Annke NC800 Review: Brilliant video even at night

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Information technology actually needs a network video recorder to become the most out of it, but with the right kit behind it, the Annke NC800 is an excellent outdoor camera. Shooting at 4K and working at virtually-pitch-blackness, this camera shoots some of the best footage that we’ve ever seen.


  • Incredible footage
  • Shoots in near dark
  • Great value


  • Out-of-the-box experience non great
  • Needs a network recorder to go the nigh out of it


  • UK
    RRP: £191.99

Key Features

  • Type
    This is an outdoor security camera that shoots video in 4K.

  • Connnection
    This camera used Ethernet for both data and power.


If in that location’s ane thing that security cameras aren’t always very practiced at, it’southward shooting video at dark. The Annke NC800 (Dark Chroma) camera is designed to set up that, shooting full colour with very little light, and using a spotlight to farther boost its capabilities. Astonishing quality video at a resolution of 4K makes this model stand out, only it’s a piddling fiddly to prepare upward and ideally needs to piece of work with a designated video recorder.

Design and installation

  • Large camera with a flexible stand
  • Works with PoE
  • No Wi-Fi

The Annke NC800 is a very large outdoor security camera (79 10 79 10 215mm). It’s built into a metal instance, and then has a rugged feel to it. Information technology needs to be mounted onto wall using the attached bracket. This gives plenty of movement, so you lot can indicate the photographic camera wherever y’all want. Adjusting the camera does mean undoing two different Torx screws, both in a different size.

Annke NC800 mount

In that location’s no Wi-Fi on this model, then you demand to employ Ethernet instead. Fortunately, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported, so you tin can run power and information downwards the aforementioned cable. You lot will demand to provide your own PoE injector, as none is provided in the box.

Annke NC800 Ethernet

One time connected to your home network, the camera takes on a default IP address, and then yous need to employ the utility (bachelor every bit a download or, like it’s 2001, on a mini CD in the box). This finds the unconfigured camera and lets you join it to your network, plus set a username and countersign.


  • Shoots fantabulous video
  • Powerful motility detection options
  • ONVIF support expands compatibility

Once on your home network, you tin can connect to the camera’southward web-based management page to control the camera. From hither, you can view the live stream (although not in Chrome, equally this browser insists on trying to install a plug-in) and configure some of the options.

With a microSD card slot on this camera, you can install local storage for recording and use the camera offline. Via the web interface, yous can set up motion detection, including activity zones.

Annke NC800 memory card

Annke also has special motion detection options. Line crossing detection picks upwards movement when an object moves across a line; region entrance is similar just only picks up movement moving into the zone; region get out picks up motion moving out of a zone.

There’s also the option to only choice up humans or vehicles, using the on-camera detection. That’s similar to the range of features on the Arlo Ultra.

It’south worth setting how and when the spotlight will work, too.

Annke NC800 configuration

With these defaults, you get basic recording, but will need to check your email for notifications and employ the basic web interface to view clips. Annke does have a mobile app, but it’southward not particularly adept.

Instead, this camera is better used with a recorder. Annke has its ain Network Video Recorders, simply this camera also supports ONVIF, so can be used with third-party options. I used the Synology Surveillance Station, complimentary for anyone with a Synology NAS.

Synology doesn’t have an entry for Annke, only installing the camera every bit a generic HIKVISION model works: y’all merely have to enter the IP accost of the photographic camera, plus your username and password.

Synology Surveillance Station needs some configuration to work properly, including setting upward the available streams. The Primary Stream should be set up to 4K at 20fps, the 2d Stream should be left equally the default low-resolution choice. Dual streams mean that you can view the high-quality version when on your local network, simply use the low resolution pick when you’re on a mobile connection.

Annke NC800 profile setting in Synology Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station has its own motion detection option, but that won’t use the photographic camera’s more than advanced features. For that reason, I recommend setting upwardly motion detection on the camera, and telling Surveillance Station to use the photographic camera’s settings.

Finer, what this does is tell the camera to notify Surveillance Station when there’south motility, and and then the recording is saved to your NAS, effectively giving you a huge amount of storage.

Thanks to Synology QuickConnect, you can connect to your photographic camera when you’re out and about, and use the mobile app. This app isn’t quite every bit fully-featured equally the competition, such equally Band or Nest, but information technology gets the basics right: y’all get motion alerts, and can see the live stream.

Annke NC800 Synology app

You can too view a thumbnail listing or recordings and download clips to your phone.

Annke NC800 video files

As an alternative to having to pay for cloud storage the combination of Annke controls and Synology Surveillance Station prove to be powerful.

Video quality

  • Splendid, abrupt video during the day
  • Incredible dark footage
  • Quite a focussed field of view

With its 124-degree (diagonal) field of view, the Annke NC800 has a slightly narrower field of view than many outdoor cameras. Information technology’southward still enough to capture a proficient amount of your outside, merely position your camera advisedly to make sure you can view the area you desire.

Annke NC800 lens

Video quality from this camera is infrequent, with the camera shooting at a 4K resolution and 20fps. In fact, video quality is the best that I’ve seen, hands-downward. During the mean solar day, the camera shoots with a huge amount of detail, splendid colours and spot-on exposure. As you tin can see from the even so epitome below, the event looks more similar a still photo than a grab from a video.

Annke NC800 day sample

At nighttime, the f/ane.0 lens shows its magic. Without the forepart spotlight on, the camera makes the night sky expect similar day. Item at night is hugely impressive, with the camera able to capture video in total colour, maintaining a level of sharpness that I’ve not seen from other cameras.

Annke NC800 night sample

Motion is a little blurrier than during the day, as you can come across from the screenshot below. However, the video even so retains far more than particular than with any other camera that I’ve reviewed.

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Should yous buy it?

If you’re willing to put a bit of time into the configuration, then the NC800 brings you incredible video quality at a great price.

If yous want a simpler solution with a cleaner and easier to use the app, and so this isn’t the camera for you lot.

Concluding Thoughts

The Annke NC800 isn’t quite an out-of-the-box product. If you want simpler control and cloud storage, then I’d go with something else on my listing of the best outdoor cameras, choosing from Arlo, Ring or Nest.

If you do have a storage system that you can utilize, such equally a Synology NAS, then the NC800 will bring you lot some of the best security footage that y’all become. Overall, slightly more than hassle and a bit of a clunkier interface are prices worth paying for the video quality on offer.

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How does the Annke NC800 encounter at night?

Its wide aperture lens lets a lot of light in, so even with minimal lighting outside the camera can shoot full-colour video.

Tin can you use the Annke NC800 as a standalone camera with a storage server?

Yep you can, although the app is rather basic.

Full specs

U.k. RRP


Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

Start Reviewed Date

Model Number


Battery Length

App Control

Camera Blazon

Mounting selection

View Field

Recording selection

Night vision


Motion detection

Activeness zones

Object detection

Ability source

Annke NC800


Anchor Bay

79 10 215 x 79 MM

859 G



Annke NC800

3840 ten 2160



Outdoor security


124 degrees

SD, storage server

Yes (total colour)


Yes (video)


People. vehicles



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