AnyUnlock Allows You to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

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Whether you are a educatee, professional, or a normal consumer, yous must exist using a passcode on your iPhone. Most people opt for Touch on ID or Confront ID, merely iOS does ask for a passcode to authenticate users in sure scenarios. Merely what if you forget the passcode? Hither’s how you can easily unlock your iPhone without a passcode.

When you lot reboot your iPhone or when there are several failed attempts to unlock the telephone, the system volition inquire for a passcode to verify your authenticity. After using Touch ID or Face ID for a long time, you might forget the original passcode on your phone.

We have also seen some users buying a second-paw iPhone from online sources, only to receive a device in locked condition. If the original possessor isn’t replying to your messages, you might exist left with an iPhone good for paperweight only.

Kickoff, we will employ Apple’s Find My iPhone service to gain back the command without passcode, and then we will talk almost a third-political party app to get the job done.

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Using Observe My iPhone

Every bit the name suggests, Find My iPhone allows you to find your iPhone using your Apple account. That’s non all. You can also reset the device if your iPhone is stolen. Using this method, you lot can apace proceeds access to your iPhone without a passcode.

Follow the steps beneath to unlock iPhone without a passcode using the Notice My iPhone service.

Go to the Find My iPhone website in your preferred browser.

Sign in using your Apple account credentials.

Click on
All Devices
at the superlative and select your iPhone from the listing.

select iPhone

Erase iPhone,
and a pop-upward will announced to confirm your determination.

erase iPhone

You might be required to enter your Apple ID password for further confirmation.

erase iPhone confirm

Find My iPhone volition erase all the content on your iPhone and set it to mill settings. Now you tin can access your iPhone from scratch. You need to restore the backup from iCloud or PC/Mac, and y’all are good to go with your iPhone.

While the Notice My iPhone function works similar a charm, in that location are some shortcomings.

Detect My iPhone Limitations

For Find My iPhone to erase the data, the iPhone must have a network connexion. If your iPhone is on Aeroplane mode or doesn’t have an active network connection, Observe My iPhone won’t work.

What if y’all forget to enable the Detect My iPhone service in the first place? That way, you won’t exist able to employ Find My iPhone to erase the data, and you tin’t unlock iPhone without a passcode.

As you may accept observed, you lot need to log in to an Apple account and recall the Apple account password to erase data. That’s not possible when you lot go a 2nd-hand iPhone from other sources as you won’t have your Apple ID logged in to your iPhone. Hither is where a tertiary-party solution chosen AnyUnlock jumps in.

Let’southward learn more about the software.

What is AnyUnlock? And Why You Should Download It?

As the name suggests, AnyUnlock can be your perfect companion to unlock iPhone without a passcode. It’s fast, reliable, and gets the job done in three simple steps.

Also, none of the Find My iPhone limitations will hold y’all back from gaining access to iPhone. AnyUnlock will unlock your iPhone without a passcode even when you aren’t logged in with your Apple account.

The software supports all the iPhone models running iOS 7 or later versions. Are you ready to requite it a endeavour? Let us show you how to unlock iPhone without a passcode using AnyUnlock software.

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with AnyUnlock

First, you need to download the AnyUnlock app using the link below. The software is available on both Windows and Mac.

Download AnyUnlock

Upon successful AnyUnlock installation, follow the steps below.

on your estimator or Mac.

From the app home screen, select
Unlock Screen Passcode.

unlock iPhone

Check the supported scenarios and click on the
push at the height.

start unlock process
Check your iPhone model, installed the iOS version from the following menu. Hit
at the bottom and download the firmware for your iPhone model.
download firmware

After the successful download process, click on
Unlock At present

unlock iPhone

You will get a confirmation message saying your iPhone passcode is removed successfully. Your iPhone is now ready to use from the scratch. You lot can cheque the detailed guide from AnyUnlock to clear whatsoever defoliation.

You can likewise glance over the YouTube video below to unlock iPhone without a passcode.


AnyUnlock is available for a yearly subscription at $49.99 for 1 PC or 1 Mac. If you lot are not a fan of subscriptions, you tin go with a lifetime programme at $69.99. If yous fail to unlock or remove a password with AnyUnlock, the company guarantees 100% money back in lx days.

Apple Observe My iPhone should get back access to your iPhone but if you are held dorsum by Find My’s limitations, you tin easily unlock iPhone with a passcode using AnyUnlock.


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