Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 FAQ: Your Top Questions, Answered

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Apple has officially launched the MagSafe Bombardment Pack for the iPhone 12 serial. While a few MagSafe bombardment packs are bachelor for the iPhone 12 from tertiary-political party accessory makers, Apple tree’due south MagSafe Bombardment Pack is slightly unlike in terms of features and convenience. Here’s everything yous need to know virtually Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12.

If you are looking to purchase the MagSafe Battery Pack for your iPhone 12, you should definitely check out Apple’due south offer, as it integrates neatly with iOS. Hither are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions near Apple’s MagSafe Battery:

How Much Does Apple tree’s MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 Toll?

A) The MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 is priced at $99. There’due south only 1 variant of the battery pack that’s uniform with the unabridged iPhone 12 lineup, including the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Is the Battery Pack Available in Multiple Colors? What Cloth Is it Made Of? Is Information technology Water-Resistant?

A) The MagSafe Battery Pack is only bachelor in white. It has a rubberized surface with rounded edges. An Apple logo sits at the eye of the bombardment pack. Unlike the iPhone 12 series, the Battery Pack itself is non water-resistant, so do not douse it in water.

Is the MagSafe Bombardment Pack Compatible with Older iPhones? How Is it Unlike From Older Battery Packs from Apple?

A) Apple’due south previous battery packs for iPhones connected to the device using a passthrough Lighting connector. That’s not the example with the MagSafe Battery Pack, which is why information technology is not compatible with older iPhones.

How Does One Accuse the MagSafe Battery Pack?

A) The MagSafe Bombardment Pack features a Lightning port for charging purposes. Information technology does not take wireless charging simply features reverse wireless charging via which it charges the iPhone 12.

What is the Bombardment Capacity of the MagSafe Battery Pack? Volition It be Able to Charge the iPhone 12 Fully?

A) Apple has not revealed the battery capacity of the MagSafe Battery Pack. However, the case is estimated to have a battery capacity of around one,400mAh. That’south not enough to fully charge even the iPhone 12 mini, which has the smallest bombardment among the entire iPhone 12 lineup.

Since the MagSafe Battery Pack charges the iPhone 12 wirelessly, some free energy is also lost during the charging process.

How Does the MagSafe Battery Pack Charge the iPhone 12 and at What Speeds?

A) Once fastened, the MagSafe Bombardment Pack volition charge the iPhone 12 wirelessly at speeds of up to 5W. This is very slow, and your iPhone 12 will take a fair bit of time to fully charge at this speed. Since the MagSafe Battery Pack charges the iPhone 12 wirelessly, your iPhone can get warm during the process. This can likewise be why Apple tree has limited the MagSafe Battery Pack charging speeds to just 5W.

The charging speeds increment to 15W when you connect the MagSafe Battery Pack with a Lightning cable connected to a 20W or higher power adapter. This passthrough charging allows the MagSafe Battery Pack to charge the iPhone and itself using just a single wire.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack

How Does 1 Charge the MagSafe Battery Pack?

A) The MagSafe Bombardment Pack features a Lightning port for charging purposes. It besides supports passthrough charging, so the portable battery pack tin can charge your iPhone while likewise charging itself. Your iPhone will be first charged to 80 per centum, afterward which the MagSafe Battery Pack volition brainstorm charging.

Brand certain to use a 20W or college power adapter for this, with a minimum 15W charger required if yous want to charge both devices at once. A 10W or lower power charging brick will not provide plenty juice to charge the MagSafe battery pack and your iPhone 12 simultaneously.

How Can You View the Remaining Battery Status of the MagSafe Battery Pack?

A) As a get-go-party accessory, the MagSafe Battery Pack integrates easily with iOS. This means you tin can view the remaining bombardment pct of the MagSafe Battery Pack in the Bombardment Widget of your iPhone aslope your other Apple accessories. This is non possible with other MagSafe-based battery packs, which is why they feature an LED status indicator to evidence the remaining battery pct.

Is the MagSafe Battery Pack Uniform With iPhone Cases and Other Accessories?

A) The MagSafe Battery Pack is compatible with other MagSafe-based accessories. And then, if you utilize a MagSafe case or a MagSafe leather wallet, y’all can tack the MagSafe Battery Pack on acme of it. The fit might not be secure enough, and there’southward always a probability the battery pack will fall off due to poor connection with the magnets.

Are Other Third-Party Battery Packs for iPhone 12 Better Than Apple’southward MagSafe Battery Pack?

A) Depending on your needs, yep. Third-political party bombardment packs for the iPhone 12 accept higher capacities bombardment which is what ultimately matters. They might not integrate neatly with iOS like Apple’s offer, but they tin ultimately charge your iPhone 12 more than.

iPhone 12 in blue

How Does Apple Manage Oestrus With the MagSafe Battery Pack?

A) Since the MagSafe Battery Pack charges the iPhone 12 wirelessly, your iPhone is jump to get hot. This can be an outcome if yous live in an area with a high ambient temperature, as that can speedily dethrone the battery lifespan of your iPhone 12.

Your iPhone will be automatically limited to an eighty percentage charge if it gets very hot while charging through the MagSafe Bombardment Pack. In some cases, your iPhone might not charge more than than 90 per centum with the battery pack. You will accept to long-press on the Low Power Mode button in iOS Control Eye and select
Go alongto charge your iPhone fully in such cases.

You can buy the iPhone 12 MagSafe Bombardment Pack from Apple from hither.

If you are looking to buy a MagSafe Battery Pack for your iPhone 12 because you are not satisfied with its battery life, check out some tips to gear up the battery bleed on your iPhone 12.

What do you think about Apple tree’south MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12? Practice you programme to buy one? Or will you purchase one of the cheaper MagSafe battery packs from Anker and other accessory makers? Drib a comment and let the states know!


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