Apple TV Siri Remote: 5 Things to Know

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Apple officially unveiled the next-generation Apple Television receiver at its Spring Loaded event. Apart from the usual performance improvements, the new Apple TV 4K also comes with a redesigned Siri Remote. It’s a huge improvement over the terminal Apple tree Television set remote and works with the older gen. 4K Apple TV as well. Read below to know what makes the new Siri Remote then special.

Apple tree TV Siri Remote: 5 Things to Know

Compared to its predecessor, the new Siri Remote is a pace in the right direction with both aesthetics and functionalities. Permit’s commencement the listing with the physical look and feel.

i. Brand New Design

Since the introduction of the 2022 iPad Pro, Apple is steadily changing the pattern language of its unabridged product lineup with hard edges and hard corners. We saw the practice with the iPhone 12 lineup, 2022 iMac, and at present the same applies to Siri Remote.

The new Apple TV is made up of 100% recycled aluminum, and it’s thicker and bigger in size than the old Apple Goggle box remote. Information technology feels sturdy, and the weight distribution is spot on. You lot are less likely to break it with random drops on the floor. Information technology seems Apple’s obsession with the thinness of its products is finally getting over.

new siri remote

Another noticeable improvement is black color buttons with silver chassis. The previous remote was carrying all-black aesthetics, making it difficult to navigate and use in a dark surround.

2. Improve Tactile Feel and New Buttons for Navigation

The buttons on the new Siri Remote offer a better tactile feel and clickiness. Information technology’s all related to the solid construction of the new remote.

Apple finally listened to the growing criticism and added dedicated buttons for navigation. Gone are the days of unpredictable gesture-based navigation on the Apple Television remote. You can now precisely navigate the tvOS interface with dedicated upwardly/down/left/right buttons effectually the D-Pad.

3. Dedicated Mute Push

This one is long overdue, and we are surprised that it took Apple till 2022 to realize that a TV remote needs a dedicated mute button. Stuck with an abrasive YouTube advertising or desire to mute the show for an urgent phone phone call? Simply press the Mute button on the Siri Remote and enjoy a silent environment.

specific mute button

4. New Gestures

Equally we mentioned above, the new Siri Remote comes with dedicated buttons for navigation. That doesn’t mean D-Pad gestures are gone. They are nevertheless there and work better than e’er. Allow the states to elaborate.

Outset of all, you can comfortably use the quondam swipe up/downwards/right/left gestures to navigate through the menus and options. Apple has added the same gesture trick on navigation buttons also.

For instance, you tin can rotate your fingers clockwise to forward the video and anti-clockwise to rewind. Apple calls information technology a circular gesture.  It all feels natural and intuitive compared to the old Apple Television set remote. This one is inspired past the iPod classic’s click-wheel design.

circular gesture on siri remote

We like the added options here. It’s upwardly to yous whether you want to navigate the device with buttons or gestures.

5. New Dorsum Push button

This i is an interesting addition past Apple. The Back button replaces the Carte du jour push from the erstwhile Apple Tv set Remote on the Siri Remote. The Back push button behaves differently depending upon the current interface.

For case, in the YouTube app, the Back button will take yous dorsum to the YouTube home. In the Prime Video app, the Back button will trigger the Options menu. If yous are deep inside any app, just long-press the Back button, and it will take you to the tvOS Dwelling interface.

Bluntly, information technology’s a mess right now. There is no mode to tell what the Back push button will trigger in a specific app. We promise Apple standardizes the Back button role and arm-twist developers for a universal experience for end-users.

2021 Apple TV Remote Cons

The 2022 Siri Remote is better than the quondam one by leaps and premises. However, Apple misses a couple of tricks for the perfect dwelling run.

The new Siri Remote nevertheless uses the lightning connector for charging. Nosotros would accept preferred a USB-C port hither.

The Siri Remote misses out on the U1 chip as well. The U1 chip uses positioning tech known equally an Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio that provides accurate location and spatial awareness, so a U1-equipped device can discover its exact position relative to other devices in the aforementioned room.

Is the Siri Remote Worth Upgrading To?

You don’t need to buy the latest Apple TV to enjoy the new Siri Remote. Apple tree is separately selling the Siri Remote for $59. And in our opinion, it’s admittedly worth the price considering the upgrades y’all are getting this time effectually.

Are you planning to buy the new Apple Television set or limiting the purchase to the new Siri Remote merely? Share your views in the comments department below.


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