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The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air is a joy to use with its marvellous 16,000 DPI sensor and ultra-light weight of just 47g, making it i of the snappier mice bachelor. Moreover, its open housing looks cool but may non suit some, and it can feel a little cheap at times. Otherwise, Armoury Crate is a good slice of software that rounds off the M4 Air every bit a great lightweight wired mouse.


  • Super lightweight
  • Snappy 16,000 DPI sensor
  • Good software integration


  • A little cheap feeling
  • Open housing may not please some


  • United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
    RRP: £47.99

Key Features

  • Super-light 47g weight:
    The M4 Air is i of the lightest mice around

  • Latency-gratuitous wired connection:
    A USB-A ended cable also ensures a zero-latency connectedness

  • Armoury Crate Software:
    The M4 Air is also customisable with additional software


As the days go past, it looks like gaming mice are getting a hell of a lot lighter and the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air certainly looks to take things to the next level.

The new wired gaming mouse weighs only 47g, but also manages to pack in a sixteen,000 DPI sensor and a rather open up-housed look that really sets information technology autonomously from the residuum of the competition.

A toll of £47.99 also looks to arrive rather affordable, especially given the high sensitivity you’re getting for the toll. The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air isn’t in stores just yet, with Asus claiming it will launch towards the end of January.


  • Cool design with an open housing
  • Super-calorie-free weight
  • Slightly cheap feeling plastics

The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air is an interesting-looking mouse, even by modern standards. While being comprised of the usual hard plastics that arrive feel pretty well-made, it as well features an open up-back to it with an intriguing triangular blueprint that allows yous to see the PCB beneath.

While the open up-back design undoubtedly looks cool, it can sometimes brand the M4 Air feel a little jagged as your hand rests on the individual bumps where the holes are. The same triangular blueprint also extends effectually the sides of the M4 Air, which does brand information technology a comfortable mouse to hold, even without whatever rubberised side grips. The M4 Air fits nicely in my mitt and doesn’t feel noticeably narrow, different some other more than affordable gaming mice I’ve used in the past.

Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air

When it comes to the weight, the M4 Air has to be the lightest mouse I’ve ever used with a total of just 47g. This practically cuts a lot of the competition’southward mass in one-half and translates to a ludicrously snappy experience in games. In addition, in that location’s too a smaller selection of mouse buttons than the competition, with a uncomplicated six-button setup, keeping things easy.

You’ll also find some handy PFTE glide pads on the M4 Air’s underside to make it experience even smoother and its Flexible TUF Gaming Paracord cablevision feels premium, given it’s braided, and also allows for snag-costless gaming.

Interestingly enough, the unabridged outer crush is kept clean by itself with ASUS’ Antibacterial Guard. This isn’t something that can really exist tested, but it’s a really nice feature to take to inhibit bacterial growth.


  • sixteen,000 DPI senosr is sharp and accurate
  • Perfect to use for all grips
  • IPX6 water resistance is an interesting feature

Given its lightweight design and powerful sensor, the M4 Air was an absolute joy to employ. It packs in a sixteen,000 DPI sensor, which is comfortably responsive plenty for the majority of gamers.

However, if you’re used to a heavier mouse, it may have some getting used to the M4 Air’s rather lightweight frame, and then there will be a scrap of an adjustment period before you can get the nigh out of it.

With its minimalistic button offer, yous won’t find a DPI clutch here, which is a bit of a sore miss if yous’re more of a competitive player, or you’re a fan of using sniper rifles in FPS games and need to aim precisely.

Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air

With that being said, this is a bully mouse for fans of all grips, be it claw, palm or any other. The M4 Air was also rather comfortable to use for day-to-24-hour interval work too, partially thanks to that depression weight and relatively wide frame.

It’s also IPX6 water-resistant which means the M4 Air can withstand sweaty palms and small h2o splashes alike, which is impressive given the PCB is direct accessible through the fractal outer crush. A fully wired USB-A connexion also allows this mouse to offer upwards zero-latency connectivity, which is always a bonus.

Software and lighting

  • ROG Arsenal is intuitive and easy to use
  • Distinct lack of unneeded functions
  • No RGB lighting to exist plant anywhere

In terms of software and lighting, the M4 Air simply delivers on one side of the story: the software. There’s no lighting on the mouse, which makes it look pretty sharp with a fully black outer shell.

As for software, the M4 Air utilises Asus’ own Armoury Crate software which allows y’all to conveniently reprogram the mouse’s functions, every bit well equally alter the DPI in 4 stages and apply any firmware updates.

Compared to other companion software out there, Arsenal Crate is intuitive to use and isn’t bloated with any unneeded functions or additional plugins, which really does make a departure.

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Should yous buy it?

You want a super low-cal mouse:

At just 47g, the M4 Air is a seriously light mouse and if you lot’re in the market for something snappy to employ in FPS titles for instance, this is a slap-up pick.

You want premium build quality:

At times, the M4 Air can feel pretty inexpensive, so if it’southward a well-built mouse you’re later on with more than heft to it, you lot’re better off looking elsewhere.

Last Thoughts

For fans of ultra-low-cal gaming mice, the M4 Air looks like an accented revelation. That combo of the 16,000 DPI sensor and a 47g weight is a joy to use in FPS titles for quick movements, and while its structure feels a piffling cheap, it does look rather absurd with an open up housing. In improver, the lack of RGB makes a modify to a lot of other gaming mice out there, and definitely sets the M4 Air autonomously from a good few other mice.

How we test

Nosotros use every mouse we examination for at to the lowest degree a week. During that time, nosotros’ll check information technology for ease of employ and put it through its paces past playing a multifariousness of different genres, including FPS, strategy and and MOBAs.

We also check each mouse’s software to come across how easy it is to customise and set up.

Used as a chief mouse for over a week

Tested performance on a variety of games

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Is the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air wireless?

No, it is only bachelor with a wired connection.

When will the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air exist avaiable?

Asus claims the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air will launch towards the end of Jan.

Full specs

U.k. RRP


Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

First Reviewed Date


Cable Length

DPI range

Number of Buttons

Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air



62.5 x 126.half-dozen x 39.6 MM

47 1000




2 Meter

200 16000



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