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Apple Watch Series 3 Stuck On The Apple tree Logo? The Fix!

Y’all attempted to plow on your Apple Lookout man, only it seems to accept frozen while booting upwardly. Information technology tin be difficult to know what to practise when this happens, since many of the Apple Watch’s controls rely on existence able to come across and employ the items information technology displays. Today, I’ll show you lot what to practise if your Apple Lookout man Series iii is stuck on the Apple tree Logo.

Brand Sure It’s Not Just Waking Up

Many Apple products accept longer than you’d expect to fully power on. Before y’all get besides far into the troubleshooting procedure, know that waiting only a few more seconds might be the only solution y’all need.

If it’s been a few minutes and your Apple tree Watch hasn’t shown any sign of progress, you tin assume it probably is frozen. If yous’re in this boat, keep reading for more tips!

How To Ready An Apple Watch Stuck On the Apple Logo

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Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

When an Apple Watch malfunctions, sometimes a hard reset is all it takes to repair information technology. While this might non exist a permanent solution, it’s a quick and easy mensurate to take earlier getting too deep into the repair procedure.

How Practice I Hard Reset My Apple Scout?

  1. Printing and hold the Digital Crown and Side push simultaneously.
  2. Proceed holding both buttons until the Apple logo appears, then let go.

Applies To: Apple Watch Serial 3,Apple Sentry Series iv,Apple tree Watch Serial 5,Apple tree Scout Series half dozen,Apple Lookout man SE

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Get Rid Of The Apple Logo With Notice My Apple tree Watch

Observe My Apple Watch helps yous locate your Apple Scout when you lot lose it. While this feature was designed to assistance reunite Apple users with their devices, it can set small software glitches, similar when your Apple Picket is stuck on the Apple logo.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Apple Logo With Find My Apple Scout?

  1. Open the
    Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. TapAll Watches
    in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the
    push (lowercase “i” in a circle) to the correct of your Apple tree Picket
  4. SelectDiscover My Apple Watch.
  5. Apply your Apple ID to log into Find My iPhone.
  6. Tap
    Play Audio.

Applies To: Apple Watch Series 3,Apple Watch Serial four,Apple tree Watch Series 5,Apple Watch Series 6,Apple Watch SE

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Erase All Content And Settings On Your Apple Scout

We recommend this as a last resort for Apple Sentry home repair. It’s possible that a deeper software result is what’s causing the problem on your Apple Sentinel. By erasing all content and settings, nosotros tin erase the software problem completely.

How Exercise I Erase All Content And Settings On My Apple Watch?

  1. OpenSettingson your Apple Watch.
  2. TapGeneral.
  3. TapReset.
  4. TapErase All Content And Settings.
  5. Enter your passcode when prompted.
  6. TapErase Allto confirm.
  7. Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone once more.

Applies To: Apple Scout Series iii,Apple Watch Series four,Apple tree Spotter Series 5,Apple Watch Series 6,Apple Lookout man SE

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Repair Your Apple Watch With Apple

If you’ve tried every other troubleshooting step and you still haven’t been able to resolve the problem, the safest matter to do is go straight to Apple tree. Giving a professional the opportunity to diagnose and repair your device is your best pick for keeping the problem from worsening.

How Do I Repair My Apple Spotter With Apple tree?

There are a few way to go in impact with Apple about repairs. If you’re willing to get out to an Apple Store:

  1. Fix an appointment at your local Genius Bar.
  2. Bring your Apple Watch in for a free diagnosis and repair quote!

If you lot’d adopt a mail-in repair service:

  1. Visit Apple tree’south support website.
  2. Look in to Apple tree’s mail-in repair servicing options.

Applies To: Apple tree Watch Series iii,Apple tree Watch Series four,Apple Sentry Series 5,Apple Scout Serial 6,Apple Sentinel SE

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Series three: Logo Gratuitous!

When your smartwatch can’t even display the time, what’s the signal of having spent all that money on information technology? If your Apple Watch Series 3 is stuck on the Apple logo, endeavor non to allow your frustration build too quickly. In that location are plenty of quick and easy steps you can take to get it working perfectly again!