Apple Watch Swipe Down Not Working

Apple tree Picket has great features such every bit autumn detection, middle rate monitor, ECG, and many others. Merely information technology all comes to no use if you lot cannot swipe up on it. There are multiple reasons why you can’t swipe upwardly on Apple tree Watch, just first, I would suggest cleaning the screen and edges, removing the screen protector, and swiping upwards with make clean hands.

If this doesn’t assist, move on to the fixes listed in this article.

  1. Restart Apple Sentry
  2. Try tedious swipes
  3. Unpair and re-pair Apple Picket
  4. Alter watch face up
  5. Check for cracks on the screen
  6. Contact Apple tree Support

1. Restart Apple Scout

Restart is that one magic spell we always rely on whenever a gadget freezes or does non respond properly. Since your Apple Watch is not letting you swipe, I suggest you lot restart your Apple Watch. Just if that doesn’t help, or your Apple Watch is non responding, the next best manner is to restart it.

Try irksome swipes

Since you tin can’t swipe on your Apple Watch like usual, I recommend trying to exercise the aforementioned a bit slower. It could exist a software bug preventing the watchOS from detecting the normal swipes, and until a fix update is pushed, you tin can effort ho-hum swipes.

Even so, if this doesn’t gear up the issue, move on to the following fixes.

3. Unpair and re-pair Apple Lookout

The next best fix is to unpair Apple Watch and pair it again. Only before that, I highly suggest taking a fill-in of your Apple Watch so that y’all tin can restore it after.

four. Modify sentry face

Sometimes it isn’t a software or hardware issue simply a watch confront preventing your Apple Sentry from registering swipe gestures. So, try changing the watch face of your Apple Watch and see if it helps.

Lift your wrist to lite upwardly the screen. You may too tap once. Swipe horizontally from the left or correct edge to easily switch between different sentinel faces.

5. Check for cracks on the screen

Since Apple Watch rests on our hands, it’s easy to get scratches or minute cracks effectually the bezels and corners, thus affecting the areas where you lot swipe. Check if there are scratches or cracks; if you notice anything, it’s time to visit Apple tree Support.

If you have noticed scratches or cracks on your Apple Watch or could not find a solution through all these fixes, chances are information technology’s a hardware outcome. Your final resort is to contact Apple Back up and inform them about the problem. I hope that yous can set up the event from there.


Q. Why can’t I swipe down on the red dot on my Apple Watch?

The ruby-red dot in your Apple Picket indicates unread notifications, but if you cannot swipe them on your Apple Watch, restart the device and meet if it helps. If it notwithstanding doesn’t fix, force restart and cheque over again.

Q. Why is my Apple tree Watch not responding?

If your Apple Watch is non responding properly, force restart and see if that fixes the event.

That’south it!

Since the swipe gesture is an important style to control your Apple Scout, its productivity loses greatly if it’s not working. That’s why I have tried to bring you the tried-and-tested fixes. Were you able to set the bug? Allow me know in the comments below.

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