Apple Watch Military And Regular Time

If yous own an Apple Watch, and want information technology to show time in war machine format instead of the standard 12-hour format, then I’ve got an easy tutorial on how to make information technology happen.

The Apple tree Lookout man normally shows time in the 12 hours format, where the time runs from 1am to 12pm and again from 1pm to 12am. On the other manus, the 24 hours format shows time every bit 00:00 (midnight) to 23:59.

This is likewise known equally military fourth dimension, although some times, the colon isn’t used. In this post, I will bear witness you how to change Apple Watch to military time in a few steps.

How to Change Apple Watch to War machine Time: Utilise 24-Hour Format

To alter your Apple Watch to Military time, you’re going to need the connected iPhone. Y’all cannot alter the time format direct from the Apple tree Watch. You volition take to make the changes on your iPhone, which will then automatically reflect on the Sentinel.

When y’all make the modify on your Apple tree Watch, then the time volition not sync with the iPhone. The Apple Sentinel will but prove military time in digital-mode picket faces.

If you’re using an analog lookout face, and have ready the time to 24 hour format, then it won’t brand whatever difference. If yous adopt seeing the 24 hr format, or the military time, and then follow the steps below.

Step #ane.
Launch the
Watch app
on your connected iPhone.

Step #2.
Head to the
My Watch

Tap on My Watch Tab in Watch App on iPhone

Step #3.
Coil down to the

Tap on Clock in My Watch Tab on iPhone Watch App

Footstep #iv.
Hither, y’all will find a toggle to enable the
Time format. Enable this to change the fourth dimension to 24-hours or Military fourth dimension.

Enable Apple Watch Military Time in Watch App on iPhone

That’s nigh it. The new setting should automatically sync with the connected Apple Lookout man and the time will now be shown in the 24-hour format. As mentioned earlier, only digital watch faces will be able to show the time in this format. If you haven’t selected a digital watch face on your Apple Watch, here’southward how you tin.

Step #one.
Open the
Watch app
on your iPhone.

Step #2.
Head to the
Confront Gallery

Tap on Face Gallery in Watch App on iPhone

Step #3.
Search for a
digital lookout man face up, and tap on the

Select Digital Watch Face and Tap on Add

Some of the digital watch faces include, Astronomy, Modular, Motion, Solar, Numerals Duo, 10-Large, and Timelapse.

Step #four.
The new watch face volition exist updated on your Apple Watch.

Update Watch Face of Apple Watch

How to Change your iPhone to Military Time

You lot may also want to change the time format to 24 hours on your iPhone, and so that the Apple tree Lookout syncs properly and shows the correct time. Hither’due south how to do that.

Step #1.
Open the
app on your iPhone.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Stride #two.
Tap on
and then select the
Date & Time

Tap on General and Select Date and Time in iPhone Settings

Pace #three. Plough ON the toggle next to24-Hour Time
option, and meet the time format change on your iPhone.

Turn ON Military Time Option on iPhone

Now, the fourth dimension on both the Apple Picket and the iPhone should be synced correctly. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Wrapping Upwards

There you lot are! That’s how you can change your Apple Watch to Military Fourth dimension using the Scout app on iPhone. It is an easy procedure and y’all should be done with information technology in a few minutes, as long as you take your iPhone around.

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