Apple Makes Several Changes to Find My Network to Combat AirTag Misuse

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On February 10, Apple tree rolled out changes to the Notice My network to combat the misuse of AirTags for stalking and tracking people and objects. The changes to the AirTags will be rolled out in a phased fashion via software updates. The visitor as well touched upon several smaller improvements for AirTags and the Observe My network that would be rolled out gradually over the course of this year.

Improvements in the Observe My Network

Apple explained that AirTags were created to assistance people locate belongings, not runway other people and their possessions. It condemned the misuse of AirTag for these purposes. Information technology said it will brandish a new privacy alert when yous prepare upwardly an AirTag, to deter people with malicious intentions. The on-screen notification reiterates that an AirTag is linked to an Apple tree ID, and using them to track people is a criminal law-breaking. Additionally, the warning besides explicitly states (in linguistic communication that is subject to change) that law enforcement agencies tin ask for identifying information of an AirTag’s possessor at any time.


Apple tree already distributes an app that alerts you if unidentified object trackers are found following y’all around. Taking this initiative a step farther, the iPhone maker says it will exercise away with the “Unknown Accessory” warning bulletin in an upcoming software update because it causes confusion. Apple specifies that only the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and third-party accessories can generate an “Unkown Accessory Detected” warning, which some Find My users accept misinterpreted every bit an alert generated when an unidentified AirTag follows them around. The company says its new alert will be worded to expressly country that unidentified AirPods are in your vicinity.


Apple tree is also updating the Unwanted Tracking support commodity on its website to farther elaborate upon the safety features AirTags have. Explanations take been expanded for which accessories tin trigger “Unknown Accessory Detected” alerts, what those alerts would expect like, and what y’all tin exercise if you receive such an alert. Instructions for finding and disabling AirTags accept also been provided in greater detail than earlier.

Plans for the Future

Apple also plans to improve the Find My network farther later this year. The iPhone maker intends to implement several new features, such equally Precision Finding, that would help iPhone xi, iPhone 12, and iPhone thirteen users locate unwanted AirTags precisely, simply the style they discover their object trackers. The company is likewise tweaking the alert for unidentified AirTags stalking you, so it pops up sooner.


Apple tree is too working on a organization to alert an AirTag possessor with a audio if they accidentally forget it somewhere. An accompanying alarm volition pop up on the possessor’s iPhone or iPad, so they tin use a combination of the sound and Precision Finding to reunite with their AirTag. Apple is also trying to brand the AirTag’s sound louder and easier to hear by changing the tone sequence to use more of the louder tones that draw people’s attention.

The company did not outline a timeline for releasing these features only confirms that they are in various stages of evolution, set to be rolled out gradually during the form of the year. The Cupertino giant did not mention any changes related to AirTags for Android users simply hinted that there could exist developments in the future. To reiterate that information technology condones the misuse of AirTags for stalking and theft, Apple said it is working actively with police enforcement agencies to accost AirTag-related complaints.

Do you remember Apple tree’southward changes to the Find My network and the improvements it has lined up for the yr would deter people who misuse AirTags for stalking? Tell us in the comments section!

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