AppTrans is the World’s First Free Solution Dedicated to iOS & Android App Data Transfer

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Are you making a switch from Android to iPhone? While most of your Android apps are available on the App Store, y’all will have to manually install them one-by-ane on the iPhone 12. Information technology’southward time-consuming and laborious. It’s a similar scenario when you switch from iPhone to Android. If you are on the go and want to transfer app data from iOS to Android or vice versa and so nosotros have the perfect tool for yous. AppTrans is the world’s first tool dedicated to iOS & Android app data transfer.

AppTrans isn’t express to cross-OS app transfer only. The software also works perfectly fine with iPhone to iPhone. That mode, you tin transfer the progress of unmarried-actor games and social media information from apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Kik.

What Is AppTrans and Why Should You Download It?

AppTrans is the consummate data transfer tool bachelor for Windows and Mac. Using AppTrans, you tin can transfer app information between two cantankerous-platform devices, fill-in and restore app information, and even restore WhatsApp back up to the device, or consign to the computer. The good news is, it’s quick and lets you lot selectively transfer data from one device to another. Allow’due south take a look at all the major AppTrans features.

AppTrans Features

  • App Transfer
  • App Restore
  • App Backup
  • App Install

ane. App Transfer

As the name suggests, the App Transfer works flawlessly between iPhone and Android. Simply connect the target device and the new device to your Mac or PC and open up the AppTrans app. Go to the App Transfer bill of fare and select the Transfer At present option.

The software volition detect the source and target device. If they are in the wrong management then use the switch primal to make changes. Select the Transfer Now push and wait for the process. The estimated time volition be based on the number of apps you are trying to transfer from one device to another.

app transfer

Demand to install an app that’due south not bachelor in the app store? AppTrans takes care of that also. Every bit long as you have the IPA, APK, or XAPK files, you can install them on your iPhone or Android telephone with a click. Conversely, you can likewise export favorite apps from iOS/Android devices to the estimator. Each app with its data is saved in a separate folder. So, yous tin hands install them on other phones/tablets, even if they’re removed from the App Store.

The App Transfer function is too available for WhatsApp transfer. Data can be transferred very comprehensively, including text, images, vox, video, and all WhatsApp content. You can besides go ahead and print the WhatsApp information for convenience.

App Trans

Do proceed in mind that the transfer procedure doesn’t delete any information from the target device.

2. App Fill-in

Running out of space on your Android or iPhone? Using AppTrans, you can merely backup all the data from telephone to computer using a single click. You tin can also selectively back up the app information to the PC or Mac. Every backup is stored locally and will never be deleted or overwritten. So you tin keep all versions of apps and all app data if you desire, in example you need them someday.

app backup

A backup brings you much more benefits. Autonomously from retrieving lost data, it also gives you a chance to reinstall the app that’s no longer available in the app shop. Don’t similar the new version of an app? Get back to the older version in a tap.

3. App Restore

AppTrans offers three-way to restore app data on your iPhone or Android device. Y’all tin either restore data from the AppTrans backup file, restore it from iCloud, or use the WhatsApp restore option to specifically move WhatsApp data from the PC or Mac to the mobile.

apptrans app restore

Using AppTrans Restore, yous can selectively restore exactly what you need from the fill-in.

iv. App Install

AppTrans provides you with a fast and reliable way to install apps (.ipa files, .apk files, .xapk files, .apptrans files) to other iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on or Android devices. Simply get to the App Install menu and utilise the Install Now button from the post-obit screen.

5. WhatsApp Transfer

When switching to a new phone, how to drift your WhatsApp chats and attachments would exist a headache for most users. But with AppTrans, you can seamlessly transfer all your WhatsApp content, no matter for phones under the same OS or cross-Os and even betwixt telephone and computer. Besides

transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

(vice versa), AppTrans allows you to view and restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive and iTunes.

AppTrans WhatsApp Transfer

Price and Availability

AppTrans is available on both Windows and Mac. And equally for App Transfer, information technology supports Android and iOS. The pricing starts from $35 for iii months with a lx-days of the money-back guarantee. Most functions are free to use. Only cross-OS app and app data transfer need to upgrade to the Pro version.

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What are you waiting for? Instead of manually moving data from one device to another, use AppTrans and transfer everything from media, apps, WhatsApp backup, and more than to the new device.


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