Apple AirTags just got a lot safer for Android users

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Apple has released an app for Android called Tracker Find, which owners of Google-powered phones can employ to detect AirTag trackers that may have been placed upon their person.

The app, which Apple promised earlier this year, closes a potential privacy loophole that fabricated it more difficult for Android users to detect rogue AirTags. While the AirTag trackers exercise play a tone when they’re separated from their registered owners after eight and 24 hours, it wasn’t a total solution for Android users.

As well as the warning tones, iPhone users were already able to perform searches for an AirTag that doesn’t belong to them, via the Find My ecosystem, the phone itself continuously searches in the background for tags registered to other people.

The Tracker Discover app doesn’t offer complete feature parity with iOS, as it just enables Android enables users to manually search for AirTags and whatsoever other Find My-enabled trackers. It’s non useful for people looking to proceed tabs on AirTags trackers registered to their ain Apple ID.

Now available on the Google Play Store, the app description says: “Tracker Find looks for particular trackers that are separated from their owner and that are uniform with Apple’south Find My network. These item trackers include AirTag and compatible devices from other companies. If you lot call up someone is using AirTag or another device to track your location, you lot tin can scan to endeavour to find it.”

Apple says the new app (first reported on by CNET) adds some other facet of protection for Android users concerned that a Find My-enabled tracker may accept been planted on them without their cognition. If a tracker is discovered by the app and is deemed to take moved with a person for ten minutes, the app users will be able to go far play a audio in social club to pinpoint its location. Instructions are and then provided to disable it completely.

An Apple spokesperson told
Trusted Reviews: “AirTag provides industry leading privacy and security features and today we are extending new capabilities to Android devices. Tracker Find gives Android users the power to scan for an AirTag or supported Find My enabled detail trackers that might be traveling with them without their knowledge. Nosotros are raising the bar on privacy for our users and the industry, and hope others will follow.”

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Apple has worked difficult to shore up the defences of the AirTag trackers since their launch in early 2022. Early reviews pointed out the ease of using the coin-shaped Tile rivals for nefarious means, either through serendipitously stalking or past controlling partners. It should be pointed out that these issues are shared by trackers from other manufacturers, not just Apple tree AirTags.

A series of updates this year have boosted the AirTag privacy, but even on iPhone, they’re not impervious to illicit activeness. Last week police in Canada revealed they are investigating a spate of car thefts in which AirTags were serendipitously planted on high-end vehicles to enable them to be tracked to a location. From at that place, key reprogramming tools tin can be used to drive off with the vehicles.


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