Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing

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It can be frustrating when your Apple Watch is stuck on preparing for update. When that happens, you lot cannot use your watch as the error message won’t get away.

Fortunately, this can be a relatively easy trouble to fix. This guide walks yous through several troubleshooting steps on how to fix
when your Apple Scout is stuck verifying an update.

Keep in mind some of these fixes tin can also be helpful when your Apple Scout is unable to check for update.

Place Apple Sentinel on the Charger

Apple Sentinel charging. Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

Apple typically notifies users near an upcoming update and provides ample documentation for what the update contains, and what features it changed and added.

If the Apple Lookout man qualifies for an update (which non all models do at the same time), so Apple tree recommends that you place the lookout man on the charger when updating watchOS.

Because some update installations are resource-intensive, the watch should take at least a 50% charge level.

By placing it on the charger, no matter how fast the update eats upward the battery power, it will make sure to conserve the bombardment.

This is a good first attempt at overcoming the trouble, though it does non have much to practise with a connection.

Continue Watch and iPhone in Range

When yous’re updating your Apple Watch, it’due south all-time for both the iPhone and the Scout to exist next to each other when you do so.

This fashion, the Scout app will take no trouble downloading the update, preparing it, and verifying that it’s ready.

If the iPhone and sentry are apart from each other during the updating procedure, communication issues tin crusade unnecessary delays.

To avoid such issues, we recommend making sure that both devices are in close proximity during the update procedure—you lot may even want to consider property them in your hands side by side to each other.

Toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections

The Apple Sentry needs to have a consistent internet connectedness during an update in order to button the update files to the device and install them, all of which crave an internet connexion to happen.

If the connection is spotty, weak, or unstable, an update load is a bit risky since it could interrupt, potentially in a identify where there is no skillful roll-dorsum mechanism in place.

The telephone and watch may have internet simply if the betoken is questionable, the update may not trigger, viewing a bad connexion as no connectedness.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Center
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Heart. Herby Jasmin/Gotechtor

In other words, the update needs ideal connection circumstances to run. Well-nigh of the time, you lot tin fix problems with Wi-Fi by unplugging and reconnecting the modem or router, or toggling the phone’s connection to the Wi-Fi.

You lot tin do this past accessing the
app on your iPhone and locating the
section. From here, just toggle the Wi-Fi switch to the off position.

Likewise, because the outcome could exist the pairing between the phone and the watch, it helps to toggle off the
likewise. The
selection is located right under the
option in the

So, restart your iPhone. In one case it starts back up over again, access the
again, and turn both
back on.

This will plant a connection to both, and very probable allow the picket to proceed with the necessary update.

Pair the Apple Watch to the Phone Again

Sometimes some random memory bug can cause these bug in your phone or watch’s operating system, which y’all tin can fix by unpairing the two devices.

In one case the two have been unpaired, the watch returns to its original factory land. This should release any potential bugs floating around from memory files. Before unpairing, make certain to remove your cards from Apple Pay.

So, nosotros’ve amassed a helpful guide on how to unpair an Apple tree Sentinel step-by-footstep.

Once you lot’ve unpaired your watch, gear up it up again as if doing and then for the first fourth dimension. The updates volition use automatically as long your watch has a valid internet connection.

It’s possible that when attempting to pair over again, your iPhone does not automatically detect your watch. In this case, y’all will need to repair it manually by following the steps beneath.

  • In the

    All Watches

    section of the

    Lookout man

    app, tap the

    Pair New Watch

  • Selecting the
    Pair Lookout man Manually
    choice will prompt on-screen instructions on how to pair the lookout man again.

For step-by-footstep instructions, here’s how to set up up and pair your Apple tree Spotter every bit if it was new.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space

Updates can be relatively large, fifty-fifty if not all the update files are kept after the fact. If your Apple Watch doesn’t have plenty space, information technology will fail to update the latest watchOS version.

In the
Settings, under the
tab, the
section can assist view all of the files and apps on the sentinel. Yous tin delete the scout apps that yous never use to free up space on your Apple tree Watch.

Reset Apple Watch

If you’ve tried everything and you however have issues with updating your lookout, it’s might be time to reset your Apple Sentry.

A manufacturing plant reset returns the vesture to its original state, wiping all data and customized settings, including any credit or debit cards you added for Apple tree Pay.

Here’s how to reset your Apple Watch footstep past footstep. After the reset, pair your watch again and try a fresh update.


The issue of preparing to update can be acquired by the lack of infinite and a valid internet connection primarily. Even if the connection is good, its reception on the iPhone may exist having issues at the moment.

Resetting the connectivity of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, every bit well as ensuring that the watch has aplenty space for a qualified update typically takes care of these situations.

If those things practise not work, contacting Apple Support would exist the next logical footstep for the necessary help.