Apple in 2022: Rugged Watch, iPhone 14 and a MacBook Air redesign

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From a new iPad Pro to the iPhone 14, it looks like Apple tree is in for a decorated 2022 total of new production releases.

Apple tree tends to host multiple events every year, all of which are usually home to lots of new reveals and upgrades to existing tech. Early rumours point to 2022 beingness no different.

Here’s everything we (recall we) know almost Apple’due south plans for 2022.

An iPad Pro with wireless charging

The iPad Pro picked up a hefty update this year, with the larger 12.ix-inch model calculation a stunning Mini-LED display that does a good job at mimicking some of the all-time features of OLED tech.

Rumours accept suggested that the adjacent iPad Pro, likely coming in 2022, will have a new design and some form of wireless charging. Wireless charging isn’t a consummate unknown on tablets, y’all’ll find it on the latest Burn Hard disk drive range from Amazon, just information technology’s nonetheless rare and the reasoning for adding it to a large tablet isn’t overtly clear.

Other rumours have suggested the smaller xi-inch model will inherit the same Mini-LED console equally the current 12.ix-inch model and nosotros’d expect to run across the usual chipset improvements too.

Expect other iPads to bag upgrades too. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg expects an updated iPad Air and entry-model iPad to arrive one-time during the year as well.

A lot of Mac upgrades, including a MBA rethink

If the rumours are to be believed and then 2022 is going to be full of upgrades to the Mac line. Reports have said we could see a new high-finish iMac with a screen larger than the current M1 version, another Mac Mini and perhaps even a Mac Pro. Look most, if non all, of these to be powered by Apple’southward own silicon.

The rumoured launch that has caught our eye the most though surrounds the MacBook Air. Apple tree’southward most popular laptop could exist in for a big year, with a complete redesign that takes plenty of cues from the recent iMac regeneration.

Other rumoured features include an M2 chipset, a Mini-LED display with the aforementioned notch every bit the 2022 MacBook Pro models and plenty of colour options.

A rugged Apple tree Watch

The Apple Lookout has but picked upwards minor updates in the past few years. The Apple tree Watch Series 6, for case, added a blood oxygen sensor while the Series 7 gave us a larger brandish.

Rumours had tipped the Serial vii to receive a huge redesign, with apartment sides, but that never came to be. There’s a chance nosotros could see this redesign arrive for the Series 8 in 2022.

Early on leaks indicate to Apple tree adding a new rugged model to the Apple Picket line likely designed more for extreme sports use. A new SE model has been touted, also.

AirPods Pro 2

Information technology’southward been a couple of years since we had the AirPods Pro, and there are enough of rumours hinting at a new pair arriving towards the end of 2022.

Rumoured features for the AirPods Pro 2 include a new pattern that ditches the stems for a more than in-ear look, some bones fitness tracking and a new chip for improved connectivity.

Considering the base of operations AirPods take only just been upgraded we uncertainty they’ll be an AirPods four next twelvemonth and it seems we might be waiting a while for the next iteration of the AirPods Max.

The usual array of software upgrades, including iOS sixteen

Apple typically updates its huge software portfolio every year, and so it’southward pretty much guaranteed we’ll see iOS and iPadOS 16 along with the updates to tvOS, macOS and watchOS. Maybe we’ll fifty-fifty see the highly-touted Universal Control feature finally make it.

Non much is known yet nearly these upgrades and leaks have been sparse. We’ll likely detect out a lot more at WWDC, which typically takes identify in June.

iphone 13 pro max front image

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and maybe an iPhone SE

iPhone 14 renders leaked moments after the iPhone thirteen was appear, showcasing an updated design with a flush camera module on the back and a smaller cutout notch for the front camera. More recent reports have besides added weight to the idea the Pro models will finally ditch the hefty notch in 2022.

It looks similar the Mini iPhone is getting the chop, with the regular iPhone 14 consisting of the same 6.1 and sizes as the Pro.

We can brand some general guesses almost the next iPhone, too. Wait it to take an A16 chipset, a focus, once again, on the photographic camera and release onetime in September.

Other rumours have pointed towards a new iPhone SE – Apple’south most affordable smartphone that was last updated in early 2022. Hopefully, the next version of this will pack 5G back up.

A first await at a mixed reality headset

Information technology looks like 2022 might herald the launch of Apple tree’s first completely new product category in years. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple’s long-rumoured mixed-reality headset will finally get in in 2022 and volition consist of a device that combines AR and VR.

Trusted Take

If all these leaks, rumours and predictions plow out to exist truthful and then 2022 could be a very decorated year for Apple. For me though, those renders of the MacBook Air have got me excited more than any other Apple product in a long time.

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