Apple Watch Series 7 45mm Protector

Apple is always making advancements. Each new generation of the
Apple Lookout man
has been more durable and hardy than the last, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to harm. As they’re not particularly rugged, plenty force (which doesn’t need to be much) can notwithstanding leave a ding. Even knowing this, Apple doesn’t make and sell cases for their smartwatches like it does for its iPhones. However, many third-party manufacturers create cases for your
Scout 7, both for the smaller 41mm version or the larger 45mm one. Non even the best Apple Watch case will make your Watch 7 indestructible, or even completely forbid damage to the screen, but getting ane is still a good thought if you want to provide some actress protection to your Lookout man without calculation much majority.

We’ve tried out every item listed beneath and we will continue to add more to our best Apple Picket case list equally we test more top Watch Serial 7 cases.

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David Carnoy/CNET

Made from 85% recycled bounding main plastic, the Lifeproof Case for Apple Lookout man vii easily slips over your Scout’south bezel and lives upwardly to its “form-fitting” billing. It comes in 4 colors that play well with Apple’s diverse band colors (Lifeproof also sells eco-friendly Apple Watch bands).


Available in blackness or greenish, Element’southward Special Ops Watch Band integrates a case and ring in the same accessory. It’s got a armed services vibe and seems durable, offering “double-reinforced” construction and good screen protection with an selection to put a band over the middle of the Watch’due south screen. That said, it’s lighter than it looks and comfy to wear.

I had to watch an instructional video from Element to figure out how to get my Watch 7 into the case, simply information technology’s a straightforward procedure once you see how it’southward done. I actually dropped my watch on the pavement (face down on the screen) every bit I was trying to put the ring effectually my wrist. I’m happy to written report my spotter survived and was undamaged so the case definitely works.

Jared Dipane/CNET

My colleague Jared DiPane bought this affordable band-and-example combo, which is bachelor in multiple colors for less than $10. He reports: “The Kaihand Apple tree Sentry band with a congenital-in bumper case offers great protection for the edges and front of my Apple Scout while also giving it a unique manner. I’ve always been a G-Daze fan and this gives me some of that manner to combine with the smarts of my Apple tree Lookout man.”

David Carnoy/CNET

Catalyst has long made attractively designed rugged cases for the iPhone and its Active Defense force Vibe band with an integrated example offers decent protection in a slim design. It’s easy to become your Watch in and out of the case and the band is well-designed and comfortable to wear.

David Carnoy/CNET

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a slim, translucent cover for your Watch 7. It’s not super protective but will prevent your bezel from getting scratched upwardly.

David Carnoy/CNET

Spigen’s Rugged Armor case offers more protection than its Ultra Hybrid case. It wraps partially around the bottom of your Watch seven just allows for wireless charging. It’south like shooting fish in a barrel to slip in and out of the instance but you lot do accept to take your ring off to get it in the example.

Spigen also makes the Rugged Armor Pro that integrates a watch band for $7 more only is otherwise similar.