Apple Granted Patent for Future iMac with Continuous Glass Housing and Integrated Keyboard

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Today, the The states Patent and Trademark Part (USPTO) published a patent granted to Apple that envisions a next-generation iMac with a continuous glass trunk. Similar whatever other patent, this 1 attempts to lay claim to several variations of the new design as well.

The new patent explains a new vision for iMacs of the future. This would include wrapping the all-in-one computer in a drinking glass body that includes a unmarried, continuous surface defined by an upper portion that could house the screen, a lower portion that doubles upwardly as a stand, and a transition portion that seamlessly blends the ii pieces. This finer creates a drinking glass unibody of sorts giving users no seams, inconsistencies, and eyesores to stare at.

The patent details the front end of the iMac every bit having a “planar display area” coupled to the said glass unibody in the upper region. The lower portion that structurally serves as a stand up could also be operably coupled to the display every bit a “planar input area”. Naturally, Apple’s filing explained that a support construction would be coupled to this sheet-like glass unibody at the back to foreclose information technology tipping backward.

unibody iMac

Apple claimed that the sheet-like glass unibody could be treated to become opaque or translucent in some regions to define bezels and such. The opacity could be implemented using coatings, paint, textures, or frosted appearances. Meanwhile, translucency could be accomplished by using translucent polymers (read plastics), translucent ceramics, or similar materials. We cannot help only reminisce about the colorful iMacs of yore that had see-through shells.

The figures accompanying the patent document evidence an integrated 60 to 65% form gene keyboard congenital into the lower role of the drinking glass sail that lays flat on the desk. The zones flanking the keyboard serve as touch input zones (as seen below) like a seamless dual trackpad organisation perfect for ambidextrous users and with universal compatibility for left-handed and right-handed users.

unibody iMac 2

Speaking of variations, the patent describes that the keyboard and associated input devices could exist structurally detachable from the glass unibody. Effigy 11E seen below shows how the back of the device volition be propped up on a stand that looks like a cantankerous between a PlayStation 4 and a magazine stand up.

In the curved segment labeled role number 356 in the effigy below, Apple plans to accept physically distinctive key regions. This could resemble the MacBook Pro’due south Affect Bar, but possibly with either larger, spaced out touch on regions or more buttons with placement like the notebook, possibly even extending into several rows.

unibody iMac touchbar

Alternatively, the patent goes on to detail a desktop accessory that allows a MacBook to slide in from backside so the drinking glass unibody serves as a docking station, giving the user access to a bigger screen simply the aforementioned convenience. Another system details the glass unibody’s lower half designed to fold upwards, possibly so information technology hogs less infinite on the table.

Practice note that a patent grant doesn’t guarantee that Apple would take the design to product. Not to mention, adding glass to any device is detrimental to its serviceability. Exercise let us know what you think of the design in the comments below!

[Via PatentlyApple] [Image credit: Yanko Design]


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