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Noon Legends exploit makes controller even stronger confronting mouse & keyboard

Apex Legends players feel that a certain exploit is giving controller players too much of an unfair reward during battles.



L-Star in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community is upset nearly an exploit that they feel is giving controller players a serious competitive edge over mouse and keyboard users.

In Apex Legends matches, perfecting your aim volition determine your chances of victory, and controller players can employ the aim assist feature to ensure that their crosshairs state accurately on the enemies.

This feature has been extremely controversial equally PC players feel that it makes things as well easy on consoles. At present, an exploit is giving controller players an even bigger reward during Apex Legends matches.

Professional player Volition ‘TeQ’ Starck tweeted a prune of a controller user dominating their opponents with smashing ease. They stated that using a mouse and keyboard feels “pointless” at this point.

This led to a response from 100 Thieves player Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin who asked TeQ if the movement used by the Apex Legends actor was being achieved through the use of Steam’s config feature.

Steam’southward config lets controller players bind their move to the WASD keys on a keyboard, allowing them to tap strafe with neat ease. Essentially, information technology gives controller players the aforementioned movement every bit keyboard and mouse players.

Equally a result, they can make harder turns and use bunny hopping during battles. Combining this with the aim assist characteristic means that controller players tin move around extremely quickly while accurately taking out enemies.

Aim assist was already a signal of controversy among the Noon Legends community, and PC players feel that it has given controller users likewise much of an unfair competitive advantage in battles.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends pro reveals best weapon to get 4k damage badge in Season xiv

Apex Legends pro iiTzTimmy has revealed the weapon players should exist using in gild to go the 4k damage badges in Season 14.



apex legends aiming down sights

For those looking to get the 4k harm badge in Apex Legends Season 14, popular content creator and pro iiTzTimmy has revealed the all-time weapon to use.

In improver to performing slap-up in Apex Legends Ranked Leagues, receiving rewards such equally Swoop Trails and weapon charms to show off your rank, player badges are as well a bully indication of skill.

Players can display diverse achievements on their banners with badges and trackers, showing how many kills they take on a certain Legend, or maybe even their win streak in Arenas.

I of the most illustrious badges is the 4k damage bluecoat, obtained after a player reaches four,000 damage in a single match. A lot of players will grind for this badge, making tactical choices about which Fable to choose and which weapon to employ.

Luckily, pop Apex Legends content creator and pro iiTzTimmy has revealed what he thinks is the “hugger-mugger” to getting a 4k damage bluecoat in Noon Legends Season 14.

The weapon iiTzTimmy believes is the surreptitious to getting high-damage games in Apex is the
Longbow, equally the pro manages to get 4,892 damage in a match.

This may come every bit a surprise to players, as the Longbow isn’t exactly the well-nigh pop weapon, just with the addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-Up, it can be an absolute harm car if you’re accurate.

The great thing about the Longbow is that it isn’t too difficult to estimate in terms of bullet drop, and so every bit long as you go some practice with the weapon in the Firing Range, you lot should exist golden.

The Longbow likewise does splendid damage, hitting for 55 damage to the trunk, and even more to the head, especially with Skullpiercer.

As iiTzTimmy is on PC, and using a mouse and keyboard, you may find that using the Longbow with a controller is slightly more difficult. If that’due south the case, ensure yous have the best controller settings for Apex Legends to get the most out of the weapon.

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Apex Legends Rank distribution: Season fourteen Ranked breakup

Wondering how your Noon Legends Rank stacks up against the rest of the community? Here’southward a breakdown of the Ranked distribution in Flavor 14.



Apex Legends Vantage with rank badges

Apex Legends Flavor 14 brought some other Ranked split, taking players to the revamped Kings Canyon and changing Entry Costs and Kill RP. Here’southward a total breakup of the Ranked distribution in Apex Legends Season 14.

Every flavour, Apex Legends players grind out Ranked to earn rewards and perhaps accomplish the illustrious Noon Predator rank. Season thirteen brought major changes with Ranked Reloaded, and then Flavour 14 tweaked the arrangement even further.

With college entry costs and kills bearing more weight, the Ranked distribution looks much different to Season xiii as players are finding it more difficult to achieve positive RP, even when winning matches.

If yous’re wondering how your Rank compares to the rest of the customs, here’s a total breakdown of Flavor 14’due south Ranked distribution as of September 12 thanks to Apex Legends Status.

Apex Legends Rank Distribution
Rookie 12.273%
Bronze Iv 13.161%
Bronze Three 4.53%
Bronze Ii 3.808%
Bronze I 2.985%
Silver IV three.766%
Silver 3 3.972%
Silver Two three.71%
Argent I 3.329%
Gold IV 7.233%
Golden Iii five.85%
Gold II 4.821%
Gold I 4.585%
Platinum IV 9.703%
Platinum 3 4.022%
Platinum Two 2.553%
Platinum I 2.225%
Diamond IV 5.542%
Diamond III 0.543%
Diamond II 0.266%
Diamond I 0.162%
Primary 0.896%
Noon Predator 0.092%

Noon Legends Flavour 14 Ranked distribution explained

Once players get by Statuary, Platinum IV is the side by side most populated Rank in Apex Legends Season fourteen, with Gold IV and Diamond IV coming in closely behind.

There are a few reasons why the starting time division of each rank is more populated. A new rank means tougher opponents and although demotion has been introduced, players get three games worth of demotion protection which might be belongings them in place.

Also, everyone in the same rank will become the same rewards, so players might exist happy to get the rewards but feel the side by side rank is unachievable then don’t want to grind whatever further.

Of grade, Noon Predator is the to the lowest degree populated rank as but the top 750 players can enter it. Then it’s actually Diamond I with the second-fewest players. With how loftier the Predator RP cost is, these high-skill players can get past Diamond I but can’t accomplish Predator so are stuck in Masters, giving it a higher number of players.

Apex Legends Ranked distribution graph

The side by side Apex Legends Ranked split brings Storm Point and a Rank reset, so wait these numbers to change again soon. Plus, you can check out what NICKMERCS would modify about the way.

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