Apex Legends Best Legendary Weapon Skins

Here nosotros’ll rank all the Spitfire skins that Respawn has released so far in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends was released in February 2019 as a free-to-play hero-shooter battle royale game. Because of its unique features and gameplay style, the game drew players from a multifariousness of games and genres. It became ane of the most popular video games of all time in a few months.

The hero-shooter aspect of the game along with its precision gunplay and mobility skills, gained notable recognition from the general gaming populous within a curt time. The weapon collection was mostly derived from the Tifanfall world, which fabricated the game more recognizable and enjoyable to play.

The Spitfire is a fully automatic anti-personnel light auto gun that beginning appeared in the Titanfall franchise. The gun was very popular in Titalfall, which afterwards made an advent in the Noon Legends along with other popular weapons like R-301, Wingman, and more.

The Spitfire LMG was very popular since its launch because it was an like shooting fish in a barrel weapon to apply. The gun had very lilliputian recoil, a huge magazine size, and about chiefly, it dealt a tremendous corporeality of damage that could annihilate a whole squad without reloading. Because of that, the Spitfire has gone through substantial nerfs over time, just it nonetheless packs quite a dial even in Season xiii.

Spitfire is still a weapon of selection for players in the highest level of competition and coincidental player base. To brand the apply of Spitfire more thrilling, Respawn has introduced many satisfying skins for players from fourth dimension to time.

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  • Best Spitfire Skins in Apex Legends (A Complete Tier List)

    • Peak 10 Best Spitfire skins in Noon Legends

      • ten. Copper Hook

      • nine. Manner of the Serpent

      • viii. Casket Decor

      • 7. Countless Countdown

      • 6. Sea Stalker

      • 5. Bone Saw

      • 4. Frozen Fury

      • 3. The Intimidator

      • 2. Pharoah’due south Fire

      • 1. Molten Soul

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  • Upcoming Spitfire Skins

Equally of now, in season 13 of Apex Legends, Respawn has released 74 skins for the Spitfire. Among them, there are 19 legendary, 11 epic, 28 rare, and lastly, 16 common skins.

At present we’ll rank each of the Legendary Spitfire skins that Respawn has released in Apex Legends thus far, putting them into iii categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

The S-Tier skins are the virtually unique, rare, and cool-looking skins that players look for inside the death boxes or ask their teammates to drop if they don’t have them in their loadout. The A-Tier skins are rare and eye-catching only autumn slightly short behind their Due south-Tier counterparts.

Last merely not to the lowest degree, the B-Tier skins. These skins are legendary Spitfire cosmetics that expect and feel okay. Players would beloved to take these skins, but they don’t mind non having one of them.

As with any other tier listing, this ane will be highly subjective. This list volition be ideal for newcomers too as returning veterans who are looking for cool-looking Spitfire skins.

Tier Skins
Best (S-Tier) Winter Soul, Molten Soul, Pharoah’s Fire, Demon’s Claw, The Intimidator
Good (A-Tier) Frozen Fury, Bone Saw, Sea Stalker, Endless Inaugural
Boilerplate (B-Tier) Casket Decor, Way of the Ophidian, Copper Claw

Respawn has released a pretty diverse drove of legendary Spitfire skins. At present, nosotros are going to highlight x of the all-time ones. Some of these skins stand up out more than their counterparts, mainly due to their unique design or a really dope-looking colorway.

x. Copper Claw

Credit: EA

Copper Hook is a Legendary Spitfire skin that was released in Monsters Within Themed Event in Flavour x. Equally the proper name suggests, the main body of the Spitfire is made of Copper. The scratches throughout the gun give information technology a battle-scar look which makes the pare more demanding.

9. Mode of the Serpent

Way of the Serpent
Credit: EA

Manner of the Serpent is a colorful and peachy-looking Spitfire skin. The green serpent on the skin is nicely wrapped around the skin from top to the end. Not but that, the demon mask at the back and the tsuka-ito style hilt wrapping over the grips and stock make the skin more than unique.

8. Casket Decor

Casket Decor
Credit: EA

At first glance, the Casket Decor looks very much like the Copper Claw skin because of the colour combination. However, the thorough details of the skin are what separates this skin from the crowd. Casket Decor was first released in the Lost Treasure Drove Event in Season five.

7. Endless Countdown

Endless Countdown
Credit: EA

Countless Inaugural is a gorgeous spitfire skin that was inspired by the Clocktrain Octane Skin. The golden color combination and unique design of the skin look admittedly stunning. Moreover, the greenish Octane stim serums at the side of the skin add together more to the beauty of Countless Countdown skin.

vi. Sea Stalker

Sea Stalker
Credit: EA

Ocean Stalker is a Shark-themed skin that was released in the Night Depth Thematic Event in Season 11. Everything on the skin has parts related to body of water sharks that add to the scariness in the pare. The Blue chromatic color with a mix of gold also makes the peel look astonishing.

5. Bone Saw

Bone Saw
Credit: EA

Os Saw is a tribal-themed Spitfire skin that was released in Flavor one’s Legendary Hunt Thematic Event. It was one of the earliest released Spitfire skins apart from the default Legendary ones. Though it was released in the early days, information technology is even so one of the cool-looking ones among all the Legendary Spitfire skins.

four. Frozen Fury

Frozen Fury
Credit: EA

Frozen Fury is a stunning Spitfire peel that looks like information technology is particularly made for a winter soldier. The clean layout of the skin, the icicles on the front, grips & stock covered with wool brand the skin more than pristine. Frozen Fury was first released in the Holo Day Fustigate Event in 2020.

three. The Intimidator

The Intimidator
Credit: EA

Equally the name suggests, The Intimidator is a scary-looking spitfire peel that can intimidate the opponents into running abroad from a fight. The skin has a distinct frontal structure that resembles carnivorous plants set up to eat anyone in the way.

two. Pharoah’southward Fire

Pharoah's Fire
Credit: EA

Pharoah’south Fire is the most sophisticated-looking Spitfire skin in the game. The reason is also very simple, as it is specially fabricated for the Pharoahs. The skin is made of gold with ancient Egyptian hierography embedded on the body. The design and wires throughout the torso closely resemble the War Path Pathfinder skin.

1. Molten Soul

Winter Soul
Credit: EA

Molten Soul is the latest addition to the Legendary Spitfire skins. The skin follows a dragon theme, which is actually the main theme of Saviors battle pass. It is a reactive cosmetic that unlocks at 110 battle pass level, so when you lot get ane or more kills, the gills of the pare open and become reactive.

The event skins and recolor skins may come to store eventually, and yous withal may accept the chance to go skins such as Pharoah’s Fire, Bone Saw, etc. However, Spitfire skins such every bit The Intimidator and Way of the Serpent that originated from the battle pass will non return to the Noon Fable store.

All the same, Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific pare bundle in the future. Then, the battle laissez passer skins, such as Molten Soul and Winter Soul, might be available in the future.

Upcoming Spitfire Skins

As of writing, there has been no new development regarding any new Spitfire skins in the game. Nosotros’ll definitely highlight more than Spitfire skins as soon as they get announced.

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