Apple’s Trade-In Partner Is Looting Customers With False Inspection Reports

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Apple has a trade-in program where it allows customers to trade in their existing iPhones or Macs. Given the style Apple tree markets information technology, 1 would have been led to believe that the visitor itself runs it. However, that’s non the case as Apple relies on a tertiary-party white characterization company called Phobio for this. And worse, Apple tree’s trade-in partner is ripping customers off with questionable tactics.

The Verge
has detailed how customers who mail in their Mac to Apple’s trade-in partner Phobio are being given a far lower amount for their machine than initially quoted.

Apple does not accept Mac trade-in via its retail stores. Instead, customers are required to starting time go a quote of their auto subsequently inbound its condition and then shipping information technology off to Apple’southward trade-in eye, which is run by its vendor Phobio.

Daniel McGloin sent his mid-2017 MacBook Pro to Apple subsequently getting a quote of $350 through the Apple Store app. Yet, after the device was shipped for trade-in at the address specified by Apple and it was inspected, its value was reduced to but $140, with the Apple tree Store app showing the reduced value every bit the “brandish has 3 or more white spots.” That’s more than than a 50% reduction from the original trade-in amount.

Apple trade-in issue

I would be led to believe that Apple tree has reduced the trade-in value after inspection. Yet, that’s not the example as the trade-in is handled by Phobio, a visitor that runs white label trade-in services for many enterprises.

McGloin, however, was sure that his MacBook’s brandish was in excellent condition, which is something
The Verge
verified after an in-person inspection as well.

As the written report notes, this has become a common consequence with Apple’s trade-in program, and many customers who sent their MacBook to Apple have had their quoted amount reduced by over 50% with the same “display has 3 or more white spots” issue. The state of affairs has seemingly become worse in recent months, with multiple complaints from customers popping upwardly on Apple’s support forums.

In all such cases, when customers were returned their MacBook, they did not detect any issues as claimed by Phobio during the trade-in process.

Many customers who merchandise-in their MacBook are looking to upgrade to a newer machine and hope to get the most out of the older one. Not all customers will doubt the concerns raised by Phobio, which in turn allows it to scam Apple customers of hundreds of dollars.

Our Take

Most customers finish up trading in their MacBook with Apple as it is far easier than looking for a buyer themselves. While they can always listing their laptop on eBay or Craiglist where they tin can get more than value for their machine, the process is time-consuming which puts them off.

Apple prides itself in customer service and experience, and while its merchandise-in programme might sound impressive on newspaper, the reality is clearly very dissimilar. Despite the unabridged process being handled by a tertiary-political party vendor for Apple, the company should take regular checks in place to ensure its customers are not scammed similar this.

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