Apple Tv Turn Off Voice Over

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Recently, my grandparents ditched their cablevision subscription for an Apple Boob tube. They have been enjoying their time with it due to its numerous user-friendly features, similar VoiceOver.

My grandparents are quondam and don’t have good eyesight, then they have this characteristic enabled all the time.

A few days ago, my niece and I went to visit them. Later having dinner, my niece wanted to sentry some TV.

She turned information technology on but got annoyed real quick due to the VoiceOver characteristic.

She asked me to turn it off. But, I had no idea how to disable the characteristic at that time. And so, I began searching for a solution.

Turning off VoiceOver came out to be very simple. I accept compiled this article virtually how to plow off this feature on dissimilar models of Apple TV.

You can turn off the VoiceOver characteristic on Apple TV by using Siri Remote or via the Television receiver settings. Y’all can also do so by navigating through the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple tree Idiot box (Hard disk and 4K series).

In addition to turning off VoiceOver on Apple Goggle box, I have discussed the unlike modes of the feature and how to turn it on in the starting time identify further in this commodity. So, keep reading until the end.

What is VoiceOver on AppleTV?

Apple consumers can adjure that the company is e’er innovating in order to serve its customers the best goods and services.

They constantly make certain that they are able to see people’s needs and demands in every feasible manner.

Ane good example is when they developed the Apple Tv VoiceOver feature.

‘VoiceOver’ is a feature that reads out loud the content on the TV screen.

This lets you know what’s on the screen and allows you to command your Apple TV even if you cannot see the screen properly.

By making elementary movements on the Siri Remote, you can become around the screen and highlight an item. The VoiceOver feature volition tell you what is highlighted.

This feature is available on Apple tree TV Hard disk, Apple tree TV 4K, and Apple tree Tv set (3rdn Generation) with software update iv.two or higher.

Apple Idiot box VoiceOver in Navigation Way

Apple tree VoiceOver feature has two modes: Navigation Way and Exploration Way.

In ‘Navigation Way’, VoiceOver tells you what is selected on the screen as y’all motility around using the Siri Remote.

To use the VoiceOver feature in Navigation mode, move your finger over the impact surface or clickpad center of your Siri Remote (depending on if you own a first or second-generation remote).

VoiceOver volition tell you what is selected or highlighted on the screen. Tap the touch surface or clickpad center of your Siri Remote to select an item.

Apple Telly VoiceOver in Exploration Fashion

The second mode of Apple tree TV VoiceOver is the ‘Exploration Style’.

While navigating around the screen in this mode, the item yous select remains selected.

This enables yous to become a better expect at what’south on the screen without losing track of the previous item.

As you move your finger over the affect surface or clickpad center of your Siri Remote, the VoiceOver feature highlights and speaks the name of the items yous toggle through.

Here is a list of some gestures that you lot tin use in Exploration Way:

  • Swipe left or correct to hear the name of the item. You will also encounter that the item is highlighted.
  • Press the affect surface or clickpad center to select a highlighted item.
  • Swipe up or downwards to adjust the currently selected controls.

You can switch from Navigation mode to Exploration mode simply by borer three times on the touch surface or clickpad heart using two fingers.

Turn VoiceOver Off Using Siri

If you accidentally turn on the VoiceOver feature or there is a alter in the audition that does not need it, you can turn information technology off in a few elementary means.

The get-go style to turn it off is by using Siri.

To turn off VoiceOver, push and concur the ‘Siri’ button on your Tv set remote. You tin say something like ‘Plough off VoiceOver’, and the feature will be toggled off.

Turn VoiceOver Off Using Television set Settings

You can also plough off the VoiceOver feature using the Idiot box settings, but this depends on the type or model of the Boob tube you lot own.

By and large, you lot can plow off this characteristic by going to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Plow off the phonation guide.

Note that the settings’ names and locations may vary depending on the Telly model.

For more data, you lot can refer to your Television manual or consult your Tv set make’s client service.

Plow VoiceOver Off on Apple TV (3rd Generation)

Another way to turn off the VoiceOver feature is past using the Apple Idiot box remote. The steps vary depending on the version of your Apple Tv set.

Hither’due south how you tin can turn off VoiceOver on Apple Goggle box (3rd Generation):

  1. Go to the main menu by pressing the lower-left (Carte) push of the TV remote continuously until y’all hear a stop sound.
  2. Tap on the ‘Down’ button.
  3. Highlight ‘Settings’ by pressing the right button continuously until you hear a stop sound.
  4. Tap on the ‘Select’ button two times.
  5. Then, press ‘Down’ until you hear a finish sound.
  6. Next, printing the ‘Up’ button iv times. This will highlight the accessibility feature.
  7. To turn off the VoiceOver characteristic, press the ‘Select’ button two times.

You lot tin use the same steps to turn on VoiceOver on the mentioned Apple tree TV model.

Actuate VoiceOver on Apple tree TV

Activating the VoiceOver characteristic on Apple tree Telly depends on the model or series of your TV.

Follow the steps below if you have an HD or 4K Apple TV.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Apple Idiot box.
  2. Select ‘General’.
  3. Navigate to notice ‘Accessibility’.
  4. Look for ‘VoiceOver’.
  5. Adjust VoiceOver settings according to your preference.

For a 3rd Generation Apple TV, you can follow the steps mentioned in the previous department to activate its VoiceOver characteristic.

Final Thoughts

Apple tree TV VoiceOver is a feature that speaks what is on the Goggle box screen, which is very helpful for people with poor vision.

You can motion around the screen and highlight items in that location or on the bill of fare by making elementary gestures on the Siri Remote.

To plough off this feature, you lot can use the Siri Remote and tell Siri to disable it, utilise the Settings app on your Apple TV (Hard disk & 4K), or plough information technology off using your Goggle box settings.

If you face any issue with the VoiceOver feature on your Apple tree TV, you tin can contact Apple support to assistance yous solve your problem.

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Often Asked Questions

Why is there a VoiceOver on Apple TV?

VoiceOver is a characteristic that speaks what is on the TV screen and allows you to control your Apple TV even if you can’t see the screen properly.

This feature is beneficial for people with poor eyesight.

How do I plow the audio description off?

To turn off the audio description on your TV, get to Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio Descriptions > Turn off.

Now, effort to stream a movie or show, click the ‘Dialogue’ button and choose ‘Done’. Wait for the settings to have effect.

Why is my TV doing Sound Descriptions?

There are a few possible reasons why your Tv set has audio descriptions.

Beginning, the characteristic may be turned on in the settings. Second, your Television may be facing an error. Tertiary, there may be a network connectivity upshot.