Android X86 Bluetooth Not Turning On

One of the fundamental features of an Android device these days is the Bluetooth technology. This is such an important office of the phone that many of us take for granted, but as soon equally the characteristic stops working, information technology can cause all kinds of problems.

Fortunately, despite in that location being many reasons why a trouble could occur to your Bluetooth feature, there are also plenty of fixes. Today, we’re going to share with you the complete guide that details everything you demand to know to get your Bluetooth upward and running once again equally quickly as possible.

Let’s get direct into it!

  • Office 1. About Bluetooth Non Working on Android
  • Part 2. 9 fixes for Bluetooth not working on Android

Part 1. About Bluetooth Not Working on Android

Of course, the near mutual problem to occur with Bluetooth technology in your Android device is when it doesn’t connect to the device you’re trying to link information technology to. This could be annihilation from a Bluetooth headset or headphones, to a portable speaker or fifty-fifty an in-car sound system.

However, the bug don’t stop in that location. You lot may have problems with turning your Bluetooth settings on through your actual device. Maybe the software simply isn’t loading, or peradventure the Bluetooth feature keeps turning itself off randomly.

Due to the complicated nature of Bluetooth technology, there could be many reasons as to why your Bluetooth feature is playing up in this way, simply that doesn’t hateful information technology can’t exist stock-still. For the balance of this guide, we’re going to explore the nine need-to-know ways you can set up the Bluetooth problems not working on your Android device as quickly as possible.

Function 2. 9 fixes for Bluetooth not working on Android

two.1 One click to fix Android Bluetooth issues due to Android system

Since Bluetooth is an internal technology, this indicates at that place’s a problem with the software or firmware of your Android device. If something’s broken, this means you need to fix it. Fortunately, in that location’s a quick and easy manner to do this using software known as MdFone – Organization Repair (Android).

MedicoFone – Organization Repair (Android) is a powerful Android repair tool which is hailed as many every bit being on the all-time software applications in the industry. With all the tools yous need to repair your phone non but for Bluetooth errors, but basically any internal firmware bug, this is a one-shot-tool that gets the job done.

DoctorFone – Organisation Repair (Android)

Android repair tool to fix Bluetooth issues in one click

  • Can fix most internal software and firmware issues
  • Trusted by over fifty+ 1000000 people around the world
  • Supports over 1,000+ unique Android brands, manufacturers, and devices
  • Incredibly user-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Uniform with all Windows computers

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To ensure you take the all-time experience while using the Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android) software, here’s a complete step-past-footstep guide on how it works when fixing your Android’s Bluetooth issues.

Step Ane
Brand your way over to the Wondershare website and download the Dr.Fone – Organisation Repair (Android) software to either your Mac or Windows computer. Install the downloaded file by following the on-screen instructions. In one case installed, open the software, then you’re on the Main Menu.

bluetooth not working on android - use a tool

Footstep 2
Connect your Android device to your calculator using the USB cable, wait a couple of seconds, and and so click the System Repair option. On the Bill of fare on the left, click Android Repair, and then printing Start.

bluetooth not working on android - select option

Step Three
Next, use the drop-down menus to make sure all the information nearly your specific device is right, including your device, operating organisation number, and carrier information. Click Next to confirm your selections.

bluetooth not working on android - confirm info

Stride Four
When prompted, put your telephone into Download Mode needed for repairs. You tin do this by following the on-screen instructions which volition depend on which device you have and the available buttons.

bluetooth not working on android - download mode to fix issues

Stride V
The software volition at present begin the repair process. This will happen automatically, and all you’ll need to exercise is make sure your device doesn’t disconnect during this process, and your reckoner doesn’t plow off.

bluetooth not working on android - start repairing

When the repair process has been completed, you’ll receive the screen below, which means yous tin try again if the process didn’t piece of work, or you lot tin disconnect your device and start using it and your Bluetooth features.

2.two Restart Android and plow on Bluetooth again

bluetooth not working on android - restart android

Ane of the nigh common solutions in engineering science is simply to turn it on and off again, which is the example to happen hither. By restarting your device, you can clear out any problems you may be suffering from to help it get up and running again. Here’s how;

  1. Plow your Android device off by holding down the Ability button
  2. Look for several minutes and so turn your phone on over again
  3. Look for your phone to completely ability up, so you’re on the Master Carte du jour
  4. Navigate Settings > Bluetooth and then enable the setting
  5. Try to connect your Bluetooth device to what you were trying to do earlier

2.iii Articulate the Bluetooth cache

android bluetooth problems - clear cache

Every service on your Android device using a feature called a cache. This is where information is stored to help the feature run properly and give you the best experience. However, over fourth dimension this can get messy and can cause problems with your Bluetooth feature.

By clearing the cache, you can restart the service and hopefully clear upwards whatever bug or issues you may be experiencing.

  1. On your telephone, navigate Settings > Awarding Manager, and you’ll come across all the apps and services on your phone. Locate and select the Bluetooth service.
  2. Select the Storage pick
  3. Tap the Clear Enshroud option
  4. Become back of the Menu and restart your phone
  5. Now turn your Bluetooth feature on and turn connecting information technology to your preferred device

2.4 Remove paired devices

android bluetooth problems - remove paired devices

Sometimes, you may accept a problem with the device yous’re trying to connect to via Bluetooth, especially if this is a device you’ve updated. To counter and repair this, you’re going to demand to remove the paired devices saved with your device and so reconnect them.

Hither’due south how;

  1. From the Primary Carte of your Android device, head to Settings > Bluetooth > Connected Devices.
  2. Turn Bluetooth on, and you’ll see all the connections your Android device is paired with
  3. Get through these settings and remove/delete/forget every connexion on your device
  4. At present when you go to connect to a device using Bluetooth, repair the device, enter the passcode, and apply a fresh paired connection.

2.five Use Bluetooth in safety mode

android bluetooth problems - safe mode

If you’re having problems with your connection and paired devices, sometimes you may accept conflicting software faults in your device that are causing the bug. If this is the case, you lot’ll demand to boot your Android device in Safe Mode.

This is an operating state in which your phone will run the bare minimum services it needs to perform. If your Bluetooth works in Safe Mode, y’all know you take an app or a service that’s causing the trouble.

Here’south how to detect out;

  1. Hold the power button down, so the Android ability carte du jour turns on
  2. Long-press the power button once more and the restart in Condom Way option will come up up
  3. The phone will automatically boot into Safe Mode
  4. Wait a infinitesimal on the Main Menu
  5. Now turn on your Bluetooth and connect information technology to your preferred device

2.six Plough on the discoverable feature

android bluetooth problems - discoverable feature

To ensure your Bluetooth can connect to other devices, it’s important to make sure yous’re making your device discoverable to other Bluetooth devices. If information technology’s hidden, other devices won’t be able to detect information technology, and sometimes it tin bug and foreclose connections.

Here’southward how to turn on your Bluetooth discoverable feature;

  1. From the home screen of your Android, navigate to the Carte du jour> Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Toggle the Bluetooth switch, so it’due south on
  3. Nether the available settings, tick the box that allows your Bluetooth device to be discoverable
  4. Plow your Bluetooth characteristic on and connect to the device you’re trying to connect too

ii.7 Exclude Bluetooth issues of the other device

android bluetooth problems - exclude Bluetooth issues of others

Sometimes, you might not fifty-fifty have a problem with your Android phone, merely rather the Bluetooth device you’re trying to connect to, whether that’s a Bluetooth speaker, an in-car amusement system, or any other kind of Bluetooth device.

By testing out another Bluetooth device to encounter if it will work with your preferred device, you can rule this out from being the issue.

  1. Disconnect your Android device from the Bluetooth device and plow your Bluetooth off
  2. Now accept another Bluetooth device and connect this to the device you’re trying to connect too. This could be another Android device, or even a calculator or iOS device
  3. If the new device doesn’t connect to your Bluetooth device, you’ll know there’s a trouble with your Bluetooth device, not your Android device
  4. If the devices connect, you’ll know at that place’s a problem with your Android device

2.8 Place both devices within close proximity

android bluetooth problems - close proximity

One of the common misconceptions of Bluetooth is just how far the wireless range is of the service. You lot need to brand certain your devices are well and truly shut to each other to brand sure a stable connection tin be formed.

The farther away the devices are from each other, the less likely the connection will remain secure. Every bit a rule of thumb, Bluetooth can work upwards to 100 meters, but to play it safe, always try and continue your devices under 50m apart.

2.nine Avoid interference of other Bluetooth sources

android bluetooth problems - avoid interference

The concluding consideration you’ll want to think most is that Bluetooth radio waves, or wireless waves, tin can interfere with each other. This means they can bounce off each other or go muddled up and make things confusing from your devices.

With this in mind, yous’ll want to brand certain you’re limiting the corporeality of Bluetooth activity in the expanse where you’re trying to utilise a device. While uncommon, this could exist the trouble.

To set up this issue, plough off all the Bluetooth connections in the area. This includes computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and whatever other Bluetooth devices you may have. And then, try connecting your Android device to the device y’all were trying to utilise. If it works, you know you were experiencing Bluetooth interference.