Device audio, and Device audio and microphone. To choose the sound source, tap the small downward arrow next to Tape sound after turning it on. Then select the source. Finally, printing Start to begin the screen recording process.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 10

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 11

To plow off the recording process, open the notification panel and tap on the red “ Press Finish ” notification.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 12

How to admission screen recording in Android 11

The recording volition exist saved on your phone. You lot can access it using whatever gallery app or use the Google Photos app. If yous want to edit or view it from the Google Photos app, open the app and tap the Library tab. Then tap Movies.

Android 11 screen recorder not showing 13

Recording screens is fun

This is how you get the screen recording feature to appear on your Android 11 phone. Don’t worry if information technology doesn’t initially appear in quick settings every bit yous tin can still make it appear with the solutions mentioned in a higher place -above. Y’all should only use third-party apps if the phone manufacturer has blocked or disabled them on your phone.


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