Android Wifi Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting

Using a WiFi connectedness is actually keen as you practise not have to worry almost data limits and boring loading times. Even so, it becomes quite irritating if WiFi keeps disconnecting on your Android smartphone.

If you use WiFi on your Android smartphone and it keeps disconnecting so you have but landed on the perfect page to prepare your problem.

In this commodity, you will detect some means to troubleshoot WiFi bug with your Android smartphone.

Why Won’t WiFi Stay Connected On Android?

Table of contents

  • Why Won’t WiFi Stay Connected On Android?
    • Possible Reasons
  • Prepare WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Android
  • Restart Your Android Smartphone
  • Forget the Network and Reconnect
  • Reboot Your Router
  • Check Your Range
  • Brand Sure Your Device Isn’t Blocked
    • Update Your Router Firmware
    • Bank check for Interfering Apps
  • Reboot in Condom Manner
  • Reset Network Settings
    • Check Your Router With Other Devices
  • Closing Phrase

Possible Reasons

There may be dissimilar reasons behind WiFi malfunction, yous may have installed WiFi-related apps, switched to a different network,s or invalid settings. Here are some possible factors that tin can create problem with WiFi-

  • Connection Issues with a Item Network:
    Sometimes this may be a problem with the WiFi network itself, not your Android phone. And information technology keeps getting disconnected.
  • Interfering Apps:
    Are you lot using tertiary-party apps to notice the fastest WiFi network around? These apps interfere with functioning and cause problems.
  • Faulty Network Settings:
    Sometimes your phone might adopt improper network settings without your knowledge. This can result in the network malfunctioning, causing the issue.
  • Router Issues:
    A faulty router or outdated firmware can also cause this issue. Every bit a event, the WiFi keeps disconnecting.
  • Setting Data Limit:
    A lot of people utilise other Android smartphones every bit WiFi hotspots. The problem is that they generally have a limit of how much information they can allow for hotspot. Once y’all exceed that limit, the hotspot disconnects.
  • WiFi Range:
    If the router is sitting far from your Android device so signals may driblet oftentimes. Consider irresolute the WiFi band to 2.4 GHz from 5 GHz.

Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Android

Now you have an idea nigh possible cause of frequent disconnection here are some fixes you should follow –

Restart Your Android Smartphone

Restarting your smartphone is the nearly bones solution that applies to all the problems. If this is happening for the offset time then a restart can simply gear up the problem.

Step ane:
Press and concur the
Power button.

Step two:
The Ability menu now shows up. Here tap on ‘Restart’.

That’s it! Now your Android smartphone will restart.

If the normal restart isn’t working, y’all can also perform a forced restart. But hold the press and hold the ability push until the device shuts down. Now you can power it dorsum on.

Forget the Network and Reconnect

If you lot are having connectivity issues with a network, you can forget the network and then reconnect to information technology, it will assist to ready the issue:

Step 1:
Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2:
Tap on ‘Network & Internet’. option.

network and internet smartphone

Step three:
Select ‘WiFi’.

Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Android

Step four:
Tap on the WiFi network with issues. If you are not continued to it, tap on ‘Saved networks’ to find the problematic network, then select it.

saved network wifi

Step five:
Tap on ‘Forget’.

forget wifi

Now all yous take to do is reconnect to the WiFi network once again past entering the password. This will possibly fix the frequent disconnection issue.

Reboot Your Router

Oftentimes the WiFi-related issues are from the router side. To fix them, you can reboot your router.

You will find the instructions to reboot your router in the instructions manual if you haven’t thrown it away. Otherwise, yous can also refer to the router’s website. They as well provide rebooting instructions there.

However, the full general manner to reboot a router is by
unplugging the modem and the router
and and then await for

Afterward that, y’all are supposed to plug the modem so wait for two minutes. At present yous have to plug in the router. Give information technology fourth dimension to first properly and check if the trouble has gone away or not.

Check Your Range

If you wander effectually your abode while connected to WiFi, the range of your router might be causing this. It is recommended to place the router at a central location so that its indicate reaches everywhere.

As well, bank check if you are using the two.4GHz or 5GHz band, 2.4GHz offers a longer range simply limited speed while 5 GHz offers a brusque-range with high-speed connectivity.

You tin also use range extenders if your router has a short range. However, information technology would exist groovy if you stay close to the router when yous are continued to WiFi.

Make Sure Your Device Isn’t Blocked

If your Android device is blocked by your router, yous will not be able to connect to it and that is why you might see WiFi keeps getting disconnected on your smartphone.

You can easily cheque the list of blocked devices from the router settings menu. Access the router’due south interface and become to the listing of blocked devices. Different routers have different interfaces, you lot need to detect similar options.

Update Your Router Firmware

Just like Android updates bring new features and usability to your smartphone, router firmware also brings new features and fixes bugs.

Make sure yous update the router’s firmware, this can also ready the multiple WiFi issues.

Bank check for Interfering Apps

As mentioned earlier, some third-political party apps that are used to find the fastest network, or VPNs might as well crusade this result of WiFi disconnecting. Merely attempt uninstalling whatever firewall, or connection booster apps. This will probably fix the event for you.

Reboot in Safe Manner

If there are some apps that are causing the unstable WiFi connection, then booting in safe mode can assistance. Safety mode disables all the tertiary-political party apps temporarily.

If at that place is some app causing the problem, you tin detect and eliminate the app using this method. Here is how to do it:

Pace 1:
Press and hold the
Power button.

Step 2:
Now the Power bill of fare will testify up. Here tap and hold the ‘Power-off’ button.

Power Menu in Android

Pace 3:
You shall at present accept the selection reading “Reboot to safe mode”.

Reboot in Safe Mode on Android

Step 4:
Tap on ‘OK’.

That’s it and you will now kicking in safety mode.

Reset Network Settings

By resetting your network setting, you lot will get a fresh arroyo to network connections. Hither is how you can do it:

Step 1:
Open ‘Settings’.

Step 2:
Get all the way downward and tap on ‘System’.

system settings

Step 3:
Tap on the ‘Advanced’ drop-down menu to expand it and select ‘Reset options’.

android advanced options

android reset options

Step iv:
Select the ‘Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth’ option.

reset wifi to fix disconnecting issue

Footstep five:
Finally, tap on ‘RESET SETTINGS’.

reset settings

Once that process is consummate, you lot can reconnect to the WiFi network.

Check Your Router With Other Devices

Only try connecting other devices with your router. If they work fine, information technology means something is wrong with your smartphone. If other devices are also getting asunder from WiFI, and so there is something wrong with the router. In that case, get information technology checked by a technician or only get a new one.

Closing Phrase

That was all virtually how to fix if WiFi keeps disconnecting on Android. I have listed down all the possible solutions that will help yous to ready the issue. In case yous face up whatever difficulty in either of the steps or methods, experience free to reach out to united states of america.

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