Android Turn Off Dynamic Lock Screen

Exist information technology your favorite wallpaper or a cherishing memory, the glance screen takes all of information technology away from your lock screen by constantly changing wallpapers filled with advertisements. While some of you might experience fascinated with the automatically irresolute wallpapers, it might get a little uneasy if you’re running on a limited cyberspace quota. With that being said, let’southward await at three effective methods to remove or disable Glance Screen permanently on your Android telephone in this explainer. Additionally, yous tin can learn to make your own 3D wallpaper on Android.

What is Glance Screen on Android Phones?

Glance Screen on Android phones is an overlay that resides on top of your organization’s lock screen offering dynamic wallpapers every time you lock/unlock your device. While this feature might wait interesting, most smartphone manufacturers use it to push button promotional advertisements direct to your lock screen based on your preference. This feature has been labeled with different names on various smartphones namely,

  • Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO devices running MIUI:
    Glance Screen.
  • Samsung devices running OneUI:
  • iQOO/Vivo Devices devices running FunTouchOS:
    Lockscreen Poster.
  • Realme Devices running RealmeUI:
    Lock Screen Magazine.

Why should you Disable Glance Screen Right now?

At offset expect, the glance screen characteristic might look engrossing every bit information technology provides a new wait to your phone with each device unlock. Withal, there are sure downsides to it:

  • Consumes Information: The constantly irresolute lock screen wallpapers require significant internet data.
  • Cause Lags and Stutters: Glance Screen consumes pregnant RAM Space oftentimes resulting in lags and stutters.
  • Offering Irrelevant Content: The ads on these dynamic lock screens might sometimes become annoying and irrelevant.
  • Occupies Crucial Device Storage: The constantly changing lock screen wallpapers add up to the device cache files to occupy crucial device storage.

How to Remove or Disable Glance Screen Permanently on Android?

Now that y’all’ve learned the downside of using the Glance screen on your Android phone, let’s have a detailed look at three easy methods to disable it permanently on your Android device.

Disable Glance Screen from Settings

The easiest method to remove or disable the Glance Screen feature from your Android device is to toggle it off from the Settings app. Hither’s how you can achieve the same:

On Xiaomi/Redmi and POCO Devices

Open up the Settings app and tap on

Next, tap on the
Glance for Mi

nether the lock screen section and plough off its dedicated toggle to disable it on your Android device.

On Samsung Phones

Open the Settings app and tap on the
Wallpaper and Way

option to configure it.

Next, tap on the
Lockscreen Wallpaper Services

option and set up information technology to
on the next page to disable glance on Samsung phones.

Remove or Disable Glance Screen in Samsung

On Vivo/iQOO Devices

Open the Settings app and tap on
Lock Screen & Wallpaper.

Remove or Disable Glance Screen

Next, tap on
Lock Screen Settings

and printing the
Lockscreen poster

choice to configure it.

Turn off the toggle for
Lock Screen Poster Wallpaper

to disable the glance screen on your Vivo/iQOO telephone.

Remove or Disable Glance Screen in Vivo IQOO

On Oppo and Realme Devices

Open the Settings app and tap on the
Home screen and lock screen mag

Further, tap on the
Lockscreen mag

option and turn off its dedicated toggle on the next page.

Remove or Disable Glance Screen in Realme

Revoke Permissions to Disable Glance Screen Permanently

Another nifty method to hands remove or disable the glance screen permanently is to revoke all the app-associated permissions to alter wallpapers on your lock screen. Once washed, you volition not be bothered by any other interactive popups on your lock screen appearing alongside your lock screen wallpaper. Here’s how yous can fix the same:

Open the Settings app and tap on

Next, tap on the
Manage Apps option
and search for the
Wallpaper Carousel

app. Tap on the
Other Permissions


Revoke all the allowed permissions past pressing the

Additionally, plough off the toggle for
to foreclose the Wallpaper carousel app from starting automatically.

That’s information technology! You’ve successfully taken back all the app permissions to display interactive popups on your lock screen under the glance screen feature. Swiping left on your lock screen will not provide you lot with any interactive popups or video players anymore.

Uninstall the Wallpaper Carousel App to become rid of Glance Screen Updates

Too revoking app access privileges for the glance screen, you can also completely uninstall the Wallpaper Carousel app from your device to get rid of annoying interactive glance screen popups. Hither’s how yous tin uninstall the aforementioned:

Open the Settings app and search for the
Wallpaper carousel app
in the list of installed applications.

Adjacent, tap on the
Uninstall button
at the lesser to remove it from your Android device.

Bonus Tip: Disable GetApps Notification on devices running on MIUI

If you’re tired of receiving unwanted GetApps notifications on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO device running MIUI, yous can easily plow information technology off by altering a few arrangement settings. Follow our detailed guide on ‘iii Ways to Disable GetApps on Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Phones running MIUI ‘ to accomplish the aforementioned.


Q: How to Disable Glance Screen on Samsung Devices?

A: You lot tin can disable Glance Screen on Samsung devices by turning off the Lockscreen Wallpaper Services. Please refer to the steps mentioned above to achieve the same.

Q: Tin I disable the lock screen poster on Vivo smartphones?

Yeah, you need to head over to the lock screen settings to disable the lock screen poster on Vivo or iQOO smartphones.

Q: How to turn off glance in POCO and Realme devices?

POCO devices accept a defended toggle for Glance Screen while Realme devices offer the feature of lock screen magazine attainable under the lock screen settings to disable information technology.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s a wrap for the three ways to remove or disable the glance screen permanently on any Android phone. If this detailed explainer has helped you to provide an ad-free lock screen experience on your smartphone, so hitting the like button and share this with your loved ones to assist them conveniently get rid of this issue. As always, subscribe to GadgetsToUse and stay tuned for more useful guides like this ane.

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